Monday, January 19, 2015

Painting Your Daughter as a Model in the Nude

A Forbidden World

Art is supposed to have no barrier, yet there are invisiblebarriers. One barrier that is broken is in China where a painter named Li Zhuangping has used his nude daughter as a model to depict a wide variety of themes and scenes.

The painter, Li Zhuangping used his daughter, Li Qin as a nude model to pose with various animals, including a tiger and a eagle. The issue came to fore after an art critic, Yuan Zushe, published an article in a local newspaper, China Youth, and termed Li's act of using his 23-year-old daughter for the paintings as unethical. He disapproved of a father using his own daughter to model for him completely nude.

Yuan's criticism is backed by many people in the UAE and India. But the painter is unperturbed as he feels his nude daughter before him is a source of tremendous inspiration.

What do Li's wife and daughter feel about this? Both ladies feel nothing wrong in the nude paintings. Li says his daughter is lovely in nude and he has taken permission of his wife. The daughter does not believe it wrong to pose naked before her father. She feels people should see this posing in the proper light. In other words the daughter completely backed her father saying. She says that she is also a painter and posing naked before her father is a sacred act. She requests other people to understand and be magnanimous.

Though Li is recieving flak on the internet, but  some members from the artist community are supporting him. Many ask that if wives can model in nude for a artist, there is nothing wrong in a daughter posing in nude for a father, who is a painter.

What do I personally feel about this? Maybe its not wrong as Acharya Rajneesh said that one must understand that life has a deeper philosophy.Frankly I would like to see these paintings

A Revolution in Art

Li just cannot be condemned as a man who has broken the moral code. Inspiration has many avenues and this may be one of them.