Thursday, November 17, 2016

Army Top Brass Responsible for present Imbroglio

But there is a bigger question and this  needs to be discussed by me. In fact a veteran gave me his input which I am presenting along with. The gist went something like this. The Indian army and sister services  and their  perks have been gradually eroded since 1947. Yet the army top brass themselves allowed it to happen. Why all this whining and crying now on OROP etc after 69 years when the defense top brass always said 3 bags full? Look, all the big names  and that includes Cariappa, Maneckshaw, and et all. They are culpable.

Talking of civil control in a country steeped in poverty is just hogwash and the situation in such countries is different from the developed nations.Here if the army cannot assert its privileges despite being the largest organized force, something is basically wrong. Has it something to do with  Hindu servility that has become ingrained in the army?. I cannot comment as I will have to study this comment. But the veteran was right.

 I wonder how many would like to comment. Yes, there will be no dearth of opponents but can we shy away from the fact that the present imbroglio is our own doing?