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Two Weird Beliefs of Evil Spirits. Could they be real ?

Hinduism is a very old religion that has elements of animism and pagan worship. Throughout the centuries the religion has fostered beliefs of the supernatural and evil spirits hat are peculiar to India. Many of these beliefs can be traced to a common root with other religions. Thus similar concepts abound in Christianity as well. Here we shall have a look at some of the Hindu beliefs of the evil spirits and supernatural. Some of these beliefs could be folk lore, but there are many people in the countryside and villages who will vouch safe for the truth of these spirits. The Chaleda. This is an evil spirit is peculiar to the Northern and colder regions of India. The belief in the Chaleda is particularly strong in the mountainous state of Himachal Pradesh. The Chaleda is an evil spirit who has denied entry into the world of spirits for some heinous crime like child murder and rape. Such a spirit is doomed to roam the earth till he expiates his sins. This may take decades and during this period the Chaleda roams the earth and wreaks revenge on all people who come in contact with him. The Chaleda is a male spirit and has the power of appearing before a man in any form. He will quickly change his form and try and frighten the man before killing him. There are umpteen encounters with the Chaleda recounted by the villagers of this mountainous state. One of the popular tales was recounted by a villager to an American. It appears that the villager while returning home espied a cat sitting in the centre of the mountain trail. The villager tried to shoo the cat away and prodded it with his stick( danda). But just then in a moment the cat vanished. Slightly unnerved the villager continued on his path to his village. As darkness was setting he hurried forward , when he saw a small child crying. Thinking that the child’s mother may be nearby he lifted up the child to look around for the mother. The child suddenly started becoming heavier and also started laughing. The villager realized he was accosted by a Chaleda. He dropped the child and ran all the way back to the village reciting the sacred prayer of Nanak the Jap all the way. Such incidents abound, but no scientific investigation has been done. The nearest equivalent of the Chaleda in western thought is the werewolf.
The Chudiyal or Evil Witch
This is another weird belief from the Northern regions of India. The Chudiyal is a female eveil spirit who again for some very terrible crime like murdering her husband has been doomed to roam the earth till she gets salvation. Popularly called the Chudiyal the belief among the villagers in this evil spirit is very strong. The Chudiyal normally appears before her victim who will always be a man in the form of a beautiful woman. She will entice him and even marry him and then finally kill the man. In Himachal Pradesh the women to men ratio is low and it is not uncommon for a man to pick up a mountainous village bride and marry her. Numerous tales are documented of Chudiyal marrying men and then killing them. One popular tale recounted is of a man while strolling on the mountain trail was accosted by a beautiful woman. She told him that she had no parents and house and would love to meet him. The man subsequently had a couple of trysts with the girl and then brought her to his house as his wife. He was enthralled by her beauty. But in a few days he observed the woman was not eating any food and nor did she require any firewood. Intrigued he decided to one day sneak back to his house and see what was happening. He saw the woman’s leg in the Chullah (fire stove) and she was using it to burn as firewood. He was frightened and ran away and confided to his friends who told him the woman was a Chudiyal. He was advised not to go home and await a soothsayer or Chela to throw the evil spirit out. As per the tale a Chela cam and after reciting mantras the Chudiyal ran away screaming loudly. This popular tale has many variations. These are the two most popular beliefs prevalent in Himachal Pradesh. But like all beliefs they undergo small modifications in the different regions of the state, but the undercurrent in such beliefs is very strong. Maybe there is need for some scientific investigations into these beliefs.

