Sunday, October 27, 2013

Men Undress ALL Women they Meet with their Eyes. True ?

God created Adam and later when Adam was lonely he created Eve for him. This is the biggest statement against Gay. God could have created another man, but he created a woman. There is thus an undercurrent of admiration, Desire, sex, love a man has for a woman. A man is a polygamous animal and has a roving eye that does not wither with age. Research scientists on sex between men and women have concluded that a normal man will see a woman with a different eye. A woman may not see that way and many women may not understand about it.
The fact is that when most men see a woman whom they meet, do undress them with their eyes. This is something built into the psyche of man and not to be ashamed off. Religions knew about this and tried in their own way to curtail it with prayer and penance. But still the desire remains. the only man who recognized it is Acharaya Rajneesh. He also borrowed heavily from Tantra concepts of Hinduism and Buddhism. Modern sex scientists have opined that most men will undress a woman with their eyes even when they are in a casual conversation. That's fine if it remains at that!
(Would you like as a man to see her with her clothes off ?) Many women do not like this thought, but many women are also happy about it. After all if no men courted women they would feel pretty bad about it.