Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Memoir: Golf and Love

One of the facets of life is that it can be unpredictable. In case life becomes predictable, it would perhaps lose a lot of its charm. My life has been unpredictable and many encounters have taken place at the most unlikeliest of places.
In India the Shillong golf course attached to the Golf Club made by the Goraji (British) is in my views the best course in East India. It has a distinct advantage, unheard of anywhere else. It has girls as caddies. The Meghalaya girls from Shillong have the loveliest legs and when they go about lugging your set or retrieving a long shot with the wood, it is an artist's delight. They wear short frocks or shorts and are a fetching lot.
A remembrance

As a subaltern I played golf here and I can recollect that at least 2 of them slept with me after the game. It was heady sex, after having played 18 holes. Shillong is unique in India and there is nothing like it anywhere else.
Now coming to the more sophisticated partners in golf. Indians are the shy type and will just play and go away, but I have courted white Americans and they are not averse to a drink after a game. This breaks the icing and on many occasions after playing with them for any several times, the result has been favorable.
I remember playing golf with an American woman from Boston. She had come to Dubai as a consultant on a short-term assignment. We became partners on the golf course and would play golf also at night on week days. After a few days I invited her for a drink at the roof top bar in Abu Dhabi. After that I took her for a spin at 150 MPH in my Mustang.
What next? We became close and I learnt she was married. Frankly, I was stumped, for if I had known I would have steered away. She thought I was single and unattached, but I told the truth. But it was a satisfying relationship and one that gave me and also to her intense joy. Women get so serious and she was getting serious as well. Time to break off, so no hurt is caused. But we had a last game of golf and a drink at the bar and then we drove 150 km away at breakneck speed to the Mercure Resort in the Hafeet Mountains for a last or shall I say the finale?
But relationships do not end and I still get emails from her. She has invited me to Boston, but I am perturbed her marriage is breaking. I hope I was not the cause. So many encounters on the golf course, but all do not go the way the last one did. Sometimes its plain friendship and that also is a delight for a sensitive and thoughtful man like me.