Saturday, March 29, 2014

How Does a Women Feel Living in Purdah and being a Second Wife

I had read that Muslim personal law which is very much in force in Middle East allows a man to have 4 wives. During my stay in the UAE, I also saw many local women wearing the Burkha that covered their face hands and body leaving only the eyes free. I wondered how these women felt in living a life in a Burkha and as part of a harem. I had my chance as I met and became friends with a woman in Dubai, who I met at the beauty parlor. I asked her this question. She hesitated to reply but over a cup of coffee bared her heart to me. She was the younger wife of a man who was double her age and she didn’t like it one bit. She was also not happy with the Burkha, but she was forced to wear one when stepping out and she could not do anything about it. She hated multiple marriages with the same man, but again she had no say and living the wife of a man already married was not what she liked. She hated being made naked before the other wife for sex. I am appalled. What is the solution?

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Mystery of the Murder of the Romonofs and role of Lenin

One of the mysteries that have fascinated me is the killing of the Russian Tsar and his family at the hand of the Bolsheviks. I am intrigued that whether Lenin himself had ordered the execution or not. Did he have a hand and did the Bolshevik firing squad act on the orders of Lenin? We do know that Tsar Nicholas was an incompetent man and his decision to launch an ill-equipped army into battle against Germany spelt his doom. He was overthrown in a coup engineered by Lenin and exiled to Siberia. On 17 July 1918, a Bolshevik firing squad opened fire on the family on the pretext of taking a group photograph and murdered the family. I feel for the Romanoff family and wonder how such a barbaric crime could have been committed.

In 1988 the bodies of the of Nicholas Romanov II, his wife Czarina Alexandra, and their three daughters, Olga, Tatiana, and Anastasia were discovered but kept a secret for 10 years as the powers that be wished to bring the details to the fore once communism collapsed. Finally, on 17 July 1988, the remains of the last Czar and his family were laid to rest at St Petersburg. Boris Yeltsin the then Russian president himself attended the ceremony. It stirred an emotional chord among Russians. However the remains of 2 of the missing children the crown prince Alexi, and his sister, Grand Duchess Maria were not located and speculation was rife that these 2 had escaped the death squad of the Communist’s.
However in 2007 a builder searching for trinkets in the area where the Czar had been murdered came across 2 highly decomposed bodies. The Russians carried out a DNA test and it was proved that these 2 were indeed the missing children. But the romantic notion that the 2 children escaped still holds the imagination of the people all over the world. Lastly was Lenin involved? There is no evidence that at any stage Lenin ordered the murder of the Czar and his family. It is possible that this may have been ordered by some second rung leader. Could it be Trotsky? We don’t know, but Lenin, I think was not involved.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

A Disturbing tale: Marrying a Arab Sheik

Recently a friend of mine married a handsome Arab. He was rich, had a yatch and a Rolls Royce. Before marriage she converted to Islam and the couple went for a racous honeymoon to France and Spain. The trouble commenced after she went with him to Saudi Arabia. She realized her access was limited and she was confined in special part of the house called the zenena. She also discovered she was wife no 3 and the rich Arab had 2 other wives. She was appalled at this. Her access to the outside world was also restricted and she was confined to the house. I will not dwell further on this tale, suffice that as she was a bold woman she escaped by bribing a taxi driver a Punjabi Muslim from Pakistan and none knew where she went away. She was lucky but there are tens who regret their mistake and spend a life time in the harem. The fact is the status of women in Islam is lower than man.The Sharia gives a subseverient position to women and that cannot be discussed. But non-Muslim women who dream of happy life with a rich Arab finally realize its just a pipe dream

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Visiting some Mosques in the World

