Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Terror Stalks Belgium ** 82

Belgium is a small country in Europe and for that reason a strong advocate of the EU. The nation has had a not so glorious recent past and as late as the forties of the last century catapulted to Hitlers Germany.
It is now again enmeshed in vicious grip of Islamic terror. One reason for the rise of these terror groups is the liberal regime of Belgium which allowed a massive influx of Muslims. Now as is well known Muslims do not by and large integrate with the local populace. They follow the agenda as dictated by Pan Islam and now they follow mostly the diktat of the ISI and also dream of converting Europe to Islam

This dream has fuelled the Paris attack and when the Belgian police showed a little toughness in arresting the master mind of the Paris attack, retribution has struck in the form of bomb blasts at Brussels airport and Metro station. This has killed over 40 and one thing is clear the Belgian police and army are unequal to the task of fighting terrorism. This small country cannot even strike at ISI strongholds in Middle East. It is thus a sitting duck.

This is the testing time. Is the EU one nation? will the EU jointly treat it as a attack on EU and bomb the ISI. The future of Europe is at stake.