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The Sari: Sexy Apparal from India ( Sub-Continent)

The Lure of the Sari

The sari is a dress of the sub-continent. It is as old as history and ancient queens from mythology wore the sari.


The sari is the standard garb of the women of the sub-continent. It creates a mystery and exudes sex appeal
It must be noted that a multitude of religions, clans and tribes l form part of the Indian union. But the one dress that is universal is the sari. The sari is a long wrap that is worn around the hips and extends to the ankles. Women of the sub-continent will wear a blouse that will add to the luster of the sari.

The sari proper

The sari extends to 5 or 6 yards and comes in vibrant colors and designs. In addition sari's will be made of a variety of materials ranging from kinds of cotton to silk. Some of the sari's will be embroidered with intricate designs that could make use of gold thread as well. The sari thus can be a costly item as well.Some of the sari's can set you back by Rs 5 Lakh.

Wearing a sari

There are many methods to tie the sari. Tt is usually draped around the waist with a petticoat as an anchor. It has a number of folds and wearing a sari is an art by itself. The sari can be worn in a way that the midriff is bare and in some cases , it can be tied low so as to add to the allure of the wearer. When worn with a blouse which can be sleeveless or backless the sex appeal of the woman is greatly enhanced. Many western men have told me that seeing a lovely woman in sari ia a matter of great fantasy for them, as it creates a mystery of the woman by revealing a little and promising a lot.

Sari and sex appeal

Some of the Indian women will tie the sari in a way that the naval is visible.They will embellish the naval with a jewel as well. They will wear a low cut blouse that may be backless. This dress creates a great degree of sex appeal and is sure to fire the imagination of a man. One only has to look at the present day heartthrob, the film actor Deepika Padukone in a sari to realise the potential it generates in terms of sex appeal.

Sari and types

Sari and Types
Some of the tribal women in the east will wear a sari without a blouse. The eastern women will also wear a shorter sari.Mahrastrian women will wear a 9 yards sari which divides the legs, enhancing the sex appeal to a tremendous extent. the sari is a dress that has been in vogue for thousands of years and is distinctive of the sub-continent.
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OROP, 7th Pay Commission and Discrimination Against Armed Forces

The world of the ex servicemen is agog after the government sanctioned One Rank One Pension and the 7th Pay commission submitted its report. The OROP demand hangs back to 1973, when Indira Gandhi for reasons best known to her took the decision to reduce the pensions of the Servicemen from 70% of pay last drawn to 50 % , while upgrading the pension of civilians from 33% to 50% of last pay drawn.

For the next 40 years this demand of OROP was allowed to simmer and umpteen Chiefs came and went away, They did nothing . In addition successive pay commissions  continuously downgraded the ranks and privileges of the services vis a vis their civil counterparts. Yet all this was allowed to pass without a whimper by the general staff. This dereliction of duty towards their men by general officers who commanded the largest body of organized force in the country can never be forgiven.

Towards the turn of the century the movement hotted up and a forceful representation was made to the political bosses for sanction of OROP by ex servicemen.  Right from 2004 and even earlier when Vajpayee was the PM, the political parties promised OROP as part of their election manifesto. But when in power, both the Congress and the Vajpayee government just gave lip service and did nothing. They were aided by a supine general staff who just sat and twiddled their  thumbs.

With the 2014 election around the corner the BJP desperate for a foot hold promised  to sanction OROP. During this time an agitation by ex servicemen led by General Satbir Singh finally gathered steam. This  must have shamed the sitting chiefs who then began to make some noises for sanction of OROP.. Modi and the BJP boxed themselves into a corner by repeated statements by the PM that he would ensure that OROP would be sanctioned. With the pressure of ex servicemen led by Satbir Singh a relay hunger strike the government sanctioned a watered down scheme of OROP.

Now the 7th pay commission is out with its recommendations and they have been generally detrimental to the armed forces.  The ex service men are up in arms and the Chiefs have written a ' strong' letter. Generally the ex servicemen are blaming  the watered down recommendations of the pay commission  on  IAS lobby. In a way this is correct, but to cry 'wolf' after 40 years leads no where. The IAS lobby has got its way, because they represented their case better to the government  I am afraid its a self afflicted injury and the blame lies on the senior officer corps of the armed force who wanted to keep a plethora of ranks and yet ask for parity. Its the armed forces themselves who created a select hierarchy because of obsession with rank structure. Many officers of a corps and the flying branch could not see promotion and higher ranks for others. With this sate of affairs to blame everything on the IAS lobby holds no water. Had the case been projected for all officers to retire as Major General, the question and present crib of equality with IAS would have been solved.

