Saturday, July 11, 2015

The archaic word Mulatto; product of White Man Black Woman


Mulatto Women

The word Mulatto denotes a person with one white and one black parent. It is a product of mixed black-white ancestry. That is the theory, but in practice it was a one way relationship between the black woman slave and the white man. The obverse, a relationship between a white woman and a black man was a rarity, as the white menguarded their women zealously.

The Mulatto

The Slave culture

Mulatto as a word is not used much these days, mainly because of its association with slavery. The Mulatto came on the scene in both Americas. Young African girls were taken to the master for his pleasure. Obviously these owners of slaves did not practice any birth control and the result was pregnancy and the mixed breed child. Women slaves from the age of 12-13 were inducted as companions, some of the menbeing over 70. In the Deep South in America this was very much in vogue in the large plantations. Slaves were the property of the owner, as such even if an unwilling slave was raped; no charge could be preferred against the owner. It was not uncommon for the son of white father to have sex with an offspring of his father from a black woman. Such a girl was technically his foster sister.

The mulatto in other Places

Latin american mulatto

The mulatto was not confined only to the deep south of the USA; bit was prevalent all over other countries like the West Indies, Brazil and Mexico, not forgetting Central America. The slave trade and life of the women is highlighted by mulatto writers like Frederick Douglas, Harriet Jacob, Lewis Clarke and Moses Roper.
Children from black women and white fathers were not accorded the status of ' white’. Over the hundreds of years the mulatto has become a great melting pot. It is generally accepted that 50% of Cubans and 40% of Brazilians are Mulattos. But the origin of the Mulatto is the slave trade, which put the African woman at the mercy of the white man

Last Word

Modern Ethos

The Mulatto as a word is dead as the Dodo, but the effects of the white man’s domination is there for all to see. Perhaps that is one reason that many Blacks are seducing white women and in interracial sites the blackmen prefer white women.