Sunday, January 4, 2015

Women in Islam are Spoils of War even in 21st Century

Historically right from the time of Mohammed the practice of taking captured women as wives and concubines has been followed.In 627, when the Quraysh and their allies besieged the Moslems in the Battle of the Trench, the Qurayza violated a treaty with the Islamic prophet Muhammad by allying with the attacking tribes, aiming to attack Muslims from behind while the other attackers attack from the front.The tribe was charged with treason and besieged by the Muslims commanded by Muhammad. After the battle the men were captured and beheaded and the women taken as wives and slaves by the Muslims.
Considering that 1400 years have passed, yet the same form of subjugation of women continues as hard line Moslem soldiers take captured women as a prize to be enjoyed. The Islamic state fighters are resorting to the same barbarity which was witnessed 1400 years earlier. In attacks after attacks the places where the IS has won, the women have been captured and all of them been made either concubines or wives. There is no limit on the fighters in having women as wives and keeps and concubines. This is a fact of life and I am afraid the moderate Muslim voice just is not heard. This is not just confined to Iraq, but is endemic to all places where the Moslem fighters are fighting from Kashmir to Chechanya. The fact is that women in Islam have a tough time. They are second class citizens and all talk of women having rights in Islam is a only a dream