Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Indian Girls and Beautiful Legs

Legs are a part of  a woman’s allure and beauty. Women in the sub-continent mostly cover their legs with a sari or a shalwar kameez, but times are changing and the new breed of younger girls would not mind wearing dresses to showcase their legs. A conscientious effort will  bring the desired results

How can Indian Girls have Beautiful Legs

Legs have for long been regarded as an adjunct to the beauty of a woman. Unfortunately in Indian and Pakistani society the culture is to cover the legs, thus a sari  or a shalwar Kameez is the dress in vogue. This effectively covers the legs and women from the sub continent are apt to neglect this part of their anatomy.
The Greeks and Western society in contrast lay great stress on legs and one reason is that almost all of them bare their legs. Shorts, Skirts and dresses highlight beauty of legs. Having written this it is still important that Indian women look after their legs. Times are changing and the new breed of younger girls would like to display their legs. But this requires some hard work and the steps outlined below will go a long way in helping an Indian girl develop beautiful legs.

Step I.  Undress yourself before the mirror and see how your legs look.  Try and get out of the syndrome of covering your legs. This is important and once you are convinced that you would like to show case your legs the first step is taken

Step 2. The next step is to get your legs a smooth look. You will have to shave the hair on your legs. You could use a woman’s razor or if you don’t want to shave you could use the waxing method or the hair remover creams. It is better to shave or wax at night as your legs will get a nights rest and you can start the day straightaway.

Step 3. The next step is to get up in the morning and after a bath use leg make up. You could use a moisturizing cream and gently rub your legs with it. Maybe use could use a pinch of olive oil and massage your legs for a shiny look. This will entail some effort and you will have to spare time for it. In case you notice some skin problems like visible veins or pimples, consult a qualified dermatologist. Do not neglect anything.

 Step 4. This involves a regular exercise regimen for your legs.  You could do it at home or in case you can afford it join the local gym.  You will have to do special exercises that tone up the legs. The exercise you could think of are heel raises, squats, jumping, jogging, cycling, or weight training. The clue to weight training is low weights and more reps.Take the help of a physical instructor. In case you know how to swim then a dip in the pool will be beneficial. But unfortunately the majority of girls from the sub continent because of lack of opportunity and social mores do not know how to swim.

Step5. Additional care. As Indian women always have their legs covered there is a good chance the legs will have a lighter shade than the arms and neck. Hence in case you plan on wearing a short skirt or dress   and you are fair, make it a point to apply a light color tan to the legs.

In case the above are religiously followed there is there is a good chance that you can showcase a lovely pair of legs