Friday, July 5, 2013

Which Women in the world are the Most Satisfying in Bed

Women are gods greatest gift to men. This is from time immemorial and even mythology records that Eve was created for Adam only. In the present age there is greater emancipation and women are having a few rights, I say few as many are still enmeshed in dogma and religion and much of it is against sex and orgasm. I have been wondering that women come from diverse races, nationalities and religions spread over a 150 countries. It is well nigh impossible to pinpoint which class of women can be the most satisfying in bed. This for the simple reason that it is impossible for one man to sleep with so many women even in his life time to form a judgement.
Having said that, a few generalities can be stated which can be a pointer. In India itself there are diverse racial women from Punjabi to Tamilian and Maharashtra to Muslim. Then we have Russian and American, Scandinavian and South East Asian. I confess but my limited experience shows that in India the Tamil woman is the most receptive to sex. She is most volatile ( Maybe because of the tropical climate). Women from the tribal areas of Assam also orgasm faster.
Out of the other women nothing beats the American woman. She is liberated and not sexually repressed. American woman as a rule are most satisfying in bed. I would put the Scandinavian women at the bottom of the scale, maybe because sex is so free there that it has become clinical.
Well these are just musings of a globe trotter and not any authentic research. Yes Italian women enmeshed in Catholicism are a just a point below the American women. What about a comparison of a Tamil woman with an American? I think that should wait for the next installment of my writing. Keep reading my blog.