The armed forces themselves were restrictive in  promotion. did the government stop upgrading of ranks . If the forces had projected ALL officers to retire as major general in 26 years would the governments have turned it down? Did the armed forces senior brass ever project this to the government. Never, because they had themselves created a rank hierarchy and restrictive promotion. Now to say the IAS officers are getting a better deal has no meaning. I am afraid the forces have no case.  It is better they take up with the government a case for all officers to retire as major Generals, but the way the ranks are entrenched it will not happen. Even the Jawan's need a better deal, but who will fight for them?

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An Orgy and my Personal Equation * 71

The first thing is to understand as to what is an Orgy. It is defined in the dictionary as wild and drunken revelry where guests engage in unrestrained sex.  It also is defined as a sexual act with drink where 3 or more persons are involved. The word is derived from the Latin word Orgia and appears to be part of ancient history.

All cults and  religious groups have accepted Orgy as a part of their philosophy. The ancient Greeks and Romans laid special stress on it and had vivid and colorful rituals that were supposed to give divine guidance. The advent of Christianity saw the Orgy being regarded as "evil". The  act did not die away, but only it was attributed to the Devil.

Hinduism is an enigma and though the word orgy is not used, yet practically it was accepted by Hinduism and forms a part of Tantra sex. This is enunciated in what is known as a Puja session in Tantra when men and women congregate in a circle with men changing places, while women remain seated. One is free to indulge in close and carnal contact and is supposed to bring great benefit to the planet and the participants. There is however a subtle difference as unlike the ancient concept of drink and revelry, in Hindu Tantra philosophy, wine and drink are not taken.

I attended my first orgy in Russia as a young subaltern. I say first as I had only one other experience and that was in the Ashram of Rajneesh. Even Swami Shraddhanand conducted such tantric rituals and though I  was his follower, I never was part of these rituals.

 On my umpteen visits to Russia, I had my only experience of a orgy, when my Russian girl friend suggested it. I was intrigued and went. In all there were 3 couples and we made the fourth. Was it satisfying? No, I am afraid not, I perhaps never got over my inhibitions after  some time just went to sleep. I realized that an orgy cannot be 'staged' and needs a deeper spiritual connotation.

My next encounter was when I was posted to Lohegaon, the airbase at Pune. Air Force orders at that time forbade membership of cults and groups. I was unaware of this order and so visited this ashram. I also once met Rajneesh in Bombay. In due course I attended one of his meditation sessions in a room with about a dozen participants. Here the atmosphere was electric and I felt magic was in the air. Out of the 6/7 women 2 were Indian. I can say the session lasted about 3/4 hours with meditation and unrestrained cohabitation. It was the most elevating  experience of my life and I can only say that it was an experience to remember. I never went again as my CO, who came to know about it forbade it. So that was the end of my essay with the ashram. Later when was commanding the heli-unit at Mumbai, I used to attend the ashram of Swami Shraddhanand at Bassein Road close to Bombay, but  though aware of his tantric rituals never attended his sessions.

A look back at history and one can see that an Orgy has been part of man's life since ages. It certainly had a sexual connotation, but the overall aim of these sexual orgies was to connect with the divine. Though later Christianity turned a puritan leaf, the fact of sexual energy and its connection with the divine is something that needs deep study. It is an advanced state of the mind, a realm above the thinking of an average human being. It is only Hinduism with its concept of tantra and path to salvation and enlightenment that accepted this concept. Islam also accepts this, but in a more earthy way, by bringing in a practical aspect.

One fact does stand out that even during ancient times Orgies were conducted only at  night and were by invitation only. Common people were not invited to it. Perhaps there is a mystery about it. Even now in England orgies do take place, but they are secretive affairs. The most celebrated orgies were conducted by Dr Ward in the early fifties in England. They were secret affairs and certainly did not follow the philosophy as enunciated in the Tantra. This was wrong and Dr. ward was arrested, though on a different matter. In India, the Aghori clan still indulges in such orgies as they pray to Kaal Bhairav, the fierce manifestation of Shiva.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Wine and Women: Omar Khyyam Extolls it * 65

