Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Film Review "Son of Sardar"

After the success of the movie 'Singh is King' Bollywood has realized that making films with Sikhs as central characters earns good money. Why? The reason is the vast Punjabi population that has spread abroad and also in India. Son of Sardar The latest film in this genre is 'Son of Sardar'. It’s a film with all the stock scenes of Punjabi films, laced with pungent humor. Son of Sardar from all accounts is a commercial success and Pitts 2 prominent stars namely Ajay Devgun and Sanjay Dutt against each other in a rip roaring saga of revenge and family wars.
Story Line The storyline is simple. Ajay Devgun returns to India from England to claim his forefathers land. However another family group is waiting to kill him to avenge the death of their family head at the hands of Ajay Devgun's father. The film is however not a serious revenge movie, or an intense emotional film. On the contrary all along it is a light hearted spoof that entertains a lot. The film has piquant situations that cannot but make the people laugh. Performances Sanjay Dutt turns in a stellar performance. Devgun as the sardar also does justice to the role. He really looks handsome in a turban. The film captures the beauty of rural Punjab and brings out the ethos of Punjabi culture. The romantic interest is sustained by Sonakshi Sinha. She adds charm to the film and one is reminded of her father Shatrughan Sinha, who was a fine actor himself. Old timer actress Tanuja does a wonderful role as well. The music is good and dominated by Punjabi folk music.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Site for Woman's

Women would like to look alluring and attractive. Luckily there is a site that opens a door for women to look beautiful. It is a site that show cases the best beauty products and also guides women in their quest to be attractive. is a site that panders to women’s whims and desire to look attractive. It is a global site and its motto is never Buy the Wrong Products Again. This is a catchy phrase and the site lays out an exotic array of products and good advise for a woman. The site tries to be responsive to the needs of women of all ages and thus creates personalized beauty product recommendations based on your age, skin type, hair type, daily regimen, and beauty concerns
The site after studying a data base of over 20,000 customers markets a range of beauty cosmetics, anti-aging creams to zit zappers. The site has a trademark called Best4you products; provide suggestions within your budget for products and advice. The site to encourage a longer relationship has Bloom Dollar programs which are rewards that you can use for your next purchase. To purchase products from the site you will have to become a member. Signing is easy and free. The site showcases over 100 brands and thus women have a wide range to make a personalized selection. Payment can be made by check or credit card including Amex. At present the site does not accept PayPal.
This site can be accessed globally, but the company will only ship items and merchandise in the USA only. Shipping is normally executed within one working day, unless a product is out of stock. Orders above $ 50 are entitled to free shipping. The site warranties and guarantees its products as free from defects and as per the specifications advertised on their site. No returns are accepted back, except for damaged items in transit. The site has its Head quarters at 9394 W. Dodge Rd. Suite 230 Omaha, NE 68114 This is one of the sites with an extremely positive feed back. The quality of their items is high and women as a rule are fairly pleased with the products.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Men Undress ALL Women they Meet with their Eyes. True ?

God created Adam and later when Adam was lonely he created Eve for him. This is the biggest statement against Gay. God could have created another man, but he created a woman. There is thus an undercurrent of admiration, Desire, sex, love a man has for a woman. A man is a polygamous animal and has a roving eye that does not wither with age. Research scientists on sex between men and women have concluded that a normal man will see a woman with a different eye. A woman may not see that way and many women may not understand about it.
The fact is that when most men see a woman whom they meet, do undress them with their eyes. This is something built into the psyche of man and not to be ashamed off. Religions knew about this and tried in their own way to curtail it with prayer and penance. But still the desire remains. the only man who recognized it is Acharaya Rajneesh. He also borrowed heavily from Tantra concepts of Hinduism and Buddhism. Modern sex scientists have opined that most men will undress a woman with their eyes even when they are in a casual conversation. That's fine if it remains at that!
(Would you like as a man to see her with her clothes off ?) Many women do not like this thought, but many women are also happy about it. After all if no men courted women they would feel pretty bad about it.

Ever Dated a Girl Caddy ? Read on for a Real Time Experience

Shillong is the capital of Meghalaya, a state in the North East of India. It is a beautiful hill station and is also the Headquarters of the Indian Air Force, Eastern Command. In addition it has a lovely golf course, perhaps the best in East India. Shillong Golf club is the only club in Asia where girl caddies lug your going equipment around.

 I have played golf at this club and its aware experience. The course spread over 18 holes is unto international standards. It has lovely greens,extremely well maintained by a retinue of recruits from the nearby Assay rifles regiment center. The unique thing about the girl caddies who speak good English and have a modern outlook. Its almost like you are playing in Ireland where girls as caddies are to the fore. While playing golf, I could not but help admire my girl caddies. She was fair,lovely and her shorts accentuated her lovely legs. I decided to ask her for a date, but courage eluded me. Finally on the 10th hole after a long shot with my woods, I mustered courage. I asked her out for dinner after the game. She gave no reply and I thought I had offended her. After reaching the 18th hole, I gently inquired again. She gave a lovely smile and said that she would be ready after a wash and requested me to pick her up from her home at Laimukhra.

