Thursday, July 31, 2014

Shiv Sena MP forced a Employee to swallow Roti during Ramadan

Shiv Sena is party known to espouse Hindutva or Hindu philosophy. There is nothing wrong with it, but boorish behaviour is not that one can expect. Unfortunately an incident has surfaced at Mahrashtra house in Delhi. One Muslim waiter who was accused of serving bad food was forced by Sena MP Vichare from Thana to eat a roti which had been served to him. The catering contract of the Sadan is with another government organization IRCTC. The man who was a Muslim protested, but the Sena MP continued on his path. I wonder what the MP Vichare achieved. There is no doubt that in Muslim countries, bigotry is extreme , but India is a democratic country and I cannot condone this behaviour.

Did the West Gamble on a Civil War in Ukraine ?

The situation in Ukraine is volatile. After an elected government was overthrown , a part of Ukraine Crimea broke away from the mother country and seceded to Russia. The matter has not ended there and all over East Ukraine the Russian speaking people have risen up in arms against the government in Kiev. The result is that Ukraine is moving its army to quell the uprising, but it has hardly any success and many of their heli- gunships have been shot down. In other words a civil war has commenced in Ukraine. Ukraine is a bankrupt nation economically and I am sure the west will have nothing to do with it in the long run. In the meantime fighting has intensified and the country is on the verge of a break up. I wonder if a war like the one in Syria will go on. The West has set the fires burning. I wonder whether they had calculated that this will happen. A civil war in Syria is one thing, but a civil war in Europe is very dangerous for the whole of Europe. I think the fading colonial powers France and UK are having a lst fling before they go into oblivion.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

This Man Married Two Sisters: Sounds Exciting

Life is full of dreams and  man has lived by dreamiing. Men dream of many things like flying like a bird, great conquests and what not, but many also dream of marrying two sisters. Well here is a man in Thailand who grew up along with two twins in the neighbourhood. He both the sisters for years and teh girls were also attached to each other and decided to live life together.

 Here is the twist as both girls loved the same man as they were all going for excursions and picnic togeter and then the boy decided he wanted to marry  both the twin sisters. The parents agreed and teh marriage took place as per Buddhist rites.  They must have been happy as the photo show it.  I understand that  a large bridal bed was got ready. My friends in the USA and all over the world would love it . Agree?

"The Rubiat of Omar Khayyam" is a Delight as it extolls the virtues of Wine and Women. Agree?

Omar Khayyam wrote of Wine and women
Omar Khayyam was a Persian poet who lived many centuries back. The beauty is he lived in an Islamic environment and yet wrote some lovely verses extolling the virtues of good wine and women. Omar Khayyam’s major opus is called the “the Rubiat of Omar Khayyam” and consists of verses called Quatrains. Khayyam wrote of the virtues of wine and verse after verse extolls the benefits of wine. He also felt that no life is complete in case a man does not taste the elixir called wine.

Omar Khayyam’s works are easily available on the net and once in a way I read his verses, which are an inspiration. I wonder how in Persia he was allowed to write such verses, when the dominant religion was Islam which bans wine and alcohol. However Omar Khayyam by his verses on wine and women has carved for himself a position among the great poets of all time for posterity.

Come to think of it, I don't think Khayyam was wrong. Women and wine , both are great warmers and and wheter in a cold wintry night or a outdoor in the spring with lovely flowers all around, can anything be better. It is a impetus if the  woman shares the wine  and her body. This is life! Hats of to Omar Khayyam

Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Legend of Sultana Daku: A Dacoit from the Days of British India

The Raj is a period in Indian history that can never be forgotten. This was a period when the Sahib’s travelled to the remotest corners of India and opened up the country to progress. There was also a class of people who lived their live as they had lived for hundreds of years. For these people the Raj had no meaning as they pursued the vocation which their ancestors had followed.

One such Daku is the famous Sultana, a Muslim who terrorized the United Provinces (now known as Utter Pradesh) in the twenties of the last century. He operated in the same region that earlier thugs had operated.
 Sultana Daku was a swashbuckling dacoit who rode a horse named Chetek and had a pet dog named Rai Bahadur. He was born into the Bhantu clan of criminals. He was ultimately captured by Lieutenant Colonel Samuel Pearce and was sent to the gallows. Working along with Pearce was the Deputy Superintendent of police named Freddie Young. This young man did not want Sultana to be hanged and he visited Sultana in jail many times and also went to Delhi to petition the higher ups to pardon Sultana. But the pardon never came and Young met Sultana before his hanging and asked for his last wish. Sultana requested Young to adopt his 7 year old son and bring him up as a ‘sahib’. Young agreed and later sent the boy to England for studies.  Freddie young’s grave has been located by an enterprising reporter and is at Bhopal. He had retired as Inspector General Prisons at Bhopal.