Can Tantra Sex Cure Premature Ejaculation? A Most Common Malady

All over the world Men suffer from a peculiar affliction often referred to as premature ejaculation. Every man during intercourse has to ejaculate, so what is premature ejaculation? Basically it means that a man reaches orgasm before his partner. In other words a man loses his self control during the sex act and leaves his partner unsatisfied. This is a very common phenomenon and most men at some stages of their lives suffer from it, either temporarily or for longer periods.
Premature Ejaculation and Tantra Modern science does not have any sure shot cure for premature ejaculation and most doctors will treat it as a psychological problem. But in Hinduism there is a cure and that is through Tantra sex. Hinduism recognizes Tantra sex as one of the paths to salvation. A deeper study reveals that Orgasm is not the goal of Tantra sex and once a man has understood this the rest will automatically fall in place.
Steps in Tantra Sex Tantra sex is a slow ritualistic sex and man must follow the tenets bravely. There is no room for tension. It will be a help in case his partner also believes in he power of Tantra. Thus a man must try and follow the steps outlined below
a) He must first create an atmosphere for the sex act by burning incense sticks and having soft religious music in the background b) The second step is the art of disrobing your partner. This again is a slow process and should be followed up by a massage of the partner’s body with aromatic oils. c) The man must caress the erogenous zones and build up for the next stage. In this he must remember the saying of the great sage Vatsyayana that “all parts that can be kissed and licked can also be bitten”. This needs no elucidation d) The act itself is the last part, but not the main object. Time is of essence as Tantra sex requires a lot of time and it relaxes the individual. Once both partners are ready the next step can be taken without thinking of orgasm. The aim is to bring the partner to a sublime level where ejaculation itself loses meaning.
Last Word The last part of Tantra sex is belief in the act of Tantra sex. Unless you have the confidence in Tantra the chances that you will achieve anything are pretty slim. Many sages in Hinduism have elucidated on the benefits of Tantra sex. Modern US doctors have also vouchsafed for it. A word of caution, participants must remember that Tantra sex is not something that can be done alone, but needs a guru who will guide the participants through the stages of Tantra sex

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Indira varma of " Kamasutra-A Tale of Love" is my epitome of Talent and Beauty

Indira Varma is an Indian origin English actress who has acted in a number of films in English. Her film " Kamasutra-A Tale of love" made waves and she gave a stupendous performance. The film is a straight forward love story and Indira Varma gave a lovely performance as a woman loved by a king. She gave some artistic nude shots that will linger in the mind of a person for many years.

The actress was born in Bath in England in 1975 and is now 41. Varma is the only child of a Hindu Indian father and a Swiss mother.She was a member of Musical Youth Theatre Company and graduated from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) in London in 1995. Indira has acted in about a dozen films and many TV serials. She is popular and people realize that she has beauty and talent. She is married and lives with her husband and daughter in England.Indira has acted in "jinnah" and played the role of Ruttie Jinnah. She has also starred in Mad Dogs, Exodus:Gods and Kings< Sex and Death 101, Bride and Prejudice, Sixth Happiness and many more.
I really like Indira for a rustic looks and the fact that she is a consummate actress. She has an ethereal beauty that reaches out to a man who is a Connoisseur of beauty and the arts. She is a sculptured beauty and it gives me great pleasure to record she is Indian. india produces the world most beautiful women. After all the Greek princess Helen loved the Indian warrior king Chandragupta.

Personal Journal: I Broke the Hymen of 3 Girls in all

Life has its own way of moving forward. My life has been studded with women and I believe firmly in the adage that a woman was created for man. After all Eve was created by God for Adam. After decades, I can safely say that I slept with many women, but they were not virgins, at least not in the classical sense. Who is a virgin in the classical sense? I will say that it is a girl who has her hymen intact. Storming it is almost akin to breaking the walls of a fortress and it gives the greatest pleasure to a man. It leaves a man exhilarated though drained, but with a feeling of victory.
I was able to break the hymen of only 3 girls. I wonder if others have had more than this number. The first was when I was a cadet and I loved a nun, a woman of god. It was a ferocious love and reminded me of the exotic Victorian tales of licentious nuns who went after sex and searched for god there. How this happened is along story, but it did take place and it was the greatest of pleasures to break her hymen. The second happened after many years when I was in mufti and heading a corporation. My secretary was the one, younger to me by 2 decades. She was fast and I assumed she was a flirt. But like in the ‘French Lieutenants woman “she was a classical virgin and when I broke her hymen she bled a lot. Did I regret it? No, not at all and it gave me the greatest sense of victory to have broken the wall to her virgin door. But I had not planned it!
I drifted away to another job and place. Now I actively wanted a virgin and the place I worked I earmarked a shy and demur girl for me. I resolved to make her mine and I was sure as she was young her hymen was intact. I seduced her, which is the long and short of it. I broke her hymen and after that she cried, but I held her and consoled her even as I gloated over my victory. Three virgins in almost 4 decades is nothing very great, but then classical virgins are hard to come by. I bedded American and Russian girls but they were never virgins. I still feel taking a virgin; a classical one is the acme of achievement. No prudery is involved as it’s a straightforward act and one that gives me even now great pleasure, just to dream about it. What do you all think about it?

