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Miss India bikini shoot with 2 Muslim gals * 60

Miss India 2016: Official Bikini Shoot

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Hilary's example is let the husband do what he wants: emancipation of women be Dammed

Hillary's statement that she stands for women appears hollow with conduct of her husband.

How can Hillary say she fights for women when her husband has lied throughout their marriage and is a womanizer who she accepted?

Debate Check: 12 Hillary Lies Debunked | LifeZette -

Hillary Clinton was the Democratic candidate for the president and she lost.

 Hillary Clinton may retire from politics but many are overlooking the fact that she was a liar and not the best example for American women. Was she really the best person for the job of US President? What are her qualifications to be president? 
Hillary's husband Bill Clinton is accused of being a rapist and of having numerous affairs with other women. In short, he can be classified as a womanizer. It should not be forgotten that Bill under oath admitted to many affairs. Nearly a dozen women have accused Bill of improper conduct. In addition, he carried on affairs in the oval office. To top it Donald produced 3 women at the second presidential debate who had been raped and molested by Bill. The fact is Hillary all the time knew of the affairs of Bill and yet she chose to keep quiet and in a way acquiesced with his actions.

Hillary and her actions

The actions of Hillary also raise doubts that a woman who condoned the philandering of her husband  can best stand for women in the USA. What message would she like to give? These are difficult questions but Hillary has to answer them

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Russian TU-154 crashes into Black Sea: Too Frequent Crashes?

Russian TU-154 carrying famed army band crashes after take off from Sochi killing 92

The RAF short haul jet with 3 engines crashed after takeoff into the Black Sea and all passengers including crew are feared dead.

Russian plane Tu-154 carrying 92 people to Syria crashes into the ... -
Russian plane Tu-154 carrying 92 people to Syria crashes into the ... -
The Russian state seems to be dogged by bad luck. The last week was particularly bad. Firstly the Russian ambassador to Turkey was killed and now a TU-154 with 92 passengers has crashed. The plane took off from Sochi   lost radio contact and by all accounts crashed into the Black Sea The plane carried the famed Russian army band to entertain the troops in Syria, where the Russians have a large presence. The plane had a crew of 8 and was piloted by an experienced pilot who had logged over 3000 flying hours. The crash of the plane is a mystery and perhaps the truth will only be known once the black box is retrieved, which itself is a herculean task considering the plane crashed into the Black Sea.

The TU-154

The TU-154 is a 3 engine plane and is mass produced. It is also Russia's most popular model and is supposed to have a good safety record, but it has had some terrible crashes and hundreds have been killed. The plane looks similar to the American Boeing 727.The plane took off in good weather and it was classified as airworthy. Hence the crash immediately after it lost contact with ATC is an enigma. 
Earlier a Russian airliner was taken down by the ISIS in the Sinai. There have been quite a few crashes in Russia and that does not auger well. Maybe the security apparatus needs to be revamped as this TU_154 may also have been targeted by the enemies of Russia.
A search is on and the Russians better satisfy themselves as quicky as possible as to the reason for the crash

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Tigers, Temple and ill-treatment in Thailand

Tiger temple in Thailand is raided and tigers rescued

The temple in Kanchnaburi was a tourist delight, till animal rights group who had long suspected maltreatment got into the act.
Kanchanaburi is a hallowed name as the infamous bridge on the river Kwai was constructed by the Japanese here. It also has a tiger temple dedicated to Lord Buddha. This temple which came up in 1994, had a mission to integrate wildlife with humans. The temple was initially loaned 2 Bengal tigers, but the temple authorities began a breeding program and their numbers multiplied to 137. The animals were a great tourist attraction and Americans who had never seen anything like this were simply enthralled by tame beasts. Many American tourists also photographed them with tigers. One can see the fascination of American tourists for tigers as none are available in natural habitat in America. The temple earned millions of dollars from tourists and the monks led a lavish life.

Ill-treatment of tigers

Animal rights groups were keeping a watch on the temple activities, as reports had come that the animals were ill-treated. The tigers in the temple were the Bengal tigers, who are not native to Thailand. The tigers were reared in the temple by the monks as an example of how animal life and human environment can co-exist with each other. Unfortunately, a police raid revealed the sordid goings-on in the temple. The raid revealed the carcasses of nearly 70 tigers cubs. In addition, nearly 1000 talismans were found which were made of  body parts after processing. Obviously, many tigers were killed in the making of these talismans. This was a fit case for action and the police on prodding from animal rights groups had to act.

