Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Visiting the Oldest Structure in Abu Dhabi: Qasr al Hosn Fort

 Visiting the Qasr al Hosn Fort in Abu Dhabi

The Qasr al Fort is the oldest structure in Abu Dhabi. It is the symbolic birthplace of the city. Every year a festival takes place at this fort. This year the festival was from 20 February-01 March 15. It featured exhibitions, guided tours and a special stage show.

The fort is standing since the 18th century. In fact it was the first major structure in Abu Dhabi and is made of coral and sea stone. Earlier it served a purpose of a watch tower as one could see the Arabian sea for miles around. The construction of the fort is traced to 1760, when Sheikh Shakhbut Bin Dhiyab expanded the construction. After the discovery of oil a magnificent palace has been built around the fort. It was around that time it was turned into a museum and is worth a visit.

It also houses the luxury Palace Hotel and it will drain your purse even for a cup of coffee