Monday, October 18, 2010

The Supernatural- A Few Thoughts. * 72

The supernatural is something that happens out of the ordinary and some event or occurrence takes place that does not follow the normal laws of nature. The supernatural may manifest itself in a number of ways. It could be through a man or child or through every day normal events. These events do not have any rational explanation.

Modern scientists do not accept that there is any thing that can be termed supernatural. They prefer to refer to such incidents as a trick of the eye or a fantasy. But sometimes these explanations do not suffice as some sane people have experienced things that can have no rational experience. An example is an event in Sept 1995 that has still not found any rational justification. At that time devotees visiting and praying at the feet of the deity of Lord Ganesh observed to their amazement that the deity would partake of milk held up in a plate to the its lips. The milk would slowly disappear from the plate and to all who were witness to the scene swore that the milk was drunk by the deity. This was a world wide phenomenon and was widely reported by the important news channels like CNN and BBC. An explanation was put out by the scientific community that these phenomena could be because of surface tension and evaporation. But a lot may who witness the ‘miracle’ were not convinced.

Similarly while on a visit to the Metropolis town of Bombay there were reports of a Moslem Pir who had the uncanny power of divining what was in your mind and then telling you about it. For this purpose he would require the visitor to put his thumb on a plate and the Pir would then tell him why he had come and what his problem was. This ability of reading the mind is ESP and science does accept it, but the Pir developed his power through prayer and there is no rational explanation for that.
In the mountain state of Himachal Pradesh a form of evil spirit called the ‘Chaleda’ is very much seen and believed in. Numerous people have claimed to been accosted by the chaleda who sometimes took the form of a dog or cat and even a small child. The Chaleda is supposed to be the spirit of a dead man who has not achieved salvation.

The field is vast and a deeper study is called for. So far scientists have not really attended to these phenomena. The supernatural is not something in the movies but can be real. It would be naïve to deny tits existence. The Bible and most religious thought accept this aspect of our world. Maybe another 100 years down the line this frontier will also be breached.