Removal of the tigers

The police went into action, and all the tigers were rescued and relocated. The tigers could not be set free in the jungles as firstly, they were not native tigers and secondly, the tigers were unable to hunt prey and subsist in the jungle. The monks protested, but their case was weakened by the dead carcasses and the inability to explain how the talismans were made. The goings-on in the temple has dismayed many Thai's. The tourists, mainly Americans who patronized this temple will miss the tigers. There is a good chance that with the loss of earnings, the temple may also close. The temple authorities can also face charges for illegal trade in wildlife and encroachment on forest land. After the removal of the tigers, the temple has become like a normal Buddhist temple with 15 monks left. Despite the removal of the tigers many other animals like horses and bears remain.

Indian Navy and the Sea Harrier * 72

Indian Navy phases out the Sea Harrier

End of an Era of British Aircraft as the Sea Harrier is phased out by the Indian Navy; marks the demise of British connection with India

The Indian Navy is the only Navy in South Asia to operate an aircraft carrier. Presently two aircraft carriers are deployed by it. Considering that China has only one operational aircraft carrier, the significance of the Indian Navy operating two of them cannot be lost.In 1980,  India opted for the Harrier a VSTOL fighter aircraft. In September 1980, The Sea harrier Project ( SHARP)  was formed and the first aircraft was ready to join the air fleet in December 1982.This was a British aircraft and was operated from the Indian aircraft carrier. India was a colony of Great Britain and though the British left in 1947, the hangover for things British continued. When an interceptor was needed  for the aircraft carrier Vikrant, the navy opted for the British-made Sea Harrier. It replaced the obsolete Sea Hawks. 

The Sea Harrier.

The  sea harrier is a difficult plane to fly as was brought out by the death of one of the test pilots in the UK.  Indian pilots, however, mastered flying the Harrier which was the main weaponry of the INS Vikrant.  After 34 years of service, the Navy has phased out the Harrier. A glittering ceremony was held in Goa as the Sea harrier was phased out on 11 May 2016. The plane  has been replaced by the  MIG 29 K. This is a Russian Mach 2 interceptor and much superior in performance to the Harrier. The phasing out of the Harrier also brings an era of British aircraft to an end with Indian military aviation. Earlier the Indian Air Force also used a preponderance of British made aircraft like the Hawker Hunter, Folland Gnat, English electric Canberra among much more.  All these aircraft have been phased out and replaced by Russian fighter / interceptors Like MIG and the Sukhoi.

Last of the British aircraft.

This shift was political as the western nations after the 1965 war with Pakistan, denied the latest military aircraft to Indian and perforce, the left-leaning  defense minister Krishna Menon negotiated with the Russians for the state of art aircraft to equip the Indian armed forces.The Harrier served with distinction for 33 years and though no war took place, yet it always acted as a deterrent. The Harrier with a speed of 1150km an hour was a versatile aircraft and helped the Indian navy become the dominant force in the Indian Ocean. The last mission was on 6 March 2016 from the deck of the carrier INS Viraat. It was also the last hurrah for British aircraft with the Indian Nav

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Stalins Victory Parade in 1945 may well lead to a Putin Parade

Josef Stalin's Victory Parade in 1945 at The End of World War II

Jul 4th, 2012
At the end of the war, Josef Stalin held a massive military parade. an earlier parade in 1941 also comes to mind. Putin's Russia is on a similar path and Trump the new US president may play ball.

The Second World War is receding from the minds of the younger generation. It is becoming more and more distant, but some events of that period can even now rouse the spirits of old soldiers. One of the famous events was Stalin’s victory parade at the end of the war. The parade took place on 24 June 1945 more than a month after the surrender of Nazi Germany to Russian commanders. 
The order for the parade was issued by Josef Stalin himself. Earlier as per noted historian Anthony Beevor Stalin himself wished to lead the parade, but then gave up the idea as the horse on which he was to ride unseated him. After that, he commented that let Zhukov lead the parade as he is from the cavalry.images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQhQTE-SpneTjEFLl6PvOo
 Stalin thus in his operational order appointed Marshal of the Soviet Union Georgy Zhukov as the parade inspector and MarshalKonstantin Rokossovsky as the parade commander. The organization of the parade was the prerogative of Colonel-General Pavel Artemyev.
The parade took place on a rainy day and later the fly past was canceled. Stalin himself took the salute standing atop Lenin’s mausoleum. Units of all Russian federation groups, as well as a small Polish contingent, took part in the parade.
The parade commenced with both Zhukov and Rokossovsky riding down Red Square on a white and black chargers. A statue of Zhukov on a horse adorns the state historical museum in Moscow.Columns of Soviet soldiers and tanks sped past Stalin atop the mausoleum of Lenin.
Perhaps Donald may see Putin ina similar fashion with his support

