Sunday, July 19, 2015

The ISIL Threat is Very Potent: Egyptian Navy Boat Sunk by Missile

The ISIL is  new threat that has emerged. One is so much focused on Iraq and Syria that one generally ignores what is happening in Sinai in Egypt. The ISIL is active in Sinai and now the Egyptian government has confirmed a naval ship was sunk from a missile from the Sinai coastline. The ISIL is now focusing on Sinai and are fighting on behalf of the Muslim brotherhood and the ousted President Morsi..
The aim of the ISIL is to move closer to the Suez Canal and choke it, so that ships cannot pass and the Egyptian economy is derailed. The Egyptian air force has been conducting numerous airstrikes against their strongholds and sending in army units in an attempt to stop the spread towards the Suez Canal.  Despite this Egypt seems to be losing in Sinai and important roads are blocked by ISIL. It is estimated that the iS fighters number about 1000, but they are able to hold their own against a force with a superior fire power.
The sinking of the Egyptian boat by a missile has added a new dimension to the conflict. How did the ISIL get the missile is the point? Probably it is a captured missile from Syria and is American pedigree.
The Egyptian coast guard vessel was patrolling off the coast of Rafah to prevent any outgoing or incoming vessels when it was suddenly hit by a missile pinpointed towards it. It exploded, killing all men on deck. ISIS claimed this victory . It also and provided photos (taken from a video) showing the situation.  The Egyptian Navy lost dozens of trained crew killed

The action has sent shock waves. The number of missiles with the ISIL is unknown, but they can get hold of many more.  It’s about time the threat in Sinai was understood. India also needs to draw appropriate lessons  from this attack by the ISIl. It’s reach and capability cannot be ignored.
The top photo shows the missile in flight and the impact.