Saturday, July 27, 2013

Riding Horses and Women: Whats the Connection ?

Horse riding is an invigorating sport. It is a sport that brings out the masculinity in man. There are riders who have ridden horses for more than 20 years like me. So I am certainly qualified to write something about riding a horse. My experiences with women are also manifold as I have interacted with many of them during my life. At this stage I can conclude after comparing women and horses that there is a lot of commonality between the two as far as riding is concerned.
Girls and horses I remember once taming a wild horse at Pune at one of the stud farms of my friend. The horse was young and needed to be ‘broken in'. The beast was a magnificent animal and I set about my task of taming him, which I did but not before I had sweated profusely. As I wiped the sweat of my body with my shirt the young daughter of the stable man entered and saw me standing bare chest next to the horse. Something electric happened and the girl young and energetic enticed me to deflower her. She was a wild one and reminded of the beast that I had just tamed. After it was all over, I could not help thinking that deflowering a wild woman is akin to "breaking" a young horse. Some other similarities also came to my mind which I shall relate now for the benefit of the readers.
Similarities of Riding;Women and Horses When riding a horse it is important for the rider in the saddle to grip the animal with his thighs so that they clasp strongly around its flanges. This is important for stability. Likewise hold a woman firmly during sex with your thighs. Give no quarter when you press home your advantage. The grip of your thighs is almost similar to the way your thighs grip the horse. When riding a horse he is likely to buck up and down. This is the acid test of your riding skill for you will have to be in control of the animal. Only then can you ride him to your satisfaction. Hence you will have to adapt your body with the movements of the horse. Likewise if you are a man and can rouse the woman to a high feverish pitch, then the woman will also buck, wriggle and cavort in passion. That is the time to hold her tightly and move in rhythm with her.
The Bond After a ride pat a horse on his head to convey your appreciation and love for him. This is the bond you build with the animal. Likewise after you have possessed the woman establish a similar bond by caressing her forehead with words of endearment and love. It will be a bond she will cherish. Build a bond of trust with the horse and understand him. Likewise a bond of understanding and love needs to be established for riding a woman also. I dare say that both require a lot of skill. Perhaps many people will agree with me.