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Indian Girls and Beautiful Legs

Legs are a part of  a woman’s allure and beauty. Women in the sub-continent mostly cover their legs with a sari or a shalwar kameez, but times are changing and the new breed of younger girls would not mind wearing dresses to showcase their legs. A conscientious effort will  bring the desired results

How can Indian Girls have Beautiful Legs

Legs have for long been regarded as an adjunct to the beauty of a woman. Unfortunately in Indian and Pakistani society the culture is to cover the legs, thus a sari  or a shalwar Kameez is the dress in vogue. This effectively covers the legs and women from the sub continent are apt to neglect this part of their anatomy.
The Greeks and Western society in contrast lay great stress on legs and one reason is that almost all of them bare their legs. Shorts, Skirts and dresses highlight beauty of legs. Having written this it is still important that Indian women look after their legs. Times are changing and the new breed of younger girls would like to display their legs. But this requires some hard work and the steps outlined below will go a long way in helping an Indian girl develop beautiful legs.

Step I.  Undress yourself before the mirror and see how your legs look.  Try and get out of the syndrome of covering your legs. This is important and once you are convinced that you would like to show case your legs the first step is taken

Step 2. The next step is to get your legs a smooth look. You will have to shave the hair on your legs. You could use a woman’s razor or if you don’t want to shave you could use the waxing method or the hair remover creams. It is better to shave or wax at night as your legs will get a nights rest and you can start the day straightaway.

Step 3. The next step is to get up in the morning and after a bath use leg make up. You could use a moisturizing cream and gently rub your legs with it. Maybe use could use a pinch of olive oil and massage your legs for a shiny look. This will entail some effort and you will have to spare time for it. In case you notice some skin problems like visible veins or pimples, consult a qualified dermatologist. Do not neglect anything.

 Step 4. This involves a regular exercise regimen for your legs.  You could do it at home or in case you can afford it join the local gym.  You will have to do special exercises that tone up the legs. The exercise you could think of are heel raises, squats, jumping, jogging, cycling, or weight training. The clue to weight training is low weights and more reps.Take the help of a physical instructor. In case you know how to swim then a dip in the pool will be beneficial. But unfortunately the majority of girls from the sub continent because of lack of opportunity and social mores do not know how to swim.

Step5. Additional care. As Indian women always have their legs covered there is a good chance the legs will have a lighter shade than the arms and neck. Hence in case you plan on wearing a short skirt or dress   and you are fair, make it a point to apply a light color tan to the legs.

In case the above are religiously followed there is there is a good chance that you can showcase a lovely pair of legs

A Dating Site From England for Love and Marriage

A Site that gives Results

Sarah Beeny and her Dating Site
Sarah Beeny is a TV presenter in the UK and the site www.mysinglefriend .com is her brainchild. Started in 2004 this site is an exclusive British dating site but has a subtledifference from other dating sites.
What does this site sell?
The TV presenter Sarah Beeny started this site in 2002. The site strives hard to be different from the normal dating sites. The site allows a PARTNER or friend to describe your qualities which are incorporated in your profile. The site can be joined by anyone who is single or married and name should not be thought of as applicable to singles only.
Unique Approach
The site allows a friend to describe your qualities which are listed. Only one friend can describe you, but he or she can quote other friends if required. This is something unique as descriotions by some one close to you can be published. Yu need not write your own introduction.
The site has a free and paid membership. Free membership allows you to browse the site and display your photo and bio data on the site, but to progress further and interact with members a paying membership is a must. The rates for paid membership are
£28 for 1 month
£55 for 3 months (£18.33 per month)
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Last Word
Paid membership opens a host of benefits like sending and answering emails, chatting and video chat. The site is one of the most popular dating sites in the UK and the success rate is quite high. I am aware that OFFICERS from the IAF flying  British aircraft became members of this site with excellent results. One of my colleagues even resigned his commission to settle in England with an English girl. You can’t marry a foreign national in the Indian Air Force.
The site will require your bank details for all payments. The information is secure and stored and not accessible to any third person.
The site has many success stories and many people have found love on this site

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Lust and Desire are Handmaidens and not Bad

The Start Ovid

In college, I read Ovid theclassical Roman poet and hisconcept of 'gaze'. It is a word that is the start of all feelings. Ovid related this word to women. Gaze is the first step to desire, love and even rape. When a man gazes at a woman it kindles these emotions and actions. Desire in relation to women is the emotion that runs the world. Many people for the sake of argument will not accept it, but desire is the emotion that leads to sex, love and other aspects of a man’s relationship with a woman.


One of my priest friends told me that 'desire' is a bad word and against the conceptof god. I wonder what he had in mind by this statement. Without desire there would be no sex and by a long shot it could affect further procreation. Desire is something ingrained in man and I feel it is best to recognize that desire for a woman really is the cornerstone of human emotion.

