Thursday, July 23, 2015

Errol Flynn : Hollywood Star from a Bygone Age

Introducing Errol Flynn

Recently my girl friend brought some DVD’s of a star who the younger generation do not remember. She brought DVD's of Errol Flynn. I was aware of Errol Flynn, but had never seen any of his movies. Now that half a century has elapsed I have realized that Errol is a legend of Hollywood. Errol Flynn passed away in 1959, but he belonged to the age when the stars lived a luxurious life and set an example of extravaganza that was a matter of admiration for all.

The Real Flynn

Errol Flynn (1909-59) was a Hollywood star who has left behind an endearing image of a macho hero. He was born in Australia but made it good in Hollywood. He is credited with many roles as a swashbuckling hero who did justice to macho roles. But a fact not known at that time was that he was suffering from many diseases that were successfully hidden from the public at large.

His attempt  to enlist in the Army  as a mark of gratitude for granting him American citizenship came to naught, as the Army found him unfit for any type of military duty. This was a blow to the actor as he had acted as a hero in many war films.

Hits of Flynn

Flynn was a larger than average American hero and projected a macho image with films like The adventures of Robin Hood, They died with their boots on, The sea hawk, captain Blood, Adventures of Don Juan, The sun also rises and many more. He produced some stupendous hits that established  him as a star.

A Great Lover

However Errol's personal life was a reckless one and he womanized and drank like a fish. Thus at the end of the war he was almost an alcoholic. Yet at that time his role as the drunken hero of The Sun also rises won him critical acclaim.

Errol also had an ongoing battle with his health, which he aggravated with a reckless life style filled with girls, booze and sex. His fondness for sex with young girls almost landed him in soup when he was tried for sex with underage girls and was charged with statutory rape, but he escaped scot free.


Now there are allegations that Errol was bisexual and is supposed to have had a relationship with Tyrone Power among others. But he was married thrice and was by all accounts a lovable father. But the binge in his life continued and towards the fag end of his life he was involved with a 15 year old girl Beverly Aldan from a professional acting school. He proposed to marry her but died from a massive heart attack.

Last Word

The significance of Errol lies in the fact that he made it good in Hollywood without a godfather. He acted in roles that created a macho image of him and endeared him to the public. Not many knew of his medical problems. Perhaps if he had sobered down he would have survived longer.\
Now nearly 50 years after his death we can look back and thank God that Errol Flynn came on the scene to fire the imagination of many people as a swashbuckling star. He will be remembered as long as films are made and people see them as a source of entertainment.