Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Chandi the Goddess of War and Rituals That Confer Power

The Goddess of War and ESP

Chandi is the Goddess of war. She is another incarnate of Durga the Supreme Goddess. Chandi is worshiped by millions of soldiers and there are rituals that will confer superpowers on the disciples of Chandi. Guru Gobind Singh in his "Dasam Granth" has an entire chapter dedicated to Chandi called "Chandi di Var". This chapter eulogizes the glory of the Goddess Chandi. He in fact spent 40 nights in the Himalayas perfecting the rituals that brought him close to the Goddess Chandi and he received super powers of ESP among other things from the Goddess.

I will now relate a tale which is true in every sense, as it concerns my father. When the old man was young he met a Chela or a man of spirits who gave him a mantra. He told my father to recite the Mantra every night after midnight in a pond of water when he was half immersed in it. My father duly carried out the Mantra till on the 40th night strange things began to happen. The pond was filled with crocodiles who rushed towards my father. He held his nerve, but lo and behold the Crocodiles vanished and he was accosted by big flames all around. The pond was on fire. This is the time he lost his nerve and fled from the pond reciting the Jap the sacred prayer of Nanak all the time.

Next day he met the Chela and related all that happened. The Chela admonished my father for running away and told him that Chandi was just testing him. Had he braved two or 3 more tests the Goddess herself would have appeared and granted him powers of ESP.? I really do not know what to say of this tale. But as it is related by my own father, I think it is true. I wonder how my readers feel about it.