Women and Desire

What do women feel about desire? I am afraid many will not admit it, but in case a woman is not desired, she would feel pretty bad about it. A women who nobody desires, is looked down upon. She also feels neglected, yet there are a few women who articulate that desire is not good. Yes, desire leads to other things like obsession, fetish, rape and abduction. All these relate to desire. Desire is omnipresent in a man’s psyche and it is best to accept.


Desire and lust go hand in hand. You can't have lust without desire. Lusting is not a good word, and religion frowns on it. There are umpteen passages in the scriptures that admonish a man against lusting for a woman. But again without lust, how would we have all the great romances that exist today. One can't forget that emperor Jahangir, the great Mogul got the husband of the woman he lusted for killed and made her his queen and named her 'Noor Jahan'.

Last Word

These are just a few stray thoughts on the word 'desire'. I think my priest friend was wrong, for in my view desire is a lovely word and it’s wonderful to desire a woman. Acharya Rajneesh said there is nothing wrong even in lusting for a woman. How many will agree with it
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Don Juan in India as a Lover

The Dilemma of a Don Juan in India

Don Juan in folklore is recognized as a great libertine of all time. He was one man who fired the imagination of poets and writers for his exploits in seducing women of all ages in Europe. What if Don Juan had come to India? Would not he be bewildered with the varied culture and dress of the women in the sub continent? Perhaps he would have to do a lot of study of the women of the sub continent and their attire to be a success.

India is a vast nation almost as large as Europe and housing a diverse variety of races and castes. The majority is Hindu, but Hindus from one part of the country are different from another part. Thus the south Indian Hindus have not much in common with their brethren from the north and the east. Their attire also is diverse.  India is also home to large numbers of Christians, Moslems, Buddhists, Sikhs and jains. India is thus a melting pot of many races and people following diverse habits of dress and religions
Loving in India

Thus Don Juan would have to do a lot of home work to perfect his art of seduction in India.  Starting from the deep south of India the girls there invariably wear a sari and a blouse. A sari is a long piece of cloth that is carefully wrapped around the woman's waist. It extends to the ankles and helps create an aura of mystery. Saris can be very costly and can set you back by thousands of rupees. Over the sari the women wear a blouse. This comes in many designs and ads to the allure of a south Indian woman. They are also fond of gold jewelery.When you accost a south Indian woman make it a point to kiss her and then slowly unhook her blouse. Bare her and then undo the folds of her sari and slowly slide it off her hips. She will now be wearing a petticoat and bra. Undo the cord of the petticoat and follow up to the next step. Be careful that you fold the sari neatly so as not to damage it.

Women and girls from North India prefer a Shalwar kameez or shirt. The Shalwar has many variations but in its basic form is like a loose trouser with a cord tied around the waist of the girl to hold the shalwar in place. A north Indian girl will wear a shirt or kameez over the shalwar. The kameez may be full or half sleeved.
North Indian Girl
Undressing a north Indian girl is a little difficult. In case you love her and she is willing then the best bet is to slowly remove the shirt by untying the hooks or buttons. Having done that follow up by untying the cord of the shalwar so that it smoothly slides down from the hips. The girl would now be only in bra and panty and you can follow up by carrying her to the bed. Beware that North Indian girls in particular Sikh girls are much stronger than other Indian girls and thus you will have to match her strength and verve.
Tribal and Eastern Women
Woman from the east and central India wear in addition to a sari a Ghaghara and choli. A Ghaghara is a loose skirt tied at the waist and a choli is a blouse. These women are shyer and it is best to get their confidence before going forward. Start by unhooking the choli and follow up by untying the cord of the Ghaghra till it falls in a heap at her feet. Carry her to the bed and she will love it.
Moslem Women
Moslem women will wear the hijab or chuddar. Under this they will wear a shalwar kameez or even a sari.The hijab may be banned in Europe but in India it is greatly favoured. You will first have to lift the Chuddar and then continue to the next step. Women from the west will wear a special sari that divides the legs and adds allure while the women from the hilly areas and Rajasthan will mostly wear a Ghaghara. Tribal women in India will only wrap a sari and wear no blouse. The pallu of the sari covers the breasts.They are easier to undress and also more willing.
Last Word
Thus the field is vast for a man who wishes to love Indian woman. Maybe Don Juan would also have loved the challenge here. But it would have been tough. Coupled with the heat and distances he would have to be a real superman. But the challenge is great and if one wins, it will be a dream to remember.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Art of Undressing a Woman: First Step in Tantra Sex

The Hindu religion is like an ocean. It encompasses myriad aspects of human life from metaphysics of worshiping God to man's quest towards self realization through sex. It is in fact an esoteric religion with elements of animism. Hindu religion accepts that one of the paths of attaining ‘moksha’ or salvation is through sex. This is the art of Tantra which is recognized as a distinct part of Hindu philosophy. Thus by corollary the art of undressing a woman is the first step in this path to eternal bliss.