I have long wondered what the connection between women  and wine is. Why do they go together? Is it because both words start with the letter W? This, one will agree is a simplistic answer, the fact is both are intoxicants and though the liberated woman will not agree, the fact remains just like wine takes you into an unreal world so does the infatuation for a woman. 
The Rubiat of Omar Khayyam clearly spells out this connection. Yes, wine and woman do go together, but the complement is not completed without a man. Man is the common denominator. This is something that flows from the scriptures, both Hindu and Muslim. In a way all credit to a woman for without her the triology of wine , man and woman cannot be completed. In fact this accepted by most psychologist. Dr. Freud gave all this a sexual connotation. Maybe he was right, but again its something  that is tacit but understood by all. Thus there is nothing to feel ashamed off or be diffident about the fact that wine and women go together.
Omar Khayyam was a Muslim and his verses extolling the virtues of wine and women show how farsighted a man he was.
What a wonderful interpretation of human nature. Yes, I will say nature of a man.
Women and wine is a fact of life and it has been part of a man’s ethos since the beginning of man. Has it changed now? Despite all the pro libbers, one has just to attend the cocktail circuit in Mumbai to realize the truth of what Omar Khayyam wrote. The young women on the arms of older man, with free flow of whiskey and wine are a sight that should make Bacchus, the god of wine happy.
Man had a god of wine earlier on and the reason is that wine is the elixir that lowers inhibition’s and adds to that extra sparkle with a woman for company. One has only to see the movie “Solomon and Sheba” and the orgy with wine to realize that wine and women go together. They can’t be separated. One can enjoy them both individually, but when both are added together it is almost like nirvana. It is like a heady concoction and only a poet of the caliber of Omar Khayyam can do justice with his lilting verses. Both are part of our world since the dawn of time. Wine is available easily, but a man must strive to win a woman so in the ultimate analysis a woman rules over a man and she is the winner.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Terror Stalks Belgium ** 82

Belgium is a small country in Europe and for that reason a strong advocate of the EU. The nation has had a not so glorious recent past and as late as the forties of the last century catapulted to Hitlers Germany.
It is now again enmeshed in vicious grip of Islamic terror. One reason for the rise of these terror groups is the liberal regime of Belgium which allowed a massive influx of Muslims. Now as is well known Muslims do not by and large integrate with the local populace. They follow the agenda as dictated by Pan Islam and now they follow mostly the diktat of the ISI and also dream of converting Europe to Islam

This dream has fuelled the Paris attack and when the Belgian police showed a little toughness in arresting the master mind of the Paris attack, retribution has struck in the form of bomb blasts at Brussels airport and Metro station. This has killed over 40 and one thing is clear the Belgian police and army are unequal to the task of fighting terrorism. This small country cannot even strike at ISI strongholds in Middle East. It is thus a sitting duck.

This is the testing time. Is the EU one nation? will the EU jointly treat it as a attack on EU and bomb the ISI. The future of Europe is at stake.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

White Women in a Muslim Harem * 74

Many have wondered as I do, as to how the white women who were kidnapped from the villages of Europe fared in a harem where the predominant women were all Muslim. White women kidnapped were all Christian and the Arab Sheiks and Caliphs loved the white women. They coveted them as a diamond and had a fetish for white women complete with hymen. In short they wanted total virgins.

The word Harem is derived from the Egyptian word Harem which means women. So the Harem was only for women and white christian women and girls were inducted into it. However for the white christian women the Sheiks were a little more lenient and life for them was easier, but it was like a prison all the same.

The white women were given better quarters and had women slaves to attend to them. They could also purse interests in song and dance. The Arabs prized their white women in the harem and spent more time with them than with other women. In short the white women from the villages were more privileged than the local women in the harem. They were however converted to Islam  and not allowed to go out. But the Arab rulers spent more time with them.

The Arbs were supplied white women by professional pirates who kidnapped them and sold them at auctions or handed them to the Shieks for a hefty sum. It was a lucrative trade and was confined to kidnapping from Europe.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Automobile History : The Standard * 70

Standard herald car

Some distance from my house I have noticed a dilapidated old Standard Herald car lying. It was badly rusted and had no engine as it had been sold. Now the car also has disappeared, sold for scrap.
It is hard to imagine, but this car was one of 3 Indian cars (Fiat and Ambassador being the other two) that made history. The car the Standard Herald was a remake of the English Standard-triumph car. The car was produced in India for almost 30 years, but was sold only in small numbers. It had a 948cc single carb engine that gave it a top speed of just 115km an hour. The car was manufactured in Madras and had a stream lined look.  It had better acceleration than the other two Indian models, but somehow it never caught the fancy of the Indian public.

The Standard two door car was a better model than the 4 door one. But as the Standard Company wanted to compete with the Fiat and Ambassador, which were both 4 door models, the company thought that in case they converted the 2 door to 4 doors it would be a success. But such hybrids always fail and the car even then sold only in small numbers. Its engine was fine, but the body was weak and prone to rattle just after 6 months of use. It also had a problem with the shaft connecting to the differential. 

The shaft was prone to breaking, but I am told the engine was smooth and noiseless.

The car was discontinued in 1988 and in 2007 the car company was dismantled down and sold. The standard Herald was initially a 2 door model, which was converted to a 4 door model, but it never met with much success. The car however remains part of the Indian Auto Industry. Now one does not see a Standard Herald on the road in India, as Japanese cars have flooded the roads.  The standard Herald was the only Indian made car which came without a retractable roof. The roof had to fix down manually and was a bit of a bother.  A normal model was also available.  All said and done the Standard Herald does have a place in the history of the car in India.