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Vin Diesel says" Deepika Padukone the next big star of 2017" in Hollywood

Deepika Padukone has struck out in Hollywood and she is the star of the film "xXx: Return of Xander Cage," along with Vin Diesel. The film is due for release in early 2017 and will be first for her. It will also mark the first asssault by an Indian actress on teh citadal of Hollywood

Deepika and Vin Diesel

The chemistry between Deepika and Vin Diesel is something special and the top Hollywood producer-director and actor gives high praise to the 26-year-old Deepika. He has stated,"I am blessed to be part of her introducing to the whole world because the next global superstaris coming from India."
This is high praise and he has also stated that when Deepika auditioned for the role in the film all the viewers were overwhelmed with her steamy performance. he claims he has a special relationship with Deepika and in an interview with CNN stated " I love her so much and we have such natural chemistry together."

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Review of MG Singh's novel " ROMANCE OF THE FRONTIER"

The Novel

Writing a novel is a work of inspiration and this novel by MG Singh fills that genre. I am told the novel was written many years back but was kept pending as the author never thought it good enough for publication. Having got hold of a copy I am impressed with the book. For a first timer, it is good and well written. There is a lot of action, killings, and the most important part is that the book is laced with oriental erotica.
The novel is published by Notion Books an Indian publishing firm from Chennai and overall as far as esteem value is concerned the book is well presented with a glossy cover that will attract readers.
The book is on sale on-line in both paperback forms, as well as a kindle e-book.

The Plot

The novel is set in the period when the British empire was on its last legs and as a parting shot had decided to divide India into two by creating Pakistan. This was a tumultuous period in Indian history and forms the background of the novel.
The hero is a Muslim Pathan tribesman who is benevolent, educated and above all a great warrior. The novel delineates his love affair with the daughter of a British major of the Indian army and subsequent affair with Anglo- Indian girl. In all this mayhem there are excellent erotic passages, as well as action. The hero kills with compunction, but he is just and fair . The author presents a feud between him and a Punjabi Muslaman who wants to drive the Hindus out of Punjab.
There is plenty of action and the reader can be spellbound in case he likes tales of love and adventure.
The author
MG Singh is an early retired officer of the IAF. He took up writing a few years back and has written over 7000 articles on the net. In addition, MG is a prolific short story writer and has published over 60 short stories in various magazines.
MG is presently a corporate advisor and “The Romance of the Frontier’ is his first novel. MG has drawn heavily from his experience in the services for this novel. He also has a strong connection with Punjab and thus has first-hand accounts from his grandfather about the tumultuous period of the partition of India which forms the backdrop of the novel.
MG is fond of golf and writing and is a specialist on military matters.

Last Word

Considering that it is the first book, I feel it's a commendable piece of work. However one wonders if all the gory violence depicted is really required in the novel. In addition, MG could well in his future books try and join up some disjointed parts. Probably he will iron out the problems in the next book.
The book runs into 252 pages and does a picture of that turbulent time. The backdrop of a sizzling love adds to the allure of the novel. It's a good tale and well presented. It's also a tribute to the language of English which is now part of India, making it the biggest English knowing nation in the world. At a conservative estimate over 350 million Indians are well versed in this language. India has produced a number of top writers like Salman Rushdie and Kushwant Singh and this book will add to the repertoire of English literature published in India.

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USS Zumwalt : Is it a flop? * 76

Is USS Zumwalt worth $ 4 billion? It breaks down a second time
The New $3B USS Zumwalt Is a Stealthy Oddity ... -

The ship commissioned on the 15th of October is still undergoing trials, and it will be some time before it is certified as fit for combat. The ship has however been plagued by snags since its launch. This time the ship lost power while in the Panama canal, creating a piquant situation by breaking down. The US navy estimates that it will take 10 days for the ship to be made operational. In the meantime, the ship is parked in one of the quays in the canal. As per reports the ship developed an engine problem and lost power -- it also hit one of the locks in the canal and was damaged.

The ship had earlier also while in dock, had a flooding of its engines. For a ship so costly these snags are cause for alarm and one hopes they are sorted out. The uS Navy has ordered 3 of such state of art warships.

