Thursday, July 23, 2015

Thr Congress and BJP are two sides of same Coin

One is reminded of the famous French revolution of 1789. The revolution was an expression of the disgust at the moral degradation of the French state, where corruption and nepotism ruled. Food had become scarce and there is the famous quote of the queen, who when confronted with lack of bread uttered " why cant the people eat cakes?".

In India we are heading for a similar  confrontation between the state and the people. Conditions are heading for a socio economic change, as the government has failed to articulate the aspirations of the people
 The Indian masses, god fearing as they are  have their patience taxed beyond measure.

The BJP is now in power led by a glib talker in Narendra Modi. This man shouted from roof talks about zero tolerance of corruption and nepotism. He mouthed cliches like " ache din" and "propriety". What he meant by these slogans can only be explained by him as the toiling Indian masses have seen nothing. In fact what they have seen  is a a carbon copy of the Congress rule.

 The Congress party led the Indian state to loss of International prestige and lowering the aspirations of the people. In 6 decades the Congress party became a byword for corruption and nepotism with a ineffectual prime minister, who sat fiddling like Nero when Rome burned. I wonder whether Manmohan Singh a prime minister for 10 years has anything good to say about his rule except that he was a lackey of the Gandhi family.

People expected a change  with all cliches that Modi could muster. There are a legion One Rank One pension, Eradication of poverty, more food , ache din from Modi, but alas it transpires this man and the BJP is of the same ilk as the Congress party.  There is no let up in corruption, scams   and sense of propriety in public life non-existent and yet this man talks of ushering in :" Ache din".

Modi and the BJP have taxed the Indian people's patience and it will not be long before the water overflows in an avalanche. Modi cannot take refuge behind a  Rs 9 lakh suit as he has Saturn in his 12th house and the next election will be a precipitous defeat. But what are the alternatives? Maybe a  revolution like the 1789 in France and then Modi the BJP and the Congress may have no place to hide.