Thursday, November 17, 2016

Horse Racing in Dubai ** 82

Horse Racing in Dubai

 Everybody loves to watch a horse race and some even bet money on horses that race. One cannot associate a horse race with betting in an Islamic nation. Yet in Dubai which is an Islamic nation, horse racing is allowed. In fact, Dubai has one of the best horse racecourses in the world. A retinue of workers from India and Pakistan help maintain this course. The race course itself is beautiful and it’s a tribute to the ingeniousness of the owners, the Dubai government that they have been able to transform a desert into a green race course that could almost give you a feel that you were in England.
Apart from having one of the finest race courses, Dubai also hosts the richest race in the world. The prize money is close to $ 30 million and makes it the richest race in the world. Known as the Dubai World Cup, the race attracts enthusiasts from all over the world. Some of the best race horses from the USA take part. I had witnessed the 2013 race when the American horse “Animal Kingdom” ridden by Jockey Jel Rasarion won the honors. He is an American