Friday, October 11, 2013

Can Men and Women be Only Friends : What about Sex

When god created Adam he wanted to give him a mate and friend. He thus created a woman, who became the companion, friend and wife of Adam. Thus Eve appeared. If god wanted to let Adam have a man friend he would have created another man. This is the biggest statement against gays.
It is mentioned that Adam and Eve had sex and children and the human race began to grow. The story may be a myth, but it is a pointer to a man and woman's relationship. In other words man and a woman can never be just friends. There is a possibility that a man and woman may not have sex, but famous scientist like Freud and Dr Kinsey have concluded that sex will always be in the mind of man. He will fantasize about his woman friend and imagine how she looks in the nude.
There is nothing wrong with this as god created women for men. This is a difficult thought for some women who feel and act liberated. The fact is that all Hindu scriptures and the Bible not forgetting the Koran do mention a woman as a appendage to man. Thus there can never be friendship between men and women without a sexual connotation.