Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Can Tantra Sex Cure Premature Ejaculation? A Most Common Malady

All over the world Men suffer from a peculiar affliction often referred to as premature ejaculation. Every man during intercourse has to ejaculate, so what is premature ejaculation? Basically it means that a man reaches orgasm before his partner. In other words a man loses his self control during the sex act and leaves his partner unsatisfied. This is a very common phenomenon and most men at some stages of their lives suffer from it, either temporarily or for longer periods.
Premature Ejaculation and Tantra Modern science does not have any sure shot cure for premature ejaculation and most doctors will treat it as a psychological problem. But in Hinduism there is a cure and that is through Tantra sex. Hinduism recognizes Tantra sex as one of the paths to salvation. A deeper study reveals that Orgasm is not the goal of Tantra sex and once a man has understood this the rest will automatically fall in place.
Steps in Tantra Sex Tantra sex is a slow ritualistic sex and man must follow the tenets bravely. There is no room for tension. It will be a help in case his partner also believes in he power of Tantra. Thus a man must try and follow the steps outlined below
a) He must first create an atmosphere for the sex act by burning incense sticks and having soft religious music in the background b) The second step is the art of disrobing your partner. This again is a slow process and should be followed up by a massage of the partner’s body with aromatic oils. c) The man must caress the erogenous zones and build up for the next stage. In this he must remember the saying of the great sage Vatsyayana that “all parts that can be kissed and licked can also be bitten”. This needs no elucidation d) The act itself is the last part, but not the main object. Time is of essence as Tantra sex requires a lot of time and it relaxes the individual. Once both partners are ready the next step can be taken without thinking of orgasm. The aim is to bring the partner to a sublime level where ejaculation itself loses meaning.
Last Word The last part of Tantra sex is belief in the act of Tantra sex. Unless you have the confidence in Tantra the chances that you will achieve anything are pretty slim. Many sages in Hinduism have elucidated on the benefits of Tantra sex. Modern US doctors have also vouchsafed for it. A word of caution, participants must remember that Tantra sex is not something that can be done alone, but needs a guru who will guide the participants through the stages of Tantra sex