Monday, January 12, 2015

French Kiss is an Extension of Sex

A French kiss is not related to France .It is an expression of love between a man and woman ever since the dawn of civilization. Maybe for the devout one can say from the time of Adam and Eve. It is an expression of sexual love and contrasts with a motherly or brotherly kiss. It is again different from kissing a baby. The French kiss normally will take place between two consenting adults, generally a man and a woman, but a woman to woman (lesbian) kiss can also occur.  Such a kiss involves a lip to lip contact with the tongue of the participants intertwining and resultant free  flow of  saliva from one partner to another. This flow of saliva is in real terms the essence of  such a lip lock

 The lip lock is accepted by all cultures and societies as an expression of love. However Moslem women will not kiss in public and Hindu women would prefer to be kissed in a private place only. However woman from the West and Christian women in particular may not mind being kissed in a public park or place.  It is however best to indulge in a deep kiss when the two lovers or participants are alone. This gives the lip lock certain sanctity. This will help to avoid any unnecessary nervousness and embarrassing situations.

 It will also be a good idea to refrain from alcohol and tobacco. In case perforce you have indulged in these items then keep a mint on hand. It will be a great help. Also avoid excessive lipstick and do moisten the lips. Dry lips may not please the partner. Make it point to sit with your partner and slowly build up to the kiss. Remember a lot many girls and men close their eyes while kissing. It is a good idea and will help you dream, for that is also a part of this lip lock. French kissing is a natural phenomena and one must accept it as a part of human behavior

The best type of kiss is one that has a certain amount of finesse about it. It should be a tender occasion and should start with a small kiss, which could also incorporate sucking on your partner’s upper or lower lip. However before kissing it is a good idea to indulge in some form of oral hygiene and brushing or using a mouth wash. This will also freshen the breath and make the kiss that much pleasurable. Kissing with the tongue and lips  is certainly part of Human culture and there is nothing denigrating about