Most Hindu writers down the ages have laid great stress on undressing a woman which is of paramount importance. Tantra advocates a slow sex act that is prolonged for mutual satisfaction. Orgasm is not the goal of tantric sex. As such the slow act of baring a woman is of the utmost importance. It will also gladden her heart. Hindu women have a different attire from their counterparts in the west and Africa. The most common dress is a sari -which is a long wrap that is draped around the body and a blouse that fits the upper torso leaving the midriff bare. Some women may wear a  ghagra which is in reality a loose skirt that touches the ankles with  a chole or a blouse on top. Hindu women are also very fond of jewelry made of both Gold and silver.

 The beginning of the act is to establish eye contact with her. This eye contact is important as it is the precursor to the next stage. This should be followed up with small kisses on the lips and soft words of endearment. Follow up by taking the woman to the bed either by gently leading her or carrying her in your arms to it... The bed itself should be large with clean sheets and pillows that give an orderly appearance. Burning of incense and chanting of sacred hymns in the background at a low volume will create the right atmosphere.

 As a next step undo the hooks of her blouse and slowly slide it of her shoulders. Kiss her bare shoulders all the time and after some moments unhook her bra. A lot of Hindu woman may not  wear a bra, in that case  pay your homage to the peaks with your lips till the realization dawns on the woman that she is desired by the man. At the same time slowly take off her earrings and nibble the ears. Going down kiss her navel and then undo the cord of the Ghagra or the folds of the sari. Slowly unwrap her sari and then kiss her thighs for a long time. This is an important part of tantric sex

Once the woman has accepted you as her lover then remove her under garments and gently part her thighs to worship her most sacred part with your lips and tongue. All this will give you intense satisfaction.

The art of undressing a woman should not be thought of as an unnecessary appendage. It is something vital for the act of procreation. Hindu tantric theory shows sex as a path to God and that can only be possible when you follow 

Private life of Narendra Modi is a Mystery

Narendra Modi was a unknown man a decade and half back. He was a simple pracharak ( member and worker) of the Rashtriya Swayam Sewa Sangh( RSS) and nobody was interested in him and his life. In other words he was not 'news worthy'. Times changed and Modi was catapulted as Chief Minister of the state of Gujerat. Modi now began to come in the limelight and the press and public began to take notice of him.
In 2014 Modi was chosen to lead the BJP( Bharitiya Janta Party) a Hindu revivalist party and he made history by leading the party to a great win and an absolute majority in the Lok Sabha( Lower House of Parliament). Suddenly Modi came under scrutiny and reporters and public began to ask about his personal life.  A leader in a public position and leading 1.2 bllion people is bound to be the subject of a scrutiny as far as his life is concerned including his personal life is concerned and obviously people were interested to know details about him.
A look at his personal life reveals some intriguing details and there are gaps that remain blank and people wonder what sort of leader Modi is. His personal life is still an enigma and nobody is the wiser about it. Modi seems to be a man who does not need a woman. This is an enigma as a man always ( unless there s a aberration) always needs a woman for sex and comfort.  Unfortunately Modi who is 64 has no women in his life. This absence of any woman in his life is a mystery and the people and press are at a loss to know anything about it.
It appears Modi did marry a lady named Yashodabehn , about 40 years back, but he deserted her after 3 years and never met her again. But, here is the mystery: Modi never divorced his wife and the lady also never asked for a divorce. She worked as a teacher and retired with a small pension. In the meantime Modi also visited the USA and spent some years there, but no woman was part of his life there. Was he a woman hater ?
Modi shirked his responsibility to his wife and never gave her any maintenance. This is sad and Modi must tell all the reason for it, as it flouts the basic family law of India.
His behaviour after become Prime Minister is worse as he moves around in a Mercedes car while his wife travels in a rickshaw. Modi's personal life is indeed an enigma.

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New Strategic Shift as President Obama Attends Republic Day Parade at Delhi

President Obama will be attending the Republic Day parade on 26th January at Delhi. This is the first time I can ever recollect that a US President has attended a military parade as a chief guest in any third world nation. This shows that thee US has changed its priority in Asia.

During the days of Pandit Nehru and Indira Gandhi India was allied with the Soviet Russia ain in 1970 India also signed a 20 year defense pact with that country( Russia). At that time the USA put its eggs in the basket of Pakistan, which ultimately led to a great zero as Pakistan was racked by islamic fundamentalism and in many cases turned against the hand that fed it, the USA. India -USA relations  were at best lukewarm and sometimes frosty.

