Friday, October 4, 2013

Here is a Book Review of " A French Affair", by Susan Lewis.

Susan Lewis is top writer in English who hails from England. Susan was born in 1956 and is 57 years old. She has penned 26 novels as well as an autobiographical memoir – ‘Just One More Day’ (2006).. She was nominated for the Romantic Novelists' Association's Romantic Novel of the Year award in 2002 and 2005. Her latest book which she has published is ‘A French Affair’. The central theme of the novel is motherhood. This theme may not interest many readers, but a reading of the book shows that Susan Lewis is a master story teller and the book deserves a read.
The plot of the story is simple. Jessica the heroine is a beautiful mother with a perfect family. She has three children and a wonderful famous husband. She herself has a successful career in television and overall she lives a contented life. Her idyllic world is thrown into convulsions when her daughter is killed in a freak accident in France. Her husband is distraught at the death and seems to have a closed mind. Jessica however feels that there is more to this freak accident and she proceeds to France to unravel the truth.
The book is set in France and has excellent descriptions of rural France. The novel has intrigue and passion, ingredients that will appeal to a legion of fans of Susan Lewis. Lewis was educated at the Red Maids' School in Bristol, England. After many temporary secretarial jobs she landed a job with HTV television network and moved to London. She took to writing while in London and wrote her first novel ‘A Class Apart’. This was the beginning and she went on to write 27 novels. Lewis has not formally married and stays with her live in partner, James. The couple have no children. Friends read this book if the mood seizes you