Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Guns and Killings in America:What is the Problem?

The Killings in America Point to a Very Deep Problem concerning Morality and Education
Not a week passes in America without news of a gunman gone berserk and using his gun to kill innocent people. There was the shooting in the cinema hall and mall, Shooting in the Sikh gurudwara, shooting in another mall and now a shooting in a school that was home to small toddlers from the age of 4 to 8. The last shooting at Connecticut has resulted in over 20 young kids being killed and as often in such cases; the killer a young man took his own life. So the authorities have to piece the motive of the crime from conjecture and interpretation as the killer is dead. There are other bizarre cases also, thatest is a 2 year old shooting his mother dead in a supermarket.

What is the motivation for a young man to kill innocent people and then kill himself? These points to a deep rooted abnormal behaviour among the young in America. It shows a complete breakdown of the family structure which acts as a restraining influence and more important the failure of the church, which has failed to energise the US young morally.

Many people blame the 2nd amendment and the gun laws for these crimes. But in case these weapons were not available, a mentally unstable man will not kill? Thus weapons per se is the not the only reason for these killings. The malaise is more deep rooted and affects the young who are growing up. What do they see?  They look around and see a high divorce rate and breakdown in family values with the church paralyzed and debating inconsequential issues like gay marriages. The young are neglected and have no recourse to moral training. The moral fibre is weak and that has bred an unstable generation who don’t know what to do.

President Obama sounded genuinely concerned when he addressed the nation on the killing of these 20 school children. There is a clamour to control the gun laws, but that is easier said than done. There are already 75 million guns in the USA and who will collect them back? The gun lobby is strong and it will not allow this to happen. But again guns as already pointed out are only an outlet of emotionally shattered young men; Men who cannot distinguish between what is bad and evil. They have reached this stage because of the inherent faults in American society.

Crime has never been controlled, but senseless killings are peculiar to the USA alone. It’s about time the older generation arose and faced the problem of moral turpitude squarely.