Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Will Hillary Win the Presidential Election. A Forecast by Steve Kinsman.

The zeitgeist

We are under the illusion in this country that the people choose who becomes president, but that is hardly the case. For example, Bernie Sanders has a message that strongly resonates with the hopes and dreams of the majority of Americans, but we can be assured that even now big MONEY, Wall Street and the media are in collusion to paint the senator from Vermont as far out on the fringe. Because of this, regardless of his appeal, Sanders will not gain the nomination of the Democratic Party. The movers and shakers who actually control who gets nominated will see to it thatHillary Clinton will be pitted against a Republican (most likely Jeb Bush, Rick Perry, Jon Kasich or Marco Rubio, with Scot Walker as a long shot) also acceptable to them. Thus, not only will Sanders be marginalized, but so too will Rand Paul, Donald TrumpCarly Fiorina and Ted Cruz.

Hillary's horoscope

In looking at Hillary Clinton's horoscope, my eyes are immediately drawn to the triple conjunction of Mars, Pluto and Saturn in her ninth house. Pluto, of course, is the ruling planet of her horoscope, since it rules her Scorpio ascendant. This a powerful configuration that supported her youthful ambition to become a lawyer (ninth house). It also suggests she was supremely qualified to serve as Secretary of State, as it marked her as a tough and skillful negotiator in dealing with foreign countries (ninth house).

The Sun in her twelfth house calls her to a life of service. Interestingly, regardless of what the old astrology texts say regarding a twelfth house Sun - that it operates behind the scenes - many world leaders have and have had this placement: Mahatma Gandhi, George W. Bush, Tony Blair and David Cameron are just a few examples.

Mercury in Scorpio closely conjunct her ascendant forms a square to the Mars, Pluto Saturn configuration. This shows that she chooses her words (Mercury) with great care (Saturn) and that she knows the facts. She is also not hesitant to express her anger (Mars) when she feels it necessary to do so.

Venus, in conjunction with Chiron, also squares the Mars, Pluto, Saturn stellium. This strongly suggests she carries a deep wound (Chiron) as a result of her husband's philandering ways. Moreover, one could surmise that she has long since sublimated or repressed her sexuality (Saturn conjunct Mars, Saturn Square Venus) while she undertook her pursuit of power (three planets plus her ascendant in Scorpio).

Her Pisces Moon in the fourth house, in trine aspect (120 degrees) to both Mercury and Venus, does reveal her to be a caring soul who possesses a great deal of compassion. A fourth house Moon also invariably reveals a person possessing a high degree of emotional security. She does, however, have to work much harder than her husband did in order to gain favor with the electorate. Bill Clinton has the Sun in the eleventh house, which almost universally bestows great popularity (think Michael Jackson), as it is known as the house of 'love received.' He also was blessed with a Venus-Mars conjunction in Libra on his ascendant, giving him a very disarming and charming nature. When Bill Clinton looked into your eyes from out of your television set, you would swear he was talking to you and only you.

Finally, Jupiter in her first house in its own sign - optimistic and opportunistic Sagittarius - provides Hillary Clinton with the self-assurance and self-confidence that she will succeed in whatever she undertakes to achieve.

Will she win?


Astrologer Adrian Ross Duncan, in an article appearing in the current issue of The Mountain Astrologer magazine, makes the case that the stars are aligning rather nicely for Hillary's prospects to win the presidency. Her progressed Mid-heaven (career) conjoins Venus (happiness, satisfaction) within the next six months and remains within orb through election day and beyond. This is a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence which indeed bodes very well for her chances. Moreover, Duncan writes that "at the January 2017 inauguration, her progressed ascendant will be at 22 degrees, 40 minutes Capricorn, exactly sextile her Moon in Pisces and soon to trine her north node. This is a rather lovely INDICATION of popularity and not bad for a move either, since the Moon is in her fourth house."

Duncan points out that during the two months prior to the election, Mars will square Jupiter, form a conjunction to Pluto, and square Uranus. He contends this suggests the Republican nominee will be business-friendly (aren't they all?), possessing a "bullying demeanor with extreme views" (Chris Christie?)..."but a person who will be completely out of the picture the day after the election." Why? - because the Moon is situated in the progressive sign of Aquarius as election day begins, and it moves into compassionate Pisces during the day. The Sun will also be crossing Hillary Clinton's natal Venus on Election day, which happens but once each year and signals happy and satisfying events.

The election day horoscope above is drawn for the moment the first poll opens, at one minute after midnight in Dixville Notch, New Hampshire, thus "birthing" the presidential election of 2016.