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Did Gandhi Win Freedom from British for Indians: The Obverse View

Gandhi is a larger than life figure in Indian history, but some facts about him need to be restated. Historically India never won its freedom with a war of Independence like the USA, China and many nations.The popular perception is that Gandhi won freedom after a mass movement. This mass movement succeeded in overthrowing the British who left India. Nothing could be further from truth and the facts speak otherwise. Gandhi had been agitating with his mass movement for over 30 years, but the Imperial power was not concerned. Why? Because they always felt that Gandhi was a harmless old man and they pampered him.
How did India win Independence? This was an act of the British Parliament called ' Indian Independence act 1946'. This act was passed in both houses of Parliament in England and received the assent of the King. After this act the process of transfer to hand over power to Indians commenced. Why did the British suddenly decide to hand over power after the end of World war II, which finished in 1945? One must remember the statement of Winston Churchill who had stated that he had not become the first minister of the king to preside over the liquidation of the British empire. So why did the British leave India and handed over power to Indians by an act of the British House of Commons?
The army was suspect and not to be relied

In this the role of Adolf Hitler merits attention. Hitler lost the war, but like Samson in the Bible dragged the British Empire with him. The Empire and Britain was so weakened that they just did not have the will or the wherewithal to hold on to the empire. Another factor was the Indian Army through which Britain had ruled India. This army lost its loyalty to the crown as many deserted and joined Hitlers Indian Legion and the Japanese Indian national army. Thus Hitler and teh Indian army forced Britains hand and Clement Attlee, heading a labour government decided to leave India . It's a moot point that in case the Conservatives under Churchill had remained in power, whether the British parliament would have passed the Indian Independence Act?

Monday, October 20, 2014

Buddhism Vs Islam in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a small island nation in the Indian Ocean. It is a predominant Buddhist state with significant minorities of Hindus and Muslims. The Muslims in Sri Lanka make up about 8% of the population and comprise 3 distinct groups. These are Indian Muslims who are mostly Tamil, ethenic Muslims who are local Muslims and have lived in Lanka for generations and the Muslims from SE Asia who migrated from Burma and other places. All of them are loosely classified as Muslims by the Sinhalese who consider them as one ethnic group.

The situation in the island nation is however far from rosy as a resurgent Buddhism is letting loose a wave of anti Muslim sentiments. This is led by ultra nationalist Buddhist monks who one expert feels represent a profound identity crisis. This identity crisis has led to rioting against Muslims as was witnessed when a crowd of some 500 Lankans attacked a Muslim trader in Colombo on 28 March and ransacked his godown in Colombo. The crowd of 500 was led by some Buddhist monks who threw stones at the trader’s establishment. Similar attacks are now more the order than the exception in Lanka and the number of attacks on the Muslim population is growing.

There have also been reports of Sinhalese crowds led by monks desecrating mosques and at many places Buddhist monks are calling for boycott of Muslim products and services. The Sri Lanka Muslim Congress which is part of the government of President Rajyapaksha has condemned these attacks which as per reports are led by ultra nationalist and conservative Buddhist monks. Ever since the birth of Buddha( 5th century BC) and spread of Buddhism, the religion is regarded a peace loving and tolerant religion.

 The notion of hate campaigns goes against the grain of Buddhism’s image as a religion of peace and tolerance. This centuries old notion is however changing in Lanka as also in Burma., Sri Lanka’s majority Buddhist community (70 percent) fears that Islam is muscling its way into the social and cultural fabric of the island. Most Buddhist religious heads feel that Islam is anathema to the Buddhist way of life and if unchecked will result in an eclipse of Buddhist culture and its identity. The epicentre of that resistance is a radical political movement “Bodu Bala Sena” (BBS). This extremist philosophy group was created 10 months ago and is achieving affair degree of success.
This movement is targeting Muslims in many ways and most Sinhalese are not averse to it. An example is the removal of the ‘Halal’ label from foods sold in Lanka. Most Buddhist feels that the label 'Halal' is an affront to Buddhist national identity. A beleaguered Muslim community led by the All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama agreed to remove the “Halal” label from all meats sold in Lanka. After this success the BBS has also called for the removal of the 10th century old mosque from the Kuragala Buddhist monastery in Colombo. The dropping of the ‘Halal' label is a major concession by Lanka Muslims but that has not doused the flames of Buddhist extremism and fanaticism which is led by Buddhist monks who are supposed to be custodians of the Buddhist ideals and philosophy.
The tensions seem to be growing and the Bodu Bala Sena has also come out strongly against the Niqab, worn by Muslim women. They feel that Muslim women should not be allowed to wear the Niqab in Sri Lanka. They point to France and other European nations where the Nikab or Burkha is banned. All these are signs that the Buddhism of yore is being replaced by a more militant version. This wave is sleeping across SE Asia and Burma is another example. The custodian of any religion is the clergy. In Buddhism also the clergy represented by Buddhist monks feels it is the custodian of the Buddhist ideals and philosophy. Hence it is spear heading the movement against Islam and Muslims, which they feel will save the Buddhist culture from disintegration The situation in Sri Lanka has to be watched closely. The Muslim community is under threat as Buddhism reasserts itself.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Hourie ( Beautiful Virgin women) in Islam is part of Paradise

