Sunday, January 4, 2015

Devious Plan by Modi Government to Divide the Armed Forces and not Sanction OROP

The BJP government led by Narendra Modi does not seem to have learn't any lessons from history and the conduct of Pandit Nehru. In one stroke Pandit Nehru reduced the finest fighting machine in Asia to a toothless tiger, resulting in a massive defeat at the hands of China. India never recovered from that blow and since then has played second fiddle to china in all matters. Nehru's greatest blunder was lowering the morale of the armed forces mainly as he down graded the perks and privileges of the army and never gave it the weaponry it needed. He seemed to be unaware of Mao's dictum that"power comes out of the barrel of a gun".
He paid a heavy price and had his international reputation in tatters as he died a broken man. Only if he had made the army an instrument of power and not relied on civil servants to down grade the finest fighting machine in Asia. Nareendra Modi as Prime Minister seems to be suffering from the same mental block. It is a pity that he appears again to be led by notions that negate the army as an instrument of power. An example is the non-sanction of a promise made by him from the rooftops. I mm referring to his call that OROP( One Rank One Pension) would be sanctioned. Now he is sulking behind the skirts of the finance Minister Mr Jaitley and the Defense Minister Mr Parrikar. These worthies have diluted the concept of the OROP. Worse they have devised a nefarious plan to sanction some money for the other ranks leaving the officer fraternity out of the OROP.
The attempt is to divide the armed forces by creating a vertical split between theD officers and the other ranks. One cannot think of a more sinister scheme than this. Perhaps one can even label it as evil. Major General Satbir Singh the Chairman of the Ex Servicemen Association has written a forthright letter to the 3 service chiefs. He has pointed out the dangers of implementing this scheme and asked the Service Chiefs to meet Modi and other political leaders of the BJP to get this nefarious scheme nipped in the bud. Modi and party do no realize the danger this divide will bring with it. At one stroke a vertical split will be created and the efficacy of the armed forces will suffer.You cannot have a divide in the army which is a cohesive fighting force. It is surprising the Narendra Modi is not aware about such trivial things. He is again playing with fire and there is every chance that he will lead