Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Nude Yoga: What it is and its Benefits

Yoga is an Indian spiritual exercise intrinsically linked with Hinduism and generally has a twofold purpose. It tones the body but also elevates the mind to a higher plane. This part of Yoga is difficult to understand and practice and cannot be achieved with a Yoga guru. Many Yogic gurus have advocated doing Yoga in the nude without any clothes.
It must be understood that the nude Yoga recommended by the Swami is not part of mainstream Yoga and can only be indulged in by a man or a woman who has achieved some degree of proficiency in normal yoga. Yoga in the nude is to be done only by a person who has mastered and reached a higher level of Yoga. In case a person is shy of doing nude Yoga in a gathering than it is best to practice it alone in a bare room with only you and a mirror. The mirror is essential so that you can see yourself as created by god. Women undergoing Yoga and the men as well are advised to do naked yoga in their natural form without use of hair remover and razors.
Yoga in the nude after a period of practice in solitude is to be done in a gathering with a mixed grouping of men and women. The basic aim of Yoga in the nude is to make a person aware of his or her body and raise him to a higher level that leaves sexuality behind. It is difficult and that is the reason it is recommended only for persons who have reached some level of proficiency in this field. Yoga teaches concentration and relaxation. Both essential ingredients’ for the human mind. It also tones the muscles and advanced Yogi’s can also by a mixture of celibacy and the Sir Asana (head stand) develop ESP powers. Many Swamis in India have developed these powers through yoga.
Nude yoga is generally to be done in the morning before the sun rises. The participants under the guidance of a guru are to enter a large hall with small mats for each participant. The practitioners are to divest themselves of their robes and clothes and commence the logic session as directed by the Guru. It is generally seen that participants of Nude yoga do have very little sexual thoughts as they concentrate on reaching a higher plane. But attractions can develop which in itself is a good thing. There are to be no inhibitions and the aim is to have an awareness of the body and reap the benefits of Yoga to reach a higher spiritual plane.