Wednesday, March 16, 2016

White Women in a Muslim Harem * 74

Many have wondered as I do, as to how the white women who were kidnapped from the villages of Europe fared in a harem where the predominant women were all Muslim. White women kidnapped were all Christian and the Arab Sheiks and Caliphs loved the white women. They coveted them as a diamond and had a fetish for white women complete with hymen. In short they wanted total virgins.

The word Harem is derived from the Egyptian word Harem which means women. So the Harem was only for women and white christian women and girls were inducted into it. However for the white christian women the Sheiks were a little more lenient and life for them was easier, but it was like a prison all the same.

The white women were given better quarters and had women slaves to attend to them. They could also purse interests in song and dance. The Arabs prized their white women in the harem and spent more time with them than with other women. In short the white women from the villages were more privileged than the local women in the harem. They were however converted to Islam  and not allowed to go out. But the Arab rulers spent more time with them.

The Arbs were supplied white women by professional pirates who kidnapped them and sold them at auctions or handed them to the Shieks for a hefty sum. It was a lucrative trade and was confined to kidnapping from Europe.