Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Probe to Mars: What about Suicides by 10,000 Farmers

The Indian space mission to Mars is on its way and will reach the red planet sometime in 2014. That is a wonderful achievement, but I must strike a discordant note. I wonder how this mission and the money spent which must run into millions of dollars is going to alievate the hunger and penury of the Indian farmer, at least in some arid regions.

Take the case of Vidharba a backward and arid region of Mahrashtra. As per the Indian government statistics more than 10,000 farmers have committed suicide, due to hunger and inability to pay back loans. Crops have failed and thousands have committed suicide. How does this Mars mission help these destitute men?

The countries that have ventured into space research have first solved the problem of food in their nations. China is an excellent example. Its space program is also 2 decades ahead of India. Its about time some one belled the cat and restated the priorities of the Indian nation.