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Remembering the Battle of Jutland * 70

The battle of Jutland was fought on 31 May 1916. Exactly 100 years have elapsed since then. This battle is considered the biggest engagement between surface ships in the world. The battle off the coast of Denmark was between the old protagonists Germany and Great Britain. The German navy deployed 99 warships and the British navy could muster 151. The battle lasted 36 hours and ended with both sides claiming victory. Over 100,000 sailors were part of this battle. The Royal Navy suffered the greater number of casualties and lost more ships, but they bottled the German fleet in the ports of Germany. The battle, though a tactical victory for the Germans, was in real terms a strategic victory for the Royal Navy. This momentous event in British history was commemorated by a morning service at St. Magnus Cathedral, Kirkwall.

The ceremony.

The event was celebrated with a lot of fanfare. Commemorative events included a service at St. Magnus Cathedral, on Orkney Mainland and a wreath laying ceremony at sea.  A commemorative event was also held at the Royal NavyCemetry at Lyness on the island of Hoy, where nearly 4000 sailors are buried. Invitation for the function was sent to descendants of the sailors who died during the battle of Jutland. The Germans also had their own  program to commemorate their victory in the battle at Wilhelmshaven, home to the German fleet and the Laboe Naval Museum  in Kiel. The  event has been great importance and a waterfall of red color-ceramic poppies will tumble down  from the walls of St Magnus from 22, April -12, June. The British Prime Minister David Cameron attended the ceremony. 94-year-old old Prince Philip was to attend the ceremony, but ill health prevented him from attending the event. The German Chancellor Joachim Gak also graced the celebrations. These celebrations are part of the promise of the British government to remember the fallen soldiers and sailors during the first World #war.

Britain honors its past.

the past always confronts us. Emperor Wilhelm ( kaiser) and Hitler tried to dominate Europe and the only nation that stood between them and domination was England. With the assistance of the USA, they were defeated soundly. However, the world has changed and now what the earlier German regimes could not achieve has been attained by Merkel's Germany which today runs entire Europe on its economic might. Perhaps this is one of the reasons that England wants to leave the EU. The British are a proud people and now they are highlighting their achievements  during the First World War that  was fought 100 years back. The celebrations of the battle of Jutland can be seen in this background

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Love and gods will ** 85

India, particularly in the city of Mumbai is a small tea stall run by poor women. These stalls are allotted by the government and they serve a definite purpose in society. Years back I had an emotional encounter with a young girl who ran a tea stall. I could never locate her again as she seemed to have vanished in the depths of this great city.

It all started in the month of June, the period when the monsoon is in full force. I drove to my office, when thunder boomed and boomed again. Torrential rain commenced and I thought it a good idea to stop the car and wait for the rain to stop. I looked around and through the rain espied a small Jhunkar tea stall. I rushed to the stall and saw it was run by a young girl. She was perhaps about 22 or 23, but she looked lovely in her sari that clung to her body.
She served me tea and hot samosa. I was loathed to leave and continued sitting there. We got into a conversation and she told me she was married for 3 years and had no kids.
This was the beginning and almost everyday I visited the tea stall. A strange intimacy developed between us and a few days hence , I became a more frequent visitor to her stall. One day I found her crying and she told me she had been beaten by her inlaws as she didnt have a child. Spontaenously I gathered her in my arms to console her. The effect was electric and we ended kissing each other
Love blossomed, at least for me and we had regular trysts in the stall. I was swept by passion and this continued for 2 months. One fine day, I entered the stall, but could not see my girl. An old woman sat and she prepared tea. I casually asked where the young girl was. The woman beamed and told me god had blessed her and she had gone to her village.
I sat stunned, wondering what to do. I didn't even know her name or address. I wondered what lady meant by the words ” blessed by God”. I had a lurking fear of what it meant, but fate had decreed and I had to obey. Memories die hard.

WWII and the Rail line from Thailand to Burma

After the battle of Midway where the Imperial navy suffered a catastrophic defeat, the Japanese had great difficulty in transporting men and material to Burma, where the Imperial army was fighting the British Indian army by sea, as their carrier fleet had been annihilated. This led them to plan to construct a rail line through the thick jungles to Rangoon. It was an arduous task and the Japanese thought it fit to use Allied Prisoners of War as labor for this construction. One of the most difficult stretches was across the river at Kwai. All around the river there were dense tropical forests and cutting through the forest and constructing the bridge over the river was a very difficult task.