Islam is a great religion and like the temple for Hindus and the Church for Christians a mosque is a place of worship for all Moslems. The Arabic name for Mosque is Masjid and this is commonly used all over the world. The mosque is the place to pray, but its importance for Moslems cannot be underestimated as a centre of Moslem thought. Most Mosques demonstrate stupendous architecture that brings out the beauty of these places of worship. There are hundreds of Mosques around the world, but I have chosen those that I have visitedBa Baddshahi Mosque, Lahore Lahore is the cultural capital of Pakistan and houses one of the most beautiful mosques in the world. This mosque is an excellent exhibition of Moslem architecture and its inherent beauty. It was built in the seventeenth century by that great Mughal emperor Aurangzeb. The mosque was thrown open to worshippers in 1673. It has the world’s largest courtyard for prayers’ and 100,000 worshippers can offer prayers here. The Mosque itself can accommodate 10,000 devotees.The mosque was also looked after by the Sikh ruler Ranjit Singh during his rule in the Punjab. Blue Mosque, Istanbul. Istanbul as we all know is a beautiful place. Sitting astride the straits of Bosphorus it joins Europe and Asia. A visit to Istanbul is never complete for a tourist without seeing the blue mosque. This mosque has a hoary past and was erected in 1616 by Sultan Ahmed, the ruler of turkey at the young age of 19. The distinctiveness of the mosque lies in 20,000 man made ceramic blue tiles that adorn the interior of the mosque giving it a blue hue.The mosque has distinct lamps covered with pure gold and gems and 10,000 believers can assemble here for prayers. Sultan Ahmed died after the mosque was completed and he is buried outside the Mosque. Tipu Sultan Mosque, Calcutta. One may wonder how this mosque situated in Dhartamtalla Street in Calcutta can have a name associated with Sultan Tipu who was from Mysore. The fact is that the mosque was built by the youngest son of Tipu Sultan in 1832.It is a beautiful mosque has 16 domes and 4 minarets.  The mosque is an excellent example of Mughal architecture. It is a building that can house 1000 believers for prayers. The mosque is a heritage site and is looked after by the "Tipu Sultan Shahi Masjid Protection and Welfare Committee".   Al Azhar Mosque, Cairo. No hvisit to Cairo is complete without visiting the Sphinx and the Al-Azhar mosque. It is one of the biggest mosques in the world and also houses the oldest

Monday, March 17, 2014

A Love Tryst witha Catholic Nun

Some time back I had written a post on the Catholic faith in India. One of my ‘fans’ had commented that I was a believer in infidelity’ maybe I am, but what I am going to relate is a factual account of a happening when I had just joined the Air Force and was under training. The Air Force administrative College is located at Red Fields in Coimbatore. It’s a hallowed college and has been there since the days of the Raj and the Royal Indian Air Force. All pilot trainees were supposed to spend 3 months at this college to get a basic understanding of service life like parade, drills and small arms practice before going on the learn to fly at the Air Force academy. Accordingly I reached Coimbatore and the Drill instructor Sargent Thevar began to put us through our paces. There was no booking out for 4 weeks and that too after passing the Drill test. I passed and heaved a sigh of relief as I could book out. There was however a caveat and the booking dress were a white pant and shirt with the striped blue Air Force Tie.
I remember I saw a movie. I think it was ‘Conon the Destroyer’ and I left the cinema hall to get back to the college before the booking in time of 10pm. Then it began to rain and thunder reverberated and reverberated again and again. I ran to a small shelter and took refuge there. As lightening flashed across the sky, I saw that I was in the foyer of a dilapidated building. I was further intrigued when I saw a nun in one corner of the foyer. She was absolutely drenched and her gray smock clung to her. She was young perhaps not more than 20 and I was also of the same age. My tie was a give way and I think she knew I was from the Air force college. I also made out she was slightly darkish and I concluded she was a Malayali from Kerala. The rain now increased in intensity and I walked to the nun and suggested that we move inside as the rain was lashing all around and she and I were getting wetter. I held out my hand she caught it and we went inside the dilapidated building. It was dark inside and the heavens were roaring. I realized it was rain storm. The nun sneezed and I suggested she remove her smock or she would get a cold. This was an innocent suggestion and the nun began to remove her robe. Lightening flashed across and in the split second I saw the nun naked with just a bra and panty.
God now took a hand and what happened after that has remained a blur in my memory. After the act was over, I could sense that there was some blood and the rain had stopped. I kissed and got up to dress and when I turned around the girl was gone. It was a silent withdrawal, more like a feline cat. I reached the guard room, 30 minutes late and my Course Commander Squadron Leader DL Dhār awarded me 2 pack parades. I will not dwell on what a pack parade is, but it’s a tough punishment. I didn’t regret the punishment one bit. I finished my training and left and as a Flight Lieutenant came again to Red Field 5 years later. I went to the seminary and met the mother superior and was told that many nuns had been sent to USA. It is an episode that is in my mind. Something that happened that was to happen for as Lord Krishna says in the Gita” Not a leaf moves without my will”.

Ayub Khan and the Starlet Christine Keeler

Field Marshal Ayub Khan was the first military general to lead Pakistan. This is certainly a well deserved title, but the General was also a flamboyant man who lived life to the hilt. He frequently traveled abroad and one of his favorite places was London. In London he was often the guest at the imposing estate of Clivedon in Buckinghamshire. One may wonder what the Pakistan president was doing at this estate. ?
Unlike later Pakistan presidents like Zia and Mushraff who dabbled in sending Jihadi fighters into Kashmir, Ayub Khan was more interested in other matters. This concerned a string of girls who frequented the swimming pool at Buckinghamshire. The girls were allowed to swim in the pool with the condition that to swim it had to be in the nude. This was loved by the girls who frolicked nude in the pool. This was to the liking of general Ayub Khan who loved to swim and have fun in this pool. It was here he met Christine Keeler. This girl was a beautiful and sexy model. In addition she was not averse to sex with anybody and one of her lovers was the war minister John Profuma.
Christine Keeler met Ayub Khan at this pool and she was mighty impressed with the tall and heavily built Punjabi. In fact in an interview later she complimented the looks and masculine charm of Ayub Khan. He may have also swum with Rice Mandy Davis, a girl one third his age. Christine Keeler was involved in the sex scandal of the early sixties that led to the suicide of Dr Ward. But Ayub had nothing to do with the suicide of Dr Ward. He was a simple man , out for fun. One can't grudge him that !

