Monday, November 21, 2016

South China Sea; Muscle power matters ** 88

South China Sea is an area of great economic importance. experts believe that there is more oil under the sea bed here than the oil reserves of Saudi Arabia. Obviously, China wants to appropriate the entire area as part of its economic zone. The Philippines and Vietnam are also having a claim to this area, but the Chinese have rejected their claim and by sheer muscle power have begun to exercise their claim over this sea. The Philippines are the hardest hit as they do not have the military power to match China and aware of the fact their president has stated that he will not go to war with China on this issue.
China continues its build up in the area and is like a bull in a China shop. The Philippines had approached the International Court and the tribunal has given a verdict that the sea is not the preserve of China. It has rejected the Chinese claim over the South China Sea. The Chinese have however rejected the international tribunal’s verdict and mocked the world. The USA for all its power and the defender of the Philippines have been unable to stop the Chinese from continuing its build-up and claiming the entire sea as their exclusive economic zone. The situation is fraught with risk and one wonders what will happen in future. can the world allow China to bully the world? the UNO and the USA must answer this question

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