The Japanese had a paucity of time and they wanted the bridge and rail line ready in as a short time as possible. this led a very harsh regimen for the prisoners who were made to work 12 hours a day with hardly any food to eat. This aspect of Japanese character has baffled me as they studiously ignored the Geneva Convention on POWs. The Japanese soldiers overseeing the construction treated the prisoners badly and many died during the course of the construction. it was a terrible time and after the war, the Allies tried many of the Imperial army officers and soldiers and hanged many of them.

The Bridge is still there and is a tourist site. There is also an excellent museum that showcases the construction of the bridge. All in all, it’s a place worth visiting.

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South China Sea; Muscle power matters ** 88

South China Sea is an area of great economic importance. experts believe that there is more oil under the sea bed here than the oil reserves of Saudi Arabia. Obviously, China wants to appropriate the entire area as part of its economic zone. The Philippines and Vietnam are also having a claim to this area, but the Chinese have rejected their claim and by sheer muscle power have begun to exercise their claim over this sea. The Philippines are the hardest hit as they do not have the military power to match China and aware of the fact their president has stated that he will not go to war with China on this issue.
China continues its build up in the area and is like a bull in a China shop. The Philippines had approached the International Court and the tribunal has given a verdict that the sea is not the preserve of China. It has rejected the Chinese claim over the South China Sea. The Chinese have however rejected the international tribunal’s verdict and mocked the world. The USA for all its power and the defender of the Philippines have been unable to stop the Chinese from continuing its build-up and claiming the entire sea as their exclusive economic zone. The situation is fraught with risk and one wonders what will happen in future. can the world allow China to bully the world? the UNO and the USA must answer this question

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Army Top Brass Responsible for present Imbroglio

But there is a bigger question and this  needs to be discussed by me. In fact a veteran gave me his input which I am presenting along with. The gist went something like this. The Indian army and sister services  and their  perks have been gradually eroded since 1947. Yet the army top brass themselves allowed it to happen. Why all this whining and crying now on OROP etc after 69 years when the defense top brass always said 3 bags full? Look, all the big names  and that includes Cariappa, Maneckshaw, and et all. They are culpable.

Talking of civil control in a country steeped in poverty is just hogwash and the situation in such countries is different from the developed nations.Here if the army cannot assert its privileges despite being the largest organized force, something is basically wrong. Has it something to do with  Hindu servility that has become ingrained in the army?. I cannot comment as I will have to study this comment. But the veteran was right.

 I wonder how many would like to comment. Yes, there will be no dearth of opponents but can we shy away from the fact that the present imbroglio is our own doing?

Horse Racing in Dubai ** 82

Horse Racing in Dubai

 Everybody loves to watch a horse race and some even bet money on horses that race. One cannot associate a horse race with betting in an Islamic nation. Yet in Dubai which is an Islamic nation, horse racing is allowed. In fact, Dubai has one of the best horse racecourses in the world. A retinue of workers from India and Pakistan help maintain this course. The race course itself is beautiful and it’s a tribute to the ingeniousness of the owners, the Dubai government that they have been able to transform a desert into a green race course that could almost give you a feel that you were in England.
Apart from having one of the finest race courses, Dubai also hosts the richest race in the world. The prize money is close to $ 30 million and makes it the richest race in the world. Known as the Dubai World Cup, the race attracts enthusiasts from all over the world. Some of the best race horses from the USA take part. I had witnessed the 2013 race when the American horse “Animal Kingdom” ridden by Jockey Jel Rasarion won the honors. He is an American

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The F-117 Night Hawk a Stealth Fighter to Remember * 54

