Sunday, November 10, 2013

Getting to Know a Philippine Girl

India and Philippines have been distant but friendly neighbors. However there has not been much interaction between the two nations for a variety of reasons. But things did change once Ms Aquino the President of the Philippines was guest of honor at the Military parade on Republic day In Delhi. Though Philippines are not yet on the tourist circuit of Indians but many Philippines do come to India to attend conferences and seminars. A few tourists also come. In a recent conference on third world problems a young girl PH. D (she must be about 30) attended the conference. After a casual introduction the girl impressed me greatly. She was lovely with a glowing skin. As the conference continued we took time off to see the historical sites of Delhi. She was shocked that Delhi was 3000 years old. We got closer and after a few days were holding hand.
At the end of the conference I suggested she come to my estate in the hills in Simla. I assured her she wouldn’t have seen anything like that in the Philippines. She agreed for a day. So we drove after the seminar to the hills. It was strictly a day but she was so pure and beautiful that we never touched beyond holding hands. It was soon over and she was to go back. She went and wrote to me and talked to me often. She reminded me that she had come to my estate for a day and now she invited me to her home. I agreed and flew to Manila. As I came out of the swanky airport there was my girl and this time she just held her arms and we kissed. It sealed a friendship that I hope will last for all time to come.