Sultana was also a great lover of women and his favorite was Phulkanwarn a dancing girl. Sultan lived the life which he knew. He killed and raped women and above all was a pain for the British Indian police. He was a however loved by the people. This is difficult to explain; maybe he articulated feelings of the people against the Raj. When was Sultan Daku hanged? He was sent to the gallows on 7 July 1924 and on that day he had the famous last meeting with Freddie Young. Over the decades the legend of Sultan Daku has taken on a nationalist hue with songs and ballads extolling the man.  He has now become a legend and Bollywood has made a number of films on his life. Sultana Daku brought fact and fiction together. The descendents of Sultan Daku were settled by Young at Bhopal and still live there at Belawadu near Obeidullahganj.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Must read "The Lustful Turk" by Anonymous

"The Lustful Turk" is a lovely erotic book attributed to an anonymous writer. The story matches the famous " Night in a Moorish Harem" and once you start you cannot put it down. The story is set in the 19th century when the white slave trade was on and the Arab  Sheikhs  desired golden and fair colored European virgins for their harems. Woe, beside a man who did not bring a true virgin replete with hymen for the Arab Beys and Sultans.

The story concerns  two white girls who are kidnapped and incorporated into the Beys harem. They win his confidence and rise up in the hierarchy of the harem. The book is simply lovely to read and I wonder who wrote it. It is obviously written in the 19th century like "Venus in India ".

The book  has explicit sexual encounters described which are simply written in a flowery and beautiful language. They are not vulgar and leads to the conclusion that the Arabs really loved white European women who were kidnapped from all over Europe. I have read that this kidnapping of white women was a lucrative trade and continued for 400 years. a really long period.

The book is interesting to read and I recommend to all who love reading.

The Congress Party is Dammed Before History

The Congress Party has led India for 59 years and it has nothing good to Show
India became free in 1947 and the Congress party was in the vanguard of the freedom movement with great leaders like Gandhi and Patel. At that time Gandhi was of the view that the Congress party should be disbanded. Unfortunately nobody listened to him and after his death the Congress continued harvesting the good will of the people and ruled for 59 years, till a avalanche led by Narendra Modi threw them out of power.
The sad part is that progress in India during Congress rule was minimal and the number of people under poverty line increased. The only thing the Congress bequeathed to the nation was corruption and money laundering with black money and even cabinet ministers looted the nation.
In teh last election the Congress was routed , winning just 44 seat in a house of 542 and  yet teh party is unfazed. They are demanding a LOP ( leader of the Opposition) post. I wonder why, as they do not fullfill the requirement of 10% as minimum required for a leader to be appointed as LOP. In fact I could die laughing on a bed of nails at the Congress demand. More so when it is articulated by a Lady who is not an Indian but Italian by birth.

All this makes sad reading and the Congress party will have to answer to posterity for this.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Vampires are Interesting, but what is the Fact: Do they Exist

Vampires: The Undead

 Bram Stoker wrote a fantastic novel titled “Count Dracula; Prince of Darkness’. The novel appeared in late 19th century and was an instant hit. Hollywood also has popularized this novel with many films about the character created by Bram Stoker.
Bram stoker only presented a character that exists in folklore in Central Europe. The legend is that a Vampire is a human being who by the art of black magic is able to live on forever. But to live on the Vampire needs the blood of the opposite sex. Thus a male vampire will thirst for the blood of young women. Normally the male vampire has a magnetic personality and he makes younger women love him and during the sex act he makes a puncture in the neck of the girl with his teeth and drinks her blood.
 The legend of the Vampire dates from the Roman era. There is a tale of a man named Apollonius who attends a wedding of a man named Menippus. However Appollonius could recognize that the girl Menippus was going to marry is a vampire. When confronted the girl confessed that she wanted to drink the blood of her husband after marriage.

Such tales are thrilling to read, but Vampires as outlined in myths are perhaps only in imagination than reality.

Alberto Moravia was a writer who brought sophisticated sex to the Fore

Even Now I love the writings of Alberto Moravia

One of the writers who I greatly admire is the Italian writer Alberto Moravia (1907-1990). Moravia lived through tumultuous times and has stark memories of the Fascists and Benito Mussolini. The Fascists were always against him and during the war years he wrote under a pseudonym. After 1943, with Mussolini weakening and the fascists almost dead Moravia emerged again in the limelight
Moravia’s popularity soared after the war. His works which had an explicit sexual slant were greatly appreciated.  I have read his “Time of Indifference”, “Women of Rome” and the “Empty Canvas”. These are books that can engross any reader, whatever period he may live in.Moravia brought out the sexual nature of life in Italy, where despite the strict Catholic church bigamy, mistresses and liaisons with the ‘Other woman’ flourished.

Moravia married novelist Elsa Morante in 1936 and wrote at least a 100 books.He separated from her and married a younger model in 1963. Perhaps living with a younger model or girl is the source of inspiration of great writers. Even Picasso loved younger women. 
 His novel “A Ghost at Noon” is rated as one of the 100 greatest books by Le Monde. I really relish his writings even now though his age is long past. 
If you have an afternoon to spare you can do nothing better than to read Moravia.