images 1
 When I visited the USA in 1998 as part of the air team we were quartered at one of the USAF bases. At one end (that area was kept off bounds) we could see dark bat shaped planes. They were part of the secret arsenal of the USAF and from my knowledge; I knew that this was the famous stealth fighter. It was given the number as F-115 and called Night Hawk. The plane at that time was the most advanced in the world and nobody had anything like it.
 The Night Hawk cost 111 million dollars apiece and was discontinued in the USAF after 25 years and replaced with the F-22 or Raptor.  Never the less the F-117 was something unique and incorporated the stealth technology. This technology was published in a research paper presented in 1964 by a Russian scientist named Pykr. The Russians ignored this paper but the engineers at Lockheed studied the paper in detail. In effect, the Prof has stated that a plane could be made that could allow the radar waves to bounce off the plane and thus render the aircraft invisible to detection by radar. it could only be sighted visually.
 It meant making a plane with an unconventional design > it had to have angles of construction, that were of a particular slant so that the radar waves could bounce off. The plane thus had the look of a bat and was christened the Night Hawk. The Night Hawk first flew in 1981 and a few years later was inducted into the USAF. The Night Hawk was a revolutionary design and for 5 years the Americans kept it secret before the world came to know of this unique plane. The Russians rued the development of the F-117 and wondered how they had missed the bus.
 The Night Hawk was put into operational use and used extensively in the air bombardment of Iraq, during the 1992 US-Iraq war. The plane despite a slow speed of some 660km/hr could not be detected. It had limited range of about 1000 km and thus for a target it needed mid-air refueling. It carried no defensive armaments relying on its ability to attack a target undetected. It carried 2 x 1000 il laser guided bombs that could penetrate even 12ft of concrete and was thus a force multiplier.  The Russians were however hard at work to perfect their own stealth fighter and the US the need of another plane was felt. Research started and this led to the led to the Raptor, which had a longer range and flew at 3 times the speed of the Night Hawk. 
 The F-115 remained the only stealth fighter in the world during the days of the cold war and even after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the plane was the mainstay of US offensive action. It was used extensively in Afghanistan when the USA mounted an invasion and no plane was lost despite missiles with the Taliban. It hastened the defeat of the Taliban by a relentless bombardment with laser guided bombs. The plane was also used in operations in Kosovo and Yugoslavia.
 The Russians were wary of the Night Hawk and later they did develop their own stealth fighter, but one wonders whether the Russian plane is as good as the latest American plane with stealth technology the Raptor. 

Book Review: Sophia Schiller " The Race to Tibet"

Review of Sophie Schiller’s latest novel: The Race to Tibet

The novel “Race to Tibet”

Historical fiction is a class by itself. The latest novel of Sophie Schiller is a novel in this genre. The book makes interesting reading. The novel titled “The Race to Tibet” is a wonderful book by an American writer Sophie Schiller. The writer has written this book with the background of Tibet which for centuries was a forbidden land, where it was a crime for a foreigner to enter. It still remains the same as even now communist China has occupied the land and a bamboo curtain is imposed on Tibet, keeping the mystery of Tibet alive.
All credit to Sophie Schiller to have chosen to write with the central theme of Tibet. The novel’ The Race to Tibet’ is a great addition to historical fiction on Tibet which still fascinates scholars and common people.


Fiction is the forte of writing interesting story's and vast number of novels and tales are published. One of the classes of books published is historical fiction which is a difficult genre to write upon. However historical fiction is a fascinating subject and one that appeals to many. As far as I am concerned, historical fiction is my liking and reading a good novel with a historical background is a worthwhile way to spend a dreary afternoon when one has nothing to do. A good novel on an interesting subject always fascinated and Sophie's latest novel comes in this category.

The Plot

The novel written in a racy style relates the tale of the French explorer and adventurer Gabriel Benevalot who along with Prince Henrie d’Orleans risked everything including their life to enter Tibet and meet the Dalai Lama. History tells us that this duo was the first to enter Tibet and reach Lhasa and meet the Dalai Lama. This makes a thrilling tale as the writer creates a fantastic picture of the time where instructions had been passed to kill all foreigners who entered Tibet. The novel brings out the character of Gabriel who was a French peasant and has the distinction of travelling to the forbidden lands of Central Asia.
The novel is well written and a great tale of adventure and Romance. Any man who loves historical fiction will find this novel not only thrilling but also add to his or her’s knowledge. Not much is known about this particular adventure of Gabriel Bonvalot and all credit to Sophie for having introduced us to this historical episode in the form of a thrilling tale.

Sophie Schiller

Sophie Schiller has written many other books also, but this is I feel her best work to date and sure to fascinate readers. The book is extremely well written in a lucid and racy style and engrosses the reader. There is no flagging of interest till the last page.
Sophie was born in Paterson, NJ but grew up in the West Indies. This probably has had an effect as she has a wider horizon. She lives in Brooklyn and is herself a lovely woman. Her earlier novel’ Transfer Day” was set in the Dutch West Indies. This novel “Race to Tibet” brings out the fluent command of Sophie over the English language and her portrayal of the characters in the book very realistic. The book is one of the good books in the field of historical fiction. All credit to Sophie to have penned this novel. Three cheers for her.