Friday, July 3, 2015

Modi and the BJP have Shamed India: Insulting the Soldier has Made India a Laughing Stock in World

One of the great conquerors who who I am reminded off is Mohammed of Ghor. In 1193 he invaded India and defeated the Rajputs and that was the end of Hindu rule over North India for 900 years. i write this now to remind my fellow citizens that an example from History is before us and a defeat of the military can well lead to a dire  result. One reason for this defeat was the neglect of the principles of war by the Rajputs and that included unity of command and respect for the soldier. I draw the parallel with the situation prevailing in India under BJP and Modi rule. At that time the soldier was put below the Brahmin in hierarchy and despite being the defender he was a always a number 2.

Now Modi and his government has reduced the finest Indian war machine to a stage where the ex-servicemen are begging for their legitimate dues and this man in an impervious manner is not bothered as he sets course to foreign visit after visit and doles out billions of dollars as 'aid" while the poor soldier and teh farmer is unpaid. Just imagine 3 billion dollars in lines of credit to Mongolia and Bangladesh and another billion to others. Not satisfied, this government is also going to increase the wages of the members of parliament by 100%. As far as the poor soldier is concerned he can be dammed.

The matter however is not so simple and Modi and his ilk must not be left off the hook. They have demeaned the soldier and made India a laughing stock in the world. In all history right up to the 21st century, we have never read or heard of ex servicemen going in for an agitation to demand their legitimate dues, which incidentally has been approved by 2 parliaments and the government. Can we think of such a situation happening in the USA or even in the less developed countries like Thailand, Burma or Pakistan ?. But it is happening in India and yet Modi and the BJP who should be ashamed of this are strutting about like proud peacocks as Modi talks inane things in his "man ki baat".

The modi government has let the soldier down and that after making a solemn oath to honor it. I had earlier written he is a past master at manipulation and perhaps he thinks that he will make history. Yes, he certainly will make history as he, by demoralising the army has created a situation that not only had made  India a  laughing stock in the world but lowed morale which can can have serious repercussions .I wonder if he knows what morale is. He better read what it means from the history books and the repeated defeats of the Hindu armies. Does he want such a phenomena to happen again? History will damm this BJP government and the only salvation for them is to promptly announce OROP. There can be no delay.