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Ukraine: The West has Gambled with a View to Finish Russia

The Western powers led by the USA and ageing colonial powers like the UK and France have joined up to try and 'finish ' Russian power. During the hey day of communism when the mighty Soviet State stood, the USA encircled Russia with a string of bases and alliances. The aim to "contain" Russia.
With the cold war gone a new power equation has emerged with Russia once again bolding a peer to the USA. Thus the west enticed Ukraine with money and inducements to break away from Russian sphere. The aim as usual to encircle Russia. Ukraine is a bankrupt country and the West will soon drop this nation as it will not bankroll the bankruptcy of Ukraine. The aim is to use Ukraine against Russia. Thus the agenda of the West is limited. One can recollect how the USA used Pakistan against India and teh end result was bad for teh USA as a sever form of a Taliban insurrection is on in Pakistan's Frontier. The USA lost in Afghanistan because of Pakistans perfidy. Again the USA is backing Ukraine against Russia, but they are dealing with a strong nationalist in Putin and a strong Russian state. This its not a walk over.
The USA would be well advised to look inwards with a 3 trillion dollar deficit and part of teh economy mortgaged to China. As far as the UK and France are concerned they are of no consequence militarily and can only ride piggy bank on the USA. Ver soon these nations will go in oblivion.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Women are the un-safest in the United States

America is a great democracy, though flawed, yet in a way it allows people to articulate their feelings and desires. this is unheard of in many other countries like say China and worse in the Middle East. Despite this I am afraid that women in America are at the greatest risk than at other places. One would assume with free intermingling of the sexes and freedom of sexual intercourse between consenting adults, crimes against women would be less or negligble. Yet America leads the world in abduction of women for sex and rapes abound. The centre piece of these crimes is the Hispanic and the Black.
The Negro in particular is sexually strong having devolped as per Darwins theory of evolution and survival of the fittest. He takes his sexual urges against the white women who constitute the majority in the USA. Rape of white women by blacks is much above the national average of rape in USA. Another point is the spate of abductions and the police despite riding on Harley's and sporting guns are pretty ineffectual to nab the abductors.

Many young white girls have been abducted and made into sex slaves and the police have not been able to unravel the crimes for many years. This is sad and points to a dangerous lacuna in law and its enforcement.
I have been wondering about crimes against women in the USA. I have visted the USA often and have had excellent relationships with American white girls and women some of who are friends even now. I just cannot fathom why should rapes and abductions of white girls be so high in the USA.

One must have a look at the American mind. Ju

st as guns are an integral part of American culture, perhaps rape and abductions for sex is also in the same genre. Don't agree with me, but have you an answer?

Kejriwal the New Leader is Confusing Many People:His actions Belie his Claims

Arvind Kejriwal is the new leader who has caught the imagination of some people in India. He has launched a crusade against corruption and I will say that he has come out with refreshing ideas. His stint for 49 days as Chief Minister of Delhi saw him take some significant steps, but at a time when he should have stayed on as the Chief Minister of Delhi to implement what he had promised, he just resigned one flimsy pretext. I suspect he had an eye on the general election and wanted to up his popularity at all India level. But whatever it may be , throwing the towel just after 49 days as Chief Minister is not the stuff great men are made off. the reason for resigning is even flimsier and I am afraid I can give no credit to Kejriwal for this.
But his attacks on Narendra Modi the BJP leader, who has risen as a top contender from a humble, beginning a tea boy waiter on a road side tea stall smack of very poor taste. Moreover his part is resorting to hooliganism to win the attention of the media. Some of his colleagues have been making obnoxious remarks against Modi. One chap called Bharati, the law Minister of Kejriwal asked a reported how much Money Modi had given her. Really silly and yet Kejriwal talks of a clean environment. His recent movements in a private jet are also in poor taste for a man claiming that he was a simple man and a common citizen. A common citizen or Aam Adami does not jet around in private jets and planes. yet the man is unfazed, perhaps that is the quality of a politician This post was published on Bubblews and is reproduced with the permission of the author..

Pigeon nest in Unit of Split Air Conditioner

there are wonders. I had been away for a few weeks on a holiday and returned to find that a pigeon had made a nest near my window and the place in-between the Air Conditioned unit. i have let the nest stand and allowing the eggs to hatch