Monday, July 20, 2015

A Christain Dating and Marriage site

Company snapshot Singles of Faith
With the advent of the internet the world has changed and barriers of contact between people have been erased. Dating sites have made full use of this application of technology and have proliferated. We now have sites catering exclusively to a religious sect like Muslims or sites that represent a particular area like Iran.
The Christians are not far behind and a number of Christian dating and marriage sites have mushroomed. One of these sites is  that caters exclusively to men and women who profess the Christian faith

Brands and Services 

Singles of Faith is a dating site with a difference as it exclusively caters to Christians and also restricts its membership to residents of the USA. The site was set up in 2000 though it is operational since 1981. The aim of the site is to help Christians find a partner or date for love and marriage.  Another aim of the site is to strengthen the bond of the members with the Christian faith. The promoters of the site feel that they are furthering the will of god by doing this.

 The sites stress is on helping Christians find a partner and with that in view the site is a shade cheaper than normal dating sites. In addition the membership fees are structured in a way that they depend on the number of Christian members within a radius of 200 miles from where you stay. You can sign up for a free or paid membership.

As a nonpaying member you can access the site and the search facility, but will not be able to activate your mail box to proceed further. However this facility is a help as you can see how many members are in your area.

Once you become a paid member you can make use of other facilities of the site. Unfortunately the site has only a mailbox system, unlike other sites. The site does not have live chat, instant messenger or other contact feature. This can be considered a drawback. But the site more than makes up for this lacuna by organizing social events across the USA for its members. These are gala affairs where the members can meet the men and women whom they wish to date in flesh and blood. Gays are not accepted.

The stress of the site is on the Christian faith and members will receive articles and write ups on how to be a good Christian. They will also send you tip on getting the best out of Christianity.
 Christian singles also have a unique program that helps you to earn money by becoming an affiliate. You can work full time or part time and can make some decent income as well. As an affiliate you will have to organize dating events and recreational events in your area.
The sites paid membership is also unique and is structured as per the number of members in your area.  The rates are as follows.
Under                   500                         local members . . . . . . . .                $19 membership till married
                                501 -1,500            local members . . . . . . . .               $19 for 3 months             
                                1,501-2,000         local members . . . . . . . .               $19 for 2 months
                                2,001-3,000         local members . . . . . . . .               $19 for 1 month
The site is at present under up gradation and prospective members will have to bear some discomfort till it’s fully operational. One drawback of the site is that a membership can be cancelled in case anybody does not adhere to Biblical principles.

Return and Refunds.

The site allows you a refund of your subscription. For a refund you must send an email to the company at UserSupport@SinglesOfFaith.Com. The site advises that you also contact your subscription agent PayPal directly. No refunds are available in case you have used the site facilities.


The site  restricts its membership only to Christians who reside in the USA. It is not a global site though the site can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Membership of the site is not restricted only to Christians and members of other religious groups can be members, but they will have to abide by the Christian code.

Location and Customer Contact

Christian singles has a vibrant contact and customer service. This can be done by 2 ways
  (1) By Email at UserSupport@SinglesOfFaith.Com
The email must contain your member ID and password and the original email when you had joined. In case no reply is received within 48 hours the email must be resent.
  (2)  The site can be contacted by U.S. Mail at the following address
  16042 North 32nd Street
Phoenix, Arizona  85032 
Singles of faith do not advertise their number. They can be contacted at 602-487-9832.