Friday, July 17, 2015

My Thoughts on the Present COAS General Dalbir Singh : Sir J'ai Accuse !

I am afraid I have to use the quote of the famous French Philosopher writer Emile Zola who in French  wrote J'accuse ...!" This  was an open letter published on 13 January 1898 in the newspaper L'Aurore. 
Zola addressed his letter to the President of France Felix Faure and accused the French government of anti-semitism resulting in the jailing   of Alfred Dreyfus , a French Army General Staff officer sentenced to penal servitude for spying. The phrase is famous and General  Dalbir   Singh  Sir, I have to use this phrase for you.
General, you took over as the COAS from general Bikram Singh and I must say that you looked smart in your hat and created an impression that here was a man who would lead the soldiers forward. The soldiers expected that you would put your foot down on the most contentious of issues and that is One Rank One pension. Many thought that the days when another COAS General Bewoor buckled under GOI pressure and got the pensions reduced to 50% from 70% were over . 
The hearts of the military fraternity were aflutter when you on 13 March in an address to ex-servicemen announced that OROP is sanctioned and the same would be announced before 30 April. Unfortunately nothing of the sort has happened and now you are aware that an ex-servicemens agitation has started  with hunger strikes to oress for OROP. Unfortunately you are silent and this I feel is dereliction of your duty as a first soldier of the army. I had expected that when 85 year old widows sit and fast that you would get up from your chair and meet these brave ladies, but you have been sitting in your office only.
General, I expected you to take the lead and resign your post and hold a press conference and then go and sit with your striking brethren in a fast. I accuse you sir, of not following up on your words and that for a warrior is a grave misdemeanor. A warrior always is true to his words and does not sit back . if his words are not honored. I accuse you sir of being perhaps  more interested in your chair, than in the welfare of the soldiers who you are leading.  I still feel that something good will come and you will ACT. Is it something so big that it can't be done ?