Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Film Review "Son of Sardar"

After the success of the movie 'Singh is King' Bollywood has realized that making films with Sikhs as central characters earns good money. Why? The reason is the vast Punjabi population that has spread abroad and also in India. Son of Sardar The latest film in this genre is 'Son of Sardar'. It’s a film with all the stock scenes of Punjabi films, laced with pungent humor. Son of Sardar from all accounts is a commercial success and Pitts 2 prominent stars namely Ajay Devgun and Sanjay Dutt against each other in a rip roaring saga of revenge and family wars.
Story Line The storyline is simple. Ajay Devgun returns to India from England to claim his forefathers land. However another family group is waiting to kill him to avenge the death of their family head at the hands of Ajay Devgun's father. The film is however not a serious revenge movie, or an intense emotional film. On the contrary all along it is a light hearted spoof that entertains a lot. The film has piquant situations that cannot but make the people laugh. Performances Sanjay Dutt turns in a stellar performance. Devgun as the sardar also does justice to the role. He really looks handsome in a turban. The film captures the beauty of rural Punjab and brings out the ethos of Punjabi culture. The romantic interest is sustained by Sonakshi Sinha. She adds charm to the film and one is reminded of her father Shatrughan Sinha, who was a fine actor himself. Old timer actress Tanuja does a wonderful role as well. The music is good and dominated by Punjabi folk music.