Wednesday, July 1, 2015

OROP likely to be a Watered Down Scheme: Will it be Accepted?

There is an agitation and relay hunger strike on against the non sanction of OROP by the government led by Modi. The effect of this non approval is more galling only because Narendra Modi had made it an election plank and repeatedly announced that once in power OROP would be his first priority. Alas  colours change and the Modi now is a different man. There is no sanction of OROP , but as he has been promising OROP, obviously he must do something.

What is that "something"? He has an army of civil servants who do not wish to see a genuine demand of the armed forces accepted. So he has believed them as also two other members of his cabinet who matter but for their own reasons don't want OROP in the classical sense. The result is likely a watered down scheme. A scheme that will just allow Modi, that past master at manipulation to announce that he has sanctioned OROP, while in reality it will be anything but OROP as approved and accepted by 2 government defined by the Koithari committee..

What about the poor ex service man? Modi and party could not care less. This OROP will be a shadow of the services are asking and will be an insult to a soldier. It must be understood that anything less than OROP as accepted and defined should never be accepted. Onward  on me! there is nothing to lose.

Lastly Modi and his ilk must understand that how Roman empire  survived. The Roman leaders looked after the army and they survived for hundreds of years. I wonder whether this leadership can understand this simple home truth