Friday, July 10, 2015

Interracial Company and Girl Friends? is your Beacon

Company Snapshot Review of www.Interracials .com
 Man has diverse tastes in life and there is always the desire to eat something new and that applies to relationships as well. Thus black men do look forward to a relationship with a white woman and vice versa.  These relationships are rooted from the time when the black man was a slave on the farms of the whites during the age of slavery.

 This site caters to this desire of a man or woman who wants companionship of a person from another race. The site is on since 2004 and has carved a niche for itself in the field of dating. One can’t forget that the infamous Dr Ward believed in racial unity in the world with sex as the common denominator between black men and white women. That was in the early fifties of the last century. But one has to accept that with the increasing number of white women marrying and dating black men, interracial dating does have a following.

The site is a dating site that offers to open the door to companionship for love and marriage to people who desire a man or woman from a different race. Thus black can look forward to a relationship with a white woman and a black woman can look to have a white boyfriend and vice versa. The relationship is not confined to blacks and whites only but also encompasses Asian men and women as well as Hispanics.

The site offers a platform to meet and date a person from another race. The site has chat rooms, instant messaging and a photo gallery to make a selection. Initial membership is free and one can become a member by filling up a small questionnaire straightaway. This gives you the chance to browse the site and see the photographs of the members. Further use of the site is restricted and can be availed only with a paid membership.

The site basically is an American site and caters to residents of the USA and Canada. It is on line since 1994 and fills a void by showcasing men and women who desire something more exotic like a lover, date or girlfriend from another race. The site requires you to log in at least once in 60 days
The site can be contacted by email and fax. One can send an email by logging on the site and filling in the necessary details like user name and email address.  You can also mail them at

The general feedback for the site is good. The site has come into greater prominence with the win of Obama for a second term as President