I was thrilled and drove my fiat to her place. I waited and soon the girl came out. She looked lovely as I drove her to the Pine Tree star hotel. She wore a lovely miniskirt that accentuated the beauty of her legs. Nobody could have realized that she was a caddy at the Shillong club.There over candle light I had a lovely date with my caddy. It was lovely dinner, made livelier with my girl caddy as my date. Life can be fun. I dropped her home and as a parting got a sweet kiss. It was the start of a stormy relationship that ended in bed and under the greens at least half a dozen times.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Savita Bhabhi an Indian Cartoon Sex Escapades Site ** 117

Recently while in an animated discussion with my old colleagues at the United Services club bar, a friend of mine revealed that there was an Indian comic porn site. I was surorised to hear it as one generally does not associate India with such things.

The fact is that there is an Indian comic porn site titled ‘Savita Bhabhi’. A creation of an Indian origin Puneet Agarwal who resides in the UK, the site has caught the imagination of the Indian public enmasse. In fact in just the first few months there were over 60 million visitors to the site. The site has gone from strength to strength and now is a regular on the net

What is this site? The site is a cartoon strip featuring the sexual adventures of a young Indian ‘Bhabhi’, meaning sister in law. In India for most men there is a fixation for the Bhabhi. This has been exploited by Puneet.

Savita as a bored housewife, who indulges in sexual escapades in the absence of her husband Ashok Patel while he is busy in his office She has amorous encounters with the Milk man and even a cousin from the United States. The cartoons build up slowly and the steamy portions are kept at the end. In real terms the sex escapades of Savita Bhabhi are pretty harmless and certainly not a corrupting influence. But you must be 21 to access the site.

Savita Bhabhi is also available in printed form of comics. It is translated into most Indian languages and is very popular. But on going through the comics and the site on the net one can’t help feeling that though it is titillating, it can no way be termed obscene or vulgar..

Molly, My Dream from "Ulysses" by James Joyce

Molly Voluptuous and Sexy Book Ulysses

 Years back, I tried to read James Joyce’s masterpiece “Ulysses”. I never got beyond the first chapter as the book I thought was too complex. I however jumped to the last page and read the following lines “He asked me would I say yes to day yes my mountain flower and first put my arms around him yes and drew him down to me so he could feel my breast all perfume yes and his heart was going like mad and yes I said yes I will yes”. These lines kindled my interest in the book and slowly I read the novel. It’s a massive work consisting of 18 distinct episodes spread core 265,000 words. Later I could appreciate that the novel certainly deserves a high place in English literature. Some critics place it at number one in the list of 100 great books in English during the last century.

It is the character of Molly that fascinates me. The novel recounts one day in the life of the protagonist Leopold Bloom on 16 June 1904. It requires a genius to write a book of this massive size describing just one day. Molly is a woman who enjoys life. She is married but looks forward to sex with her lover. Somehow I have always dream't of a woman like Molly, voluptuous and a go getter. The Irish and the English banned the book, for using and describing offensive human actions. But now the Irish try and sell him as a tourist attraction. I visited Dublin in 2008 and there were walking tours to all the places mentioned in the novel, in particular the pubs where the protagonists sat and drank. I am told a bank note was also issued in his honor. Even his house is preserved as a museum.
But Molly is one of the great characters of English literature. The book is difficult to read and to some it appears disjointed. Perhaps James Joyce wanted it that way. In case people have the time they must sit and read this great masterpiece. It will take you some time and perseverance and hopefully somebody will agree with me about Molly.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Benefits of Praying to Lord Shiva in Nude

Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva is the foremost Hindu God. He is also the creator as well as the destroyer. He is one God who dominates Hindu ethos and religion. Shiva temples are located all over India and many are even in the USA. In fact I have visited 2 temples in California and New Jersey. Prayers to Shiva temples normally encompass worshiping the Shiva Lingam, which is a representation of the male organ. This is not erotica, but a statement of the essence of life.
Meeting the Swami

 Recently I had taken a few days leave from Abu Dhabi and came down to Indore, where I own a palatial bungalow. I also thought it fit to bring my girl friend to India to give her a feel of this vast country. At Indore, my friend knowing my deep interest in spiritualism suggested that a famed swami was conducting Shiva Puja in the nude. The swami would first approve the participant and very young people were not allowed. The friend told me that he had benefited from this Puja and he would be happy for me to meet the swami.
The Prayer

