Monday, November 5, 2012

What the Astrologers say about Obama- Mitt Election

This time the election is a nail biting affair. It is worth examining what the astrologers have to say about the result of the election. Astrology is not a science in the accepted sense and its forte and truth depends upon interpretation of the planets position at the time of a particular event. Thus there is every chance that astrologers will come up with wide variations as per their interpretations. I examined the forecasts of 50 astrologers. All of them agree that Mercury is retrograde during this election. This means the election will be a messy affair. It could drag on for weeks , just as in the case of George Bush. There will be much mudslinging and over all the atmosphere will be vitiated. ALL astrologers agree on this interpretation. My analysis of the forcats of 50 astrologers show that 31 are of the opinon that Obama will romp home the winner, but 19 astrologers reason that the wimner will be Mitt Romney. Thus the majority favor Obama, but it cannot be accepted as a gospel truth as some famous astrologers have forecast a Romney victory. My friend Steve Kinsman an astrologer of repute had forecast an Obama win by a slender margin some time back. But now he says that Mitt and his party will not allow Obama to win and will resort to underhand means, blackmail and what not to ensure that Obama is defeated I really can't make much of this observation. But it does mean that in thiselection all is not fair and square. My personal preference as studied by me shows that Obama has a edge, but incase Steve is right than anything is possible* *