Belly Dancing and Dubai: Heady Concotion * 63

My longtime friend from America was coming to join me. She had worked under me, when I was the Project Director of the United Nations community health project for Tribal people at Palghar. I planned to take her for a desert safari as well as a stay in the desert at Ras al  Khaimah. This is a camp close to Sharjah, about 200 km from Abu Dhabi, where I reside.
The road to Ras al Khaimah is simply breathtaking. One can cruise at over 200 km an hour and at places the lower speed limit is 140 km an hour. Should you go below that limit, the recordings are made by video camera installed all along the road. One will only come to know about this infringement when the money is deducted by a fine direct from your bank account. All bank accounts are linked to the traffic police and action is swift and fast. It's not something one can understand in India.

We drove to a point designated as the pick up point on the highway. We were met by a man in a Land Cruiser. He instructed us to follow him. We moved from the highway to a small road that moved along the desert and soon we reached the gates of the camp and a Bedouin village. Around the village were tents and our guide directed us to our tent. It was Spartan accommodation, but having the basic luxuries.
The village was surrounded by sand dunes that towered over the tents and a cool wind blew.  There were a pair of camels and a couple of sand scooters for those who wanted to go into the desert. Me and my friend opted to ride the camel. One thing I observed was that the Arabian camel is smaller than the Indian camel, found in Rajasthan and I am told is also unable to carry great loads. However  we mounted the camel and moved into the desert. I understand similar rides are organized at Jaishelmer in Rajasthan for the foreign tourists. One of the local Arabs held the camel by a leash and walked along. It was an exhilarating experience and after about half an hour we returned back to camp.
We proceeded to our  tent and took a bit of rest. Now the evening had set in and we could witness the glorious sunset of the desert. It's a sight to see and savor as the yellow rays of the sun, lit up the sand. Our guide now informed us to come to the center of the Bedouin village. A make shift stage had been erected in the center with cushions for the guests to sit around.  By now all the guests, most of who were from America and Europe had come and all were moving around.
The sun had now set and the generator began to run and lit up the area.  The function began with a local Arab doing the Arabian dance. This is peculiar to the Arabs and is done by men who whirl around. This lasts for about 15 minutes and then the barbeque dinner was announced. It was a sumptuous spread with beef, chicken and lamb meat. There was some Indian spread of dal and vegetables also, but most concentrated on the meats. Kebabs and roasted meats were an absolute delight. The surprise was a alcohol bar counter, that served the choicest scotch whiskey and other drinks. I and my friend did douse ourselves with large pegs of Chivas Regal.
After the meal the signature item; the belly dance began. it lasted for about half an hour  and the girl a Lebanese, gyrated to the soft Arabian melodies. It was a mood dance and a special attraction  for the assembled tourists. Many of the American women also got up and danced along with the dancer. The belly dance is an experience and though I have seen it many times, yet it doesn't stop to thrill me every time i watch it.  After the dance me and my girl smoked the hookah, another Arabian delight and then retired to our tent for the night.
Next day we had booked the desert safari and we were ready by 8 am. The vehicle used is a Toyota Land cruiser with a 4 wheel drive. We set course in the desert and the vehicle negeoitiated the sand dunes with ease. I came to know that to drive these vehicles in the sand, a special license is issued by the UAE police.  On the way we stopped at a Camel farm. I could see many small baby camels and was reminded of the camel farm run in India at Bikaner by the BSF, who rear camels for their camel corps.
The drive took about an hour and we were then back in the camp. It was a great experience. I inquired whether the Indian vehicles like the Tata Safari or Mahendra XUV 500 are used  here. I was told, the vehicles had come for test rides but failed to negotiate the sand dunes and were rejected.
It was now time to call it a day and set course back home. It was a great experience  and my American friend of yore loved it. We left after giving a hefty tip to the staff, who were incidentally all Indians from Rajasthan. India is truly a global nation. For general information a days stay and the belly dance at the camp can cost about AED 600-800. One can also take a day trip and that will be AED 200 per head. This desert safari and belly dance is a signature item for tourists who visit the UAE and one can say hats off to the UAE government for a splendid organization and entertainment for the visitors. It's also a place to rekindle an old love.

