Tuesday, July 14, 2015

One rank One Pension : Where do we go from Here ?

One Rank one pension is the toast of the news as far as ex-servicemen are concerned. The news channels are giving news and after a lull, Arnab of Times did put in a forceful plea on his channel " Time Now". The ex -servicemen's fast has now entered the 30th day and there is nothing to show that the government is moving closer to an approval. In that respect this government is similar to the one led by Manmohan Singh. Despite all the noise one can recollect that in a question answer session in 2009, the then Defence Minister Anthony clearly said that the GOI has no plans for approval of OROP. So the Congress party cannot now point a finger at the BJP.

The BJP has however tied itself in a knot. I fail to understand that if OROP was not to be approved , what was the compulsion of Narendra Modi to make such a promise? he also while addressing troops at  Siachen had said that it was his good fortune to approve OROP. I am sorry to ask as to where that " good fortune" has evaporated ? Was any body holding a gun at the temple of Mr Modi when he was making these promises? perhaps he may like to enlighten all of us as to what pearls of wisdom he has  learn't since the day he  made the statement of approval of OROP which has changed his tune. Words like the "OROP will be approved" " trust us" are hollow and meaningless and leave a bitter taste . Modi has let himself down in his esteem before god. A honorable man keeps his promise. This is what chivalry is all about. I hope Modi has heard this word?

The ex servicemen are I feel a forlorn and neglected lot. Even the head of the army the COAS  who had promised to look after the soldier has let all down. Here is a man who in the month of March  made a solemn promise to ex-servicemen at a rally that OROP will be approved , yet the same has not happened and now this man is silent. It is no news that he is internally putting pressure on the GOI for we know that "internal pressure" is just a word and meaningless. If this man (General Dilbagh Singh) who is a 4 star general and heading the largest organised force in the country is unable to put his foot down than he has no face left. I wonder what stopped him to put in his resignation and announce that he was going because of the callous attitude of the government. Is it something to big to ask ?

What do the ex-servicemen do now? There are volunteers willing for a fast unto death. Will it help. What is the guarantee that that this fast will  yield the desired result? The ex-servicemen must remember that the Modi government has little shame that the world is laughing at us. In which country in the world do servicemen fast for legitimate dues approved by parliament? I haven't heard of any and its so sad that BJP spokesmen who come on national TV are a shameless lot.

Recently I read somewhere a paen in praise of Manohar Parrikar. The writer was all ga ga that the DM had given him an interview and he was " such a fine man". I wonder if this officer realised that this  was just a PR exercise indulged in by politicians.The fact is Parrikar is part of the same brood and we do not know what he has agreed quietly with Modi.

I can only hope that the GOI sees what is something essential and approves OROP, otherwise God save India.