Sunday, October 27, 2013

Ever Dated a Girl Caddy ? Read on for a Real Time Experience

Shillong is the capital of Meghalaya, a state in the North East of India. It is a beautiful hill station and is also the Headquarters of the Indian Air Force, Eastern Command. In addition it has a lovely golf course, perhaps the best in East India. Shillong Golf club is the only club in Asia where girl caddies lug your going equipment around.

 I have played golf at this club and its aware experience. The course spread over 18 holes is unto international standards. It has lovely greens,extremely well maintained by a retinue of recruits from the nearby Assay rifles regiment center. The unique thing about the girl caddies who speak good English and have a modern outlook. Its almost like you are playing in Ireland where girls as caddies are to the fore. While playing golf, I could not but help admire my girl caddies. She was fair,lovely and her shorts accentuated her lovely legs. I decided to ask her for a date, but courage eluded me. Finally on the 10th hole after a long shot with my woods, I mustered courage. I asked her out for dinner after the game. She gave no reply and I thought I had offended her. After reaching the 18th hole, I gently inquired again. She gave a lovely smile and said that she would be ready after a wash and requested me to pick her up from her home at Laimukhra.

I was thrilled and drove my fiat to her place. I waited and soon the girl came out. She looked lovely as I drove her to the Pine Tree star hotel. She wore a lovely miniskirt that accentuated the beauty of her legs. Nobody could have realized that she was a caddy at the Shillong club.There over candle light I had a lovely date with my caddy. It was lovely dinner, made livelier with my girl caddy as my date. Life can be fun. I dropped her home and as a parting got a sweet kiss. It was the start of a stormy relationship that ended in bed and under the greens at least half a dozen times.