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Visiting the Mercure Resort at Jebel Hafeet Mountains in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi and Dubai are two places that are visited by millions of tourists every year

. Abu Dhabi has lovely game parks and resorts where one can spend time. These are some of the best in the world. Its hard to imagine that just six decades back Abu Dhabi was little more than a fishing village.
One of the resorts worth visiting is the Mercure Resort, situated high up in the Jebel Hafeet mountains. This is the highest mountain range in the UAE and rises to a height of about 5000 ft. The resort which is a five star luxury hotel is at a height of about 4900 ft. At this height it becomes pretty cold in winter and its best to carry some woollens with you.
The resort overlooks the plains below and its an awesome sight. The road to the resort marches the best roads I have driven on in the Alps or the Rockies in America. One can easily steam at 100 km an hour and its a drive to relish.
The Mercure resort, though in a  Islamic state has all the trappings of luxury. There is an excellent bar and after 10 at night on certain days an enchanting belly dance is performed for the guests.  I really enjoyed the belly dance by a Lebanese grl along with my Chivas.
The resort has an excellent gym and 5 eating outlets. The best place to eat is by the poolside, which overlooks the plains below. The swimming pool is heated and one can dive in even in winter.  There is always a bevy of girls from India and America making use of the pool in bikinis and other swim wear.  One other sight of this pool is to see the Arab Muslim women swimming in the pool in burkha. These women wear a bikini or swim wear and cover themselves with a Burkha and jump in the pool.  This is not allowed in other swimming pools in the West. However the burkha follows its own rules and in the water floats up leaving a voyeur to have a glimpse of lovely legs of Arab women. What a piity they keep them covered.
I have been twice to this resort. Its best to go after making a prior reservation as walk in rates can be sky high. The resort is a gay place and a great place to relax . Its about an hour and half drive from the capital. I use my Mustang, but for others taxis and luxury bus is available.

Geronimo , The Apache Warrior Who Held The US Army at Bay

Geronimo is a legendary fighter who fought a relentless guerrilla war for 20 years with the US Army

A Red Indian Warrior who Left a Mark

The recent operation to kill Osama Bin Laden was given the code name Geronimo. This had angered the Red Indian community of the United States, who would not like their hero to be linked to a terrorist. Who was Geronimo? He was a Red Indian warrior who held at bay the might of the United States Army and the Mexican Army for close to two decades. In this he was a master of evasion and a born guerrilla fighter.

Geronimo – Red Indian Warrior

Not many have heard of Geronimo, who was an Apache warrior. The Apache’s are a warrior tribe of the Red Indians and have a reputation of bravery. They won the respect of the United States Army. Geronimo was a nick name which he earned in his initial fights with the Mexicans. Geronimo picked up the battle against the US army when he found the traditional lands of the Apache tribes being systematically occupied by white settlers.

He thus led an armed band to try and get the Apache lands back. Perhaps Geronimo may not have taken up arms, but the Mexican army attacked the camp where he was residing and massacred his family, when the men folk were away. This was in 1858 and roused Geronimo to raise his band of fighters. The Mexicans were badly worsted by the Apache warriors and they had a grudging respect for the tribal chief. The area of operation of Geronimo was the southern states of Texas, Arizona and New Mexico.

Geronimo and Spiritual Power

Geronimo was a man reputed to have spiritual powers. Whether these are true has never been verified. One incident is recounted that is a pointer to the legend built around him. It appears while fighting the US cavalry in New Mexico he entered a cave to escape from the US army. A vigil was mounted outside the cave, but Geronimo never came out. After a lapse of time the US soldiers entered the cave, but did not find the Apache warrior. Later he was observed fighting at a new location. This incident has of course never been verified.

The greatness of Geronimo lies in the fact that from 1858 to 1886 he gave the Mexican army and the US army a lesson in mountain warfare. He had only a small band of Apache warriors, but they eluded capture and hit back with lethal effect in the mountains. He was a master of the art of making use of the mountains to fight a protracted battle. It will surprise the reader that Geronimo in his battles had just 36 braves with him and they eluded capture by nearly 3000 troops deployed against him.

Geronimo finally Surrendered

In 1886, Congress authorized the US Army to try and negotiate surrender with Geronimo. Accordingly General Nelson A Miles selected Captain Henry Lawton to lead a cavalry force and capture Geronimo. Geronimo was pursued by Captain Lawton with tenacity. Finally the Apache chief tired and hungry surrendered to General Miles. Geronimo was made a prisoner of War till his death. But his imprisonment was quite lax and he was allowed to indulge in all his favorite sports like riding. But he was never allowed to go back to his own lands.