The situation began to shift in the 21st century, as China began to emerge as a credible threat to the USA. The USA needed a strong ally and none was available as Pakistan as a state had failed and was unreliable. India with a growing economy and a massive army ( 3rd largest in the world) was the obvious choice. The collapse of the Soviet Union also brought home to the Indian leadership, that a relationship with the USA would be a benefit.

The rise of the hardline Hindutva exponent the BJP, with Narendra Modi at the helm further accentuated the desire for a fresh strategic outlook. Narendra Modi impressed Obama and he readily agreed to be the Chief Guest at the Republic Military parade on 26th  January at Delhi. It is a first as no US President has ever attended a military parade in India. In fact I don't recollect any US President attending any similar function anywhere else. This visit is a feather in the cap of Modi, who at one stroke has established himself as a world leader.

Chandi the Goddess of War and Rituals That Confer Power

The Goddess of War and ESP

Chandi is the Goddess of war. She is another incarnate of Durga the Supreme Goddess. Chandi is worshiped by millions of soldiers and there are rituals that will confer superpowers on the disciples of Chandi. Guru Gobind Singh in his "Dasam Granth" has an entire chapter dedicated to Chandi called "Chandi di Var". This chapter eulogizes the glory of the Goddess Chandi. He in fact spent 40 nights in the Himalayas perfecting the rituals that brought him close to the Goddess Chandi and he received super powers of ESP among other things from the Goddess.

I will now relate a tale which is true in every sense, as it concerns my father. When the old man was young he met a Chela or a man of spirits who gave him a mantra. He told my father to recite the Mantra every night after midnight in a pond of water when he was half immersed in it. My father duly carried out the Mantra till on the 40th night strange things began to happen. The pond was filled with crocodiles who rushed towards my father. He held his nerve, but lo and behold the Crocodiles vanished and he was accosted by big flames all around. The pond was on fire. This is the time he lost his nerve and fled from the pond reciting the Jap the sacred prayer of Nanak all the time.

Next day he met the Chela and related all that happened. The Chela admonished my father for running away and told him that Chandi was just testing him. Had he braved two or 3 more tests the Goddess herself would have appeared and granted him powers of ESP.? I really do not know what to say of this tale. But as it is related by my own father, I think it is true. I wonder how my readers feel about it.

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Sex is Path to God as per Dame Murdoch in her Novel "The Black Prince"

Dame Murdoch

Dame Iris Murdoch DBE was an Irish-born British author and philosopher, best known for her novels about good, evil and sexual relationships. Iris Murdoch wrote 'The Black Prince' in 1973. This was her fifteenth novel and alludes mainly to Hamlet, the character created by William Shakespeare.

The Black prince

The Black Prince is generally considered the best of Murdoch's novels. It won the James Tait Black Memorial Prize in 1973.Overall, she had the ability to merge philosophy and fiction and this is apparent in the main character Bradley Pearson in the novel. Bradley Pearson the main Protagonist Murdoch relates the novel though Bradley Pearson.

He is a retired 58 year old Inspector of Taxes and has a dream of going to the country to write his BOOK. His character is ambiguous as he bickers with his friend Arnold Baffin about the art of writing BOOK. Simultaneously he is enticed by Arnold's wife to sleep with her in an affair that is almost clinical. He also tutors the 20 year old daughter of Rachel and Arnold, Julian. His ex-wife Christian and her brother France along with his depressed sister turn up at his door

Bradley Pearson

The Character of Bradley Pearson Bradley is struck by the arrow of Eros, the god of love. This changes his entire perception of life. Bradley changes to a man who is tender, as his love for Julian Baffin takes seed in his heart. He becomes almost infatuated with her.

Despite this infatuation he decided to keep his love to himself, but love overpowers as he realizes that Julian also loves him. They meet and bare their souls to each other outside the Royal Opera house. This launches a whirlwind romance. Bradley and Julian love each other with passion and as their love blossoms.

Love and Sex

'˜The Black Prince' becomes one of the most romantic WORKS of literature. The lovers crave for each other and each encounter leaves them breathless for more. Bradley subtitles his memoir Celebration of Love. Murdoch uses the love of Bradley with a girl old enough to be his daughter to emphasize her point that sex itself is the great connective force to God and something that can be the most relaxing thing in life.

The youthful Julian reciprocates the love of Bradley. Once she dresses up as Hamlet and so arouses Bradley that he makes ferocious love to her. Julian is the driving force and initiator for all that takes place.

Last word

The entire BOOK is a romantic fantasy retold through the pen of Bradley. The character of Bradley Pearson has the same initials as the Black prince, B.P. Hamlet is the Black Prince and he faced tragedy, so does Bradley. Murdoch has created a character that is deeply emotional and philosophical. Dame Murdoch spent the last 5 years of her life with Alzheimer’s disease and died in 1999. Her husband was at her bedside.
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