Thursday, January 15, 2015

Quick Tips to Enhance your looks: Fashion Tips for Women

Fashion is something in vogue. No matter how tall or short, or how dusky or fair you may be, fashion is something that can jazz you up. It is something that is everybody’s cup of tea more so with women. However you will need to follow some simple steps and then you can be on the way to look smarter and of course add greater allure to your looks.
If you have a slim figure with a small waist then it will be a good idea to cinch your waist of the blouse you are wearing or your dress like a skirt or pant with a belt. This will attract the onlooker to your figure and that will flatter you no end.

In case your figure is not accentuated by curves then it will be best in case you wear a wrap around dress. This is a most versatile piece of clothing as it will flatter most women. More over it will wrap around you and add mystery to your body and looks. You can accentuate your casual look by a scarf or a stole. The will go with the dress you are wearing. Try and have the same color of the scarf as your dress.
In case you are wearing a short skirt than it is advisable to wear leggings that have the same color as your dress or tunic. This will make you look taller and slimmer. That will certainly be a plus point to the men who see you. In case you are wearing a monochrome outfit than add color to your looks by carrying a clutch in a contrasting and arresting color.
If you have a boy friend then you can accentuate your casual look by wearing his jacket over a dress. This will give you an edge and arrest the eye of the beholder. It will give you a bold look that can be accentuated further by wearing an animal print blouse with skinny jeans or mono colored pants.
If God has blessed you to be short try and wear dresses and skirts that end at your knees. Let your legs look attractive and will cover up your short height. If you are pear shaped then I will advise you to wear a light hued, V-neck top and a hard dark shade lower apparel. In this case the light colored top will attract attention from your lower dress.

In case you are apple shaped then be advised to stay away from tops with too much ruffling or details. Instead wear empire line blouses and follow the key to keep your dress plain and simple with soft, flowing fabrics.
It will not be a bad idea to invest in a pair of well fitting trousers that can be dressed up for evening wear or toned down for a luncheon at a fancy restaurant. The possibilities are endless-but the name of the game is to wear what profiles your looks and body the most. Thus good sense is as essential as the clothes you wear. That is fashion after all.