Geronimo is a much respected name in American history and his gun a Winchester is kept on display at the US military academy at West Point. The Apache chief has numerous films made on him by Hollywood and later he related his life to SM Barrett. He died in 1909 while riding a horse of which he fell off. Some records mention that he died of pneumonia. Lastly one facet of Geronimo’s life proved him to be a virile male as he married a number of wives and left some and married again. He will however be remembered as a last relic of an age that has come to be known as ‘the Wild West

Magical Door to Dating Women * 75

Reviewing a Site "double Your Dating". Opening a Magical Door to Women

The site double your dating is a site run by David De Angelo the guru of dating.
There is not a man in the world who would not like to date a lovely girl. Mind you age of the man is not a factor as the dreams and fantasies do not die down with age. There is one site that caters to dreams of men. The site is The site is the  brain child of  David DeAngelo. He is the author of an ebook on the subject. It is a self help site that opens the  magic door to the world of attracting and dating beautiful women.
  The site run by David DeAngelo promises men who become its members, a door to dating the woman of your dream.  It guides and educates its members through a set of  simple rules of success in winning the hearts of  woman. The site lists the laws of success with women and dating for its members.  
i)                     All members will be given David De Angelo’s eBook ‘Double your Dating’. This book is a landmark in publishing history and guides a man in the methods to win over women.
ii)                  The site will give the methods to be adopted by a man to help him trigger the latent sexual desire in a woman.
iii)                The site guides a man step by step on the method to approach and date women and if possible let her sleep  with you.
iv)                The site will also puts on line interviews and instruction of the masters from the world of dating women.
The site opens a surreal world of dating women.  It’s a dream site and a man gets varied guidance like the most effective way to kiss a woman without facing rejection. The site also shows the path and steps to be taken to attract beautiful women. Most important it gives confidence building tips to men to court women.
The site is easily accessible from all over the world. It has a 24 hour open office that will attend to all queries within 2 working days. The site is a revolutionary site and as we say the proof of the pudding is in its eating and one can gauge the value of the site by becoming its member. So men! Give it a try.

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Lower Caste Regiment of Indian Army: Chamar regiment

The Chamar Regiment of the Indian Army:Raising and Disbandment

The British maintained caste and class based regiments. Thus the Indian army had Sikh regiments, Rajput regiments etc. This militated against the Principles of War, but in actual battle conditions these caste based regiments were very successful. During the Second World War the British started recruitment of the Chamar caste into the army. These were low caste but were considered good fighters

The British Raj lasted for close to 200 years. During this period the British laid the foundation of the present Indian army. However the British laid down a selective recruitment policy. Their policy embraced two major concepts.
a) The British by  virtue of their experience in India enunciated the concept of martial and non-martial races. They considered the Sikhs, Jats, Rajputs, Punjabi's, Gurkha, Maharatta etc as martial races and only recruited from them for the British Indian army.
b) The British maintained caste and class based regiments. Thus the Indian army had Sikh regiments, Rajput regiments etc. This militated against the Principles of War, but in actual battle conditions these caste based regiments were very successful. Many regiments covered themselves glory.

World War II
 The British were happy with the force level of the Indian army which was about 450,000.  This army served the British cause and also helped fight oversea wars for the British from China to Tibet. The army also helped to maintain law and order in India.
The advent of Hitler and his starting the Second World War with Japan as his ally shook the British. As the Japanese over ran SE Asia in 1942-43 the inadequacy of the British Indian army was exposed. A decision by the Imperial government in London headed by Winston Churchill was taken to augment the force level of the Indian army. It was planned to raise its strength to 2.5 million.

A committee appointed by the British Indian army recommended the inclusion of Chamars in the Indian army. The Chamars are lower caste Hindus and are mostly cobblers. However they had a history of fighting as soldiers in Central India against the Jats. A decision was taken to raise a regiment of Chamars. However the British retained the caste character of the army and also kept in mind the martial traditions while recruiting

.The Raising of the Chamar Regiment.

The Chamar regiment was raised towards the end of 1943 and was thrown into battle against the Japanese Imperial army. It formed part of 168 Division of the Indian army and was commanded by Brigadier Dyer.
 The Regiment fought very well and pushed the Japanese back along with other Indian forces out of Burma. Rangoon was captured and no mean part was played by the Chamar Regiment. Many distinguished officers like General Ayub Khan served in the Chamar regiment.

Disbandment if the Chamar Regiment

In 1945 the Second World War came to an end after the dropping of the Atomic bombs on Japan. Suddenly a force of 2.5 million became a luxury and an emaciated England could ill afford such a large army. It was decided to restore the Indian army to pre- war force levels.

Mass scale demobilization was ordered and the newly raised regiments faced the first axe. The British retained the old Sikh, Gurkha and Jat regiments and demobilized all others. Almost 2 million soldiers were sent home. The Chamar Regiment was also disbanded in 1945 end and it ceased to exist except in the history books.

Last Word.

