Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Puneet Agarwal and his Creation Savita Bhabhi

Savita Bhabhi is a character that has revolutionized the net as far as India is concerned. A country steeped in morality has awoken like a giant from a slumber to the charm of sex escapades on the net. The man who created this character is Puneet Agarwal, who is an Indian settled in London.
He rightly realized that Indian men are a repressed lot sexually and thus concieved of this site. In addition a "Bhabhi"( Brothers wife) is a sexual fixation like "Saali"( Sister in law) in Indian folklore. He tapped this vein and produced Savita, a buxom and lovely Bhabhi. The site is easily accessable and all one has to do is to type this name in google and in less than 30 seconds the site will throw up the results. The cartoons are beautifully created and look appealing. Savita has astring of stories in cartoon form with love encounter with her younger brother in law, milk man, News paper boy and husbands friend.
Compared to western cartoons its quite tame , but for Indians they are a wonderful release. I do see teh cartoons some times and they are stimulating.