 I met the swami along with Marie and he approved, though he wondered whether a Philippine girl would be interested. He also announced that the Puja rooms for the men and women would be separate initially, but once one reached an advanced lever of mediation, all men and women worshiped the God Shiva together. I asked Marie, if she would be interested and she said yes. So we reached at 4 am in the morning, the time for the Puja to start. The Puja was an elaborate ritual and I found I could concentrate and mediate totally in the nude. But honestly thoughts of Marie in the nude praying did intrude into my mind.
Last word
I felt refreshed with the prayer session and left. I promised to come again, but perhaps as I do not have much leave I shall have to go back. I asked Marie how it went. She told me there were 3 other women including 2 foreigners with her and all felt greatly elevated. Late she said she closed her eyes and saw herself as a hand maiden to a king 2000 years back and the King was ME. I wonder whether to believe her, but she insisted that it was a true image that appeared. She insisted we come again and reach the stage where we can both pray together. As per the swami, the last stage is the final fulfillment when the past lives appear before you. Believe it or not!

Can Men and Women be Only Friends : What about Sex

When god created Adam he wanted to give him a mate and friend. He thus created a woman, who became the companion, friend and wife of Adam. Thus Eve appeared. If god wanted to let Adam have a man friend he would have created another man. This is the biggest statement against gays.
It is mentioned that Adam and Eve had sex and children and the human race began to grow. The story may be a myth, but it is a pointer to a man and woman's relationship. In other words man and a woman can never be just friends. There is a possibility that a man and woman may not have sex, but famous scientist like Freud and Dr Kinsey have concluded that sex will always be in the mind of man. He will fantasize about his woman friend and imagine how she looks in the nude.
There is nothing wrong with this as god created women for men. This is a difficult thought for some women who feel and act liberated. The fact is that all Hindu scriptures and the Bible not forgetting the Koran do mention a woman as a appendage to man. Thus there can never be friendship between men and women without a sexual connotation.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Does The Shutdown in America Signal the end of an Empire?

The US is embroiled in a partisan struggle between the Democrats and the Republicans. The result is that the Government is in the shut down mode. Many government posts and workers are sent on furlough without pay and some services are also shut down. This is not a laughing matter when a 17 trillion budget deficit and debt is also added. What of the future ? The fact is that all historical empires last for a time and then decay sets in. The same thing happened to the Roman empire, The Ottoman empire, The Mughal Empire and the British empire. All empires follow a distribution curve with a graph at the apogee and a start and finish at zero.
This is happening to the USA as well. Only this empire has barely lasted a hundred years.Perhaps the US empire would have lasted much longer if more sagacious men had been at the helm of affairs. Unfortunately the men who climbed atop the US Presidency were men of very short intellectual status and unleashed global wars that sapped the US economy. These global wars could have entirely been avoided, but then it requires a great statesman to realize it. The US Presidents were alas of not that caliber. I can't think if a great president after Roosevelt.
This shutdown is really a manifestation of a disease of self destruction. The reason Obama care is again too trivial to merit this. There is a saying in the Vedas which says that those whom the Gods wish to destroy, they first make them mad. This is sheer madness that is happening. God save America.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Here is a Book Review of " A French Affair", by Susan Lewis.

Susan Lewis is top writer in English who hails from England. Susan was born in 1956 and is 57 years old. She has penned 26 novels as well as an autobiographical memoir – ‘Just One More Day’ (2006).. She was nominated for the Romantic Novelists' Association's Romantic Novel of the Year award in 2002 and 2005. Her latest book which she has published is ‘A French Affair’. The central theme of the novel is motherhood. This theme may not interest many readers, but a reading of the book shows that Susan Lewis is a master story teller and the book deserves a read.
The plot of the story is simple. Jessica the heroine is a beautiful mother with a perfect family. She has three children and a wonderful famous husband. She herself has a successful career in television and overall she lives a contented life. Her idyllic world is thrown into convulsions when her daughter is killed in a freak accident in France. Her husband is distraught at the death and seems to have a closed mind. Jessica however feels that there is more to this freak accident and she proceeds to France to unravel the truth.
The book is set in France and has excellent descriptions of rural France. The novel has intrigue and passion, ingredients that will appeal to a legion of fans of Susan Lewis. Lewis was educated at the Red Maids' School in Bristol, England. After many temporary secretarial jobs she landed a job with HTV television network and moved to London. She took to writing while in London and wrote her first novel ‘A Class Apart’. This was the beginning and she went on to write 27 novels. Lewis has not formally married and stays with her live in partner, James. The couple have no children. Friends read this book if the mood seizes you

An Admirers Poem

Sir writer of India Marvelously worded…. you cover life from sunrise to sunset …you are the third great Indian writer …over here . You know Shiva? the Lord! and Madan G! … rich you make our Wiki …how can anyone not read your lovely poetry …
.every word has a inspiring soul and as you plant a wreath on time …the midnight's birds …silently sing a rhyme… and the love you beseech and of your consort seek… may she be besides …as towards heavens you search… with love … only love with open eyes… God bless you Sir writer of India