After Independence with the force level of the Indian army again rose to 1. 22 million a demand is made by many political leaders to re induct the Chamar regiment. Backward class leaders are particularly vociferous in this demand. It remains to be seen whether the Indian army will acquiescence to this demand

Nude Yoga and its Therapeutic Benefits * 65

Nude Yoga As a Sadhna (Meditation) and Path to Mental Control

Nude yoga is generally to be done in the morning before the sun rises. The participants under the guidance of a guru are to enter a large hall with small mats for each participant. The practitioners are to divest themselves of their robes and clothes and commence the logic session as directed by the Guru. It is generally seen that participants of Nude yoga do have very little sexual thoughts as they concentrate on reaching a higher plane

Yoga is an Indian spiritual exercise concept that has an additional benefit of toning up the body. Basically it consists of holding poses called Asana for some length of time. The Asana have existed for thousands of years and it is only now that western scientists and scholars have appreciated the concept of Yoga. Yoga is intrinsically linked with Hinduism and generally has a twofold purpose. It tones the body but also elevates the mind to a higher plane. This part of Yoga is difficult to understand and practice and cannot be achieved with a Yoga guru.
Swami Shraddanand was a Yogi (master of Yoga) and had his ashram at Nirmal GAO in Bassien Road. The Swami is no more but he advocated doing Yoga in the nude without any clothes. It must be understood that the nude Yoga recommended by the Swami is not part of mainstream Yoga and can only be indulged in by a man or a woman who has achieved some degree of proficiency in normal yoga. The swami died almost a decade and a half back, but his concept of Yoga in the nude is very much valid even today.

Yoga in the nude after a period of practice in solitude is to be done in a gathering with a mixed grouping of men and women. The basic aim of Yoga in the nude is to make a person aware of his or her body and raise him to a higher level that leaves sexuality behind. It is difficult and that is the reason it is recommended only for persons who have reached some level of proficiency in this field. Yoga teaches concentration and relaxation. Both essential ingredients’ for the human mind. It also tones the muscles and advanced Yogi’s can also by a mixture of celibacy and the Sir Asana (head stand) develop ESP powers. Many Swamis in India have developed these powers through yoga.Yoga in the nude is to be done only by a person who has mastered and reached a higher level of Yoga. In case a person is shy of doing nude Yoga in a gathering than it is best to practice it alone in a bare room with only you and a mirror. The mirror is essential so that you can see yourself as created by god. Women undergoing Yoga and the men as well are advised to do naked yoga in their natural form without use of hair remover and razors. Shaving the beard is not included as a taboo.

Nude yoga is generally to be done in the morning before the sun rises. The participants under the guidance of a guru are to enter a large hall with small mats for each participant. The practitioners are to divest themselves of their robes and clothes and commence the logic session as directed by the Guru. It is generally seen that participants of Nude yoga do have very little sexual thoughts as they concentrate on reaching a higher plane. But attractions can develop which in itself is a good thing. There are to be no inhibitions and the aim is to have an awareness of the body and reap the benefits of Yoga to reach a higher spiritual plane.
A Yogic pose in the nude

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Worlds Biggest Battleships were Japanese 63

The Biggest Battleships of World War II Were Engineered in Japan

Japanese engineered the biggest battleships during world war II. Known as the Yamato class of battleships these weighed over 60 thousand tonnes. But their large weight made them slower in comparison to other ships and slowed down an armada. They were also not effective against an enemy with superior air cover. The Yamato class of ships were large and remain and engineering marvel.

The Japanese anticipating their involvement in war embarked on an ambitious plan to strengthen their navy. Initially the Japanese admiralty was not much convinced of the efficacy of the aircraft carrier and passed instructions to build the heaviest battleships in the world. It is a tribute to Japanese engineering skills that they constructed 3 of the world's largest warships. They were the Yamato, Musashi and the Shinano. Later the Shinano was converted to an aircraft carrier as the Imperial navy had realized the value of air borne operations in naval warfare. 

The Yamato named after a province in Japan was launched on 10 December 1941, a week after the attack on Pearl Harbor. It became the flagship of the Imperial Navy and displaced 72,800 tonnes when loaded with its full complement of weaponry and stores. It also had the biggest guns on its deck with a diameter of 18.i inch (46cm). These were later converted to radar controlled. Unfortunately the Yamato's effect on the naval battles was minimal. It was used during the Battle of Leyte Gulf (October 1944) and was firing its guns at the US fleet, when a monumental error of judgment cost the Imperial navy a certain victory. At that time the Japanese estimated that they were facing the entire US pacific fleet and thus with drew when in reality only US aircraft carrier was in the combat zone. 

The Yamato moved back to Japan with instructions to stop a US landing at Okinawa. The ships was sunk south of Kyushu by US carrier borne aircraft on & April 1945 and now rests at a depth of 1400 meters on the bed of the ocean. Despite the relative failure of the Yamato in naval warfare the ship had a formidable arsenal of weaponry. Its naval artillery was the largest and heaviest ever used on ships and could fire shells with a range of 26 miles. It was a formidable battleship, but it appeared on the scene when the era of the battleship had ended.