Houris or beautiful woman is a important word in Islam. It denotes a celestial beauty in Paradise, who are a reward for a man who has spent a lifetime in service of Allah. The concept of hourie is mentioned in the Koran and amplified by the Hadiths and thus is the word of God. Horie is a great motivator in Islam and its abelief that is sacred and cannot be tinkered with. .
The Houris are eternal virgins who have the capacity to regenerate their hymens. They will give endless pleasures to the man who has entered paradise. The concept of an Islamic paradise is sensual and is accepted by Muslim theorists and men of letters. The Koran gives a description of the Houri who is voluptuous and full breasted with breasts that never hang. The houries are also hairless except for eyebrows and they await the man or true believer in paradis The Quran Chapters 52 to 56 describe these endless Houris. (Refer: The Quran 55:56; 55:58; 78:33; 56:12; 52:16-17, 24; 56:35-38; 52:20)

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Nude Yoga , Sex and Tantra in Hinduism

Tantra is an ancient branch of Hinduism that puts forth a path to god through sex. This is one of the accepted streams of Hindu philosophy. Sex is raissed to level higher than mere penetration and orgasm and Tantra advocates multiple orgasms and a method to realize the the true purpose of the human body. One of the adjuncts to this concept is Nude Yoga done by men and women and girls together in the nude. Basically Tantra advocates a reawakening of the inner self and doing away with human concepts like prudery and shyness. Nuda yoga helps to get over these traits and prepares a manand woman for self realization through tantra sex.
To get the full benefits of Nude Yoga and tantra sex, it is essential there is a guru or a guide. The se acts are not supposed to be sensual, but taken to a higher plane of spiritualism. Once a man and woman can learn about them and indulge in Yoga and sex as per the tantra, there is every possibility of a fuller life and greater relaxation. Advanced students can also learn about their past births and have an insight into the future. Men and women who master tantra sex, the chance of being one with the allmighty is very real.
Tantra sex is not just penetraing and having an orgasm , buta slow process that can take many hours where teh intent is to awaken the inner self. It is worshiping a womans body with lips and tongue and going for a method where a man can have multiple orgasms. remember Tantra sex is without color, creed or age except the girl must have crossed puberty and be mature

The Drift to Fundamentalism in Pakistan

Pakistan was carved out of the erstwhile British India as a separate state for the Moslems of the subcontinent. The genesis of the creation of Pakistan was the two nation theory propounded by Jinnah. Though Jinnah was himself a secularist, but for expediency of politics he propounded the theory of a separate homeland for the Moslems. Jinnah had started his career as a member of the Congress party. Creation of Pakistan The creation of Pakistan was thus on the basis of Islam which became the state religion. The protagonists of Islam forgot the liberal aspect of Islam as is evidenced in Egypt and Turkey and passed harsh laws to make Pakistan a hard line Islamic state. Thus the blasphemy laws were enacted, that made punishment mandatory for anyone who even vaguely went against Islam. These laws are the strictest compared to other Moslem nations. The hard liners of Islam soon went step further and joined hands with militant Islamic fighters who dreamt of setting up an Islamic state with the Shariat as the main law. They also wished for society to accept their interpretation of Islam. This has resulted in a volatile mixture of violence, intolerance and Jihad being amalgamated in one stream.
The Assassination and its Repercussions The recent assassination of the Punjab Governor Salmaan Taseem by a member of his elite body guard is thus a sickening aspect of the above mentioned concotion. The Governor, a liberal who had been campaigning against the Blasphemy law had also met a Christian lady who has been sent to death under the act. This act was found sacrilegious by the hardliners and the Islamic main stream parties had all joined hands against him. The killer, a member of the elite body guard force of the police shot the Governor while he had just left a restaurant in Islamabad. The killer showed no remorse and worse a few people felt he was hero and showered him with rose petals when he appeared in court. This is a dangerous omen for Pakistan. If men in uniform are so indoctrinated in the ethos that killing a person who is a liberal as per their interpretation, then there appears little hope for Pakistan. One wonders what could happen to important personages of Pakistan, like the President and Prime Minister if they are to be guarded by men who are themselves so influenced by the righteousness of their cause, that they feel killing is justified. The Future I will go a step further and say that the Pakistan army may also be heavily influenced by such thoughts and that cannot be a happy thought for the USA and other powers fighting in Afghanistan. Pakistan is thus sitting on a tinder box that could explode anytime. But, still there is hope as a many people do feel, that what happened was not good and Pakistan must shed its hard-line policies. They are aware that a Taliban state will sound the death knell of Pakistan

