Monday, July 20, 2015

One Rank One Pension at the Cross Roads: What Next ? Will the Agitation Peter Out ?

The One Rank One Pension ( OROP)  agitation by ex-servicemen is now many weeks old and nothing much is achieved. A Petition signed in blood has been presented to the  President , who has done nothing , In any case months back I had said nothing will happen as the Government  i.e. the political leadership know that the general Staff led by General Dalbir Singh Suhag is their biggest passive supporter. The General is eyeing a career after he retires and as such supporting OROP is not his cup of tea. He would like the agitation to be called off and then "await" the benevolence of the Modi government for a crumb or two, that will be thrown.

There are also a lot of senior officers  and perhaps I can include myself in that category who are relatively well off. These worthies talk of " honor Code" , "conduct of an officer",  " Decorum" and what not and want the agitation to just go on like this or just peter out. I really am not sure whether these gentlemen are interested in OROP. They would be happy to sit in an armchair and mouth the cliches that I have mentioned. Maybe some of the Generals and other officers with the BJP are also of this opinion. In effect it means to have an agitation sans any teeth and we all know that ultimately such an agitation will peter out as the Modi government is not going to sanction OROP as I have said again at the risk of repeating that the enemy lies within and the government knows that the General Staff and a fine line of senior officers both retired and serving will  sabotage this movement.

The worthies who write long letters on propriety, must first answer as to what is in their hearts. What do these worthies want. Are they aware of the rule of the military in Burma? Do they need some education that a pacifist country has created a special constitutional mechanism for perpetual rule by Army? Are they aware that a form of martial law  in in force in Thailand and I am not talking of Pakistan. Such worthies will dismiss Pakistan that " its a failed state " and other blah blah.

The agitation must be intensified and the senior fraternity must be  told in no uncertain terms that black sheep cannot be tolerated.  The COAS must be made aware that he is not a warrior, for two reasons. one a warrior always stands by his words and two he leads from the front. On both issues general DS Suhag has failed and that also includes the tribe writing inane and innuendos  on the way to conduct a agitation.

Guru Gobind Singh has shown a clear way. and there should be no fear in asking for a legitimate right. But the think tank must take the support of whosoever is given and even convince the RSS and the Jamat to support. The Supreme court though can only give limited relief as the GOI will not listen. For men like Modi the honor and sanctity of the nation is no matter at all.

Lastly I will add that Modi has Saturn in his 12the house. This is called the Napoleonic house and we know what happened to Napoleon. Modi will be defeated at the next polls, but he still will not exert and over rule his lieutenants  and sanction OROP. That India is shamed in the world is a matter of no consequence to him and worse to the COAS. I will not hesitate to call a spade a  spade