 The Musashi was the sister ship of the Yamato. It was launched on 5 August 1942 and saw some naval activity. But it was sunk by US aircraft on 24 October 1944 at the Battle of Sibuyan Sea due to overwhelming American air power. The Musashi had similar armaments to the Yamato, but its role in the Pacific war was limited. In fact without air cover the battleship was a sitting duck.

 The third ship of the Yamato class was converted to an aircraft carrier, but it was too late as the war in the Pacific had already been lost by then. Named after the longest river in Japan, the Shinano was sunk just 10 days after it was commissioned in 1944. These 3 Yamato class battleships point to an advanced Japanese design technology. In fact the size of the ships took the Americans and British by surprise. Only these ships appeared 2 decades late as the age of the battleship was over.

The Aston Martin DB5: Review * 75

 Collectors Guide to the Aston Martin DB5

The Aston Martin DB5 is a luxury grand tourer. It was in production from 1963 and was a refinement over the DB 4. The car designed by the Italian coach builder Carrozzeria was extremely sturdy. The car fetches a handsome price in the second hand market though it is over 40 years old. One can get a Aston Martin DB5 for 100,000 dollars as the base price

History of Aston Martin Aston Martin is a famous British manufacturer of luxury sports cars. The company was founded in 1913 by by Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford. Over the decades the brand Aston Martin is synonymous with cars for the high end buyer. Aston Martin never produced cars for the general public, but for a select few who could afford and appreciate fine driving. People who own an Aston martin are generally from the elite.

 The company nose dived in profitability in the nineties when in 1993 it produced only 43 cars. But it bounced back and has once again started making a profit, after it was bought by Prodrive boss David Richards, heading a consortium of investors for $479, million pounds. The DB 5 The Aston Martin DB5 is a luxury grand tourer. It was in production from 1963 and was a refinement over the DB 4. The car designed by the Italian coach builder Carrozzeria was extremely sturdy.

 The DB series carried the name DB which were the initials of David Brown, who was head of Aston Martin from 1947-72. Iconic Status The DB5 has got an iconic status and was the first car used by Bond in the film Goldfinger made in 1964. It also made an appearance in the film Thunderball. Both films starred Sean Connery. The DB 5 is a car that is a collector's delight. The early DB5 models command very high prices in today'™s market. In case a car is well documented and maintained and its history clear, the DB 5 can fetch anything from $ 100,000 upwards. It's a much sought after car and a man owning it can consider he is lucky. All Aston Martin cars are right hand drive, as such historically they have a reduction in value when priced in the United States, but this gap has now narrowed down now. DB-5 models have endeared themselves to collectors of classic cars for two reasons.

 Firstly, their superior construction and secondly,their connection with James Bond. Later models of the DB series were not at par in body construction compared to the DB 5. Though the DB 6 had a longer wheel base it has a negative impact in the collectors market. The DB 5 is not for a delicate driver and needs expert handling. Later models to the DB 5 are priced almost 20% less than the DB 5. Value of Second hand DB5 The value of DB 5 can be gauged from the result of an auction conducted by RM Auctions. The car on sale was the DB 5 model used by James Bond in the films Goldfinger and Thunderball. The owner had bought the car in 1969. 

The auction held on 1 June 2010, fetched a record price of 2,600,000 Pounds Sterling. The market for vintage luxury cars, particularly British have gone up. T-Birds cost over $ 60,000 and GTO's touch $50,000. Keeping these prices in view the DB5 is an excellent bargain for a collector, but he will have to pay a price above $100,000.

Hints.While buying a DB 5, a collector must be aware of the history of the car. Most models are over 40 years old and a collector must evaluate whether the car is a restored car or the original version. Restored cars which may have met with an accident are always at a discount compared to original untouched models. The history of the car can be seen from the log provided or the net. All that will be required is the registration, chassis and engine number. The Aston Martin DB5 is a luxury grand tourer. It was in production from 1963 and was a refinement over the DB 4. The car designed by the Italian coach builder Carrozzeria was extremely sturdy.

The Palm and your Future.* 78

The palm is one our great mysteries. It is supposed to hold your future in it, in the shape of the lines that criss-cross it. A small incident will elucidate it. Some years back I read a book by the famous astro palmist Katkar. He wrote about a small incident which had surprised him. He wrote about when he was in Bombay in the early forties. He was staying at a hotel.There he met two men who asked to see his hand. Accordingly these men started making some calculations from the hand on a piece of paper.
After about 15-20 minutes the great Astro palmist was stunned to see that the men had cast his exact horoscope. Obviously it shows that palm is intimately connected with meta physics and astrology. The palm is a wonder of which is gods creation. It holds untold mysteries, which are waiting to be unravelled