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The War Against the Islamic State: Will the West win with Air Bombardment?

The Islamic State appears like a monster to most enlightened people in the West and India. Unfortunately there is an undercurrent of support for it right through the Sunni world, for the IS is basically a Sunni Muslim organization and all others are a pariah to it. One can just see the flags popping up in Pakistan and many places that people (Sunni Muslims) have a lurking admiration for the IS. No wonder Sunni Muslims from all over the world are coming in tens to join the movement. This means it has a groundswell support all over the Muslim world among the Sunni's.
This organization has overrun large areas of Iraq and Syria and enforced the most primitive form of Sharia. Minorities including Shia Muslims have been summarily executed or enslaved and the governments of Iraq and Syria and their army are totally ineffectual against the fighters of the IS. The degree of motivation of these fighters is simply fantastic and fueled by a desire for paradise and 72 virgin wives the IS fighters have spread terror among their opponents. The large number of imports from the UK, France and the USA is a pointer to the dedication and single-minded devotion of the IS brand and its Pan World appeal.
With Iraq almost ready to fall into the lap of the IS, the west and the US is faced with a grave situation. In case they allow the Iraq army to be routed (it is defeated as it is) the chance of other countries falling in the IS lap is very real. It could well mean a fanatic anti west state that will become like the many headed monster the Hydra. It could well be a second faceoff between the Christians and the Muslims (Sunnis) after the great battles of the 16th and 17th century.
The USA and West have responded with an air bombardment of the IS. Many countries from the Middle East like Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey have joined this air war against the IS. But despite this the IS is far from defeated or cowed down. In real fact it is growing from strength to strength as more recruits even from India join the IS fighters. Thus though many IS fighters are killed; the ground situation has not changed much. The Iraqi army is unable to make headway and there seems to be a complete lack of will to face the fanatic fighters of the IS on the ground. Guillio Douhet had in his theory of air warfare opined that a battle can be won by airpower alone. With the USA and its allies having complete air control, the battle by now should have started turning in favor of the nation’s fighting the IS. This is not happening and the IS continues its advance, though at some places they are thwarted.
What could be the cause of this failure to dent the IS fighters? Firstly the bombardment appears halfhearted as the west ponders if it can do business with the IS. This is a double speak and is the bane of the western policies throughout the war on terror. After the entire entire west could not even curb Iran which continues its development of nuclear weapons. Secondly there is great sympathy and support for the IS among Sunni Muslims. They see them as Islam’s great soldiers. The Sunni Muslim states also who are part of the coalition are in two minds. No ground troops have been committed and a cardinal principle of war as enunciated by field marshal Montgomery that it requires the infantry soldier to hold the ground is negated. Thus the West will lose again and I do not see the IS being defeated.

Nude Yoga: What it is and its Benefits

Yoga is an Indian spiritual exercise intrinsically linked with Hinduism and generally has a twofold purpose. It tones the body but also elevates the mind to a higher plane. This part of Yoga is difficult to understand and practice and cannot be achieved with a Yoga guru. Many Yogic gurus have advocated doing Yoga in the nude without any clothes.
It must be understood that the nude Yoga recommended by the Swami is not part of mainstream Yoga and can only be indulged in by a man or a woman who has achieved some degree of proficiency in normal yoga. Yoga in the nude is to be done only by a person who has mastered and reached a higher level of Yoga. In case a person is shy of doing nude Yoga in a gathering than it is best to practice it alone in a bare room with only you and a mirror. The mirror is essential so that you can see yourself as created by god. Women undergoing Yoga and the men as well are advised to do naked yoga in their natural form without use of hair remover and razors.
Yoga in the nude after a period of practice in solitude is to be done in a gathering with a mixed grouping of men and women. The basic aim of Yoga in the nude is to make a person aware of his or her body and raise him to a higher level that leaves sexuality behind. It is difficult and that is the reason it is recommended only for persons who have reached some level of proficiency in this field. Yoga teaches concentration and relaxation. Both essential ingredients’ for the human mind. It also tones the muscles and advanced Yogi’s can also by a mixture of celibacy and the Sir Asana (head stand) develop ESP powers. Many Swamis in India have developed these powers through yoga.
Nude yoga is generally to be done in the morning before the sun rises. The participants under the guidance of a guru are to enter a large hall with small mats for each participant. The practitioners are to divest themselves of their robes and clothes and commence the logic session as directed by the Guru. It is generally seen that participants of Nude yoga do have very little sexual thoughts as they concentrate on reaching a higher plane. But attractions can develop which in itself is a good thing. There are to be no inhibitions and the aim is to have an awareness of the body and reap the benefits of Yoga to reach a higher spiritual plane.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Malala Yousafzai is awarded Nobel Prize: Did she deserve it? Are the Awards Cheapened?

The entire Western press and media are going ga ga over the Nobel Prize to Malala. I wonder how a prize can be given to a young girl for just getting shot by the Taliban. That is pecisely what happened . The Nobel Prize is for a lifetime of achievement and not for an incident. It must be seen in the background that Mahatma Gandhi was conspicuously ignored. The fact that he was nominated thrice in 1937, 39 and 48 is all the more galling. Add to this the Nobel peace prize to President Obama and you have a picture of grave inconsistency. Obama himself would admit that the peace prize awarded to him is an aberration.
The award of the Nobel peace prize to Malala,is an example of the Nobel committee being dictated more by Media hype than anything else. In fact it is the media that projected her and teh Nobel committee for reasons best known to it awarded her the peace prize. Malal talks of peace but what about the Sharia? What does she feel about things like triple Talaq, evidence of 2 women equal to one man or Muslim men allowed 4 wives. Will she fight for all this? Malala herself wears the hijab and is no way a liberated girl. The Nobel committee has greatly erred in this award. There are thousands of girls in Pakistan denied education and many are killed by Taliban. Malala is just lucky she survived, but the award for just getting shot makes a mockery of how the Nobel Prize is awarded.

Friday, October 3, 2014

The Mental Makeup and Psychology of the ‘Keep’ or Mistress

I have been wondering about why some young and really beautiful talented women end up as mistresses of older men. What is the psychology behind such women’s mental makeup? A keep is also a mistress, but has a deeper connotation than a mistress. It means that she is owned by the man , body and soul and is dependent on him for her livelihood , a home and a car or what ever else that makes life comfortable. We must remember that a keep is a woman who is the property of a man, he may be married or not. Her body is at the disposal of the man who supports her financially. One has heard of women as keeps, but a man as a keep of a woman is unheard of. Thus being a keep is the prerogative of a woman.
Most women who get into such a relationship are emotionally unstable and insecure. They have a dread of living life alone and they become ‘keeps’ of men for financial and emotional security. Unfortunately such relationships are doomed in the long run and there are umpteen cases of the kept woman struggling in life after the death of her older lover. One is reminded of the case of actress Priya Rajvansh who became the keep of producer Chetan Anand. After his death she was murdered over a property dispute by the sons of Chetan Anand. Such women are unfortunate, but being a kept woman still thrives in the modern world. There is also the case of Ms J Jayalalitha who became the keep of the famous actor MGR who was 30 years her senior. Her father had  passed away when she was 2, so there is a possibility she gave her virginity to this man as she saw in him a father figure. Being a Keep has not gone out of fashion and its common in America, where there are more rich people than anywhere else. To have a 'keep' one

must have money. No poor man will have a keep. Yes , but there is no man who would not want a keeep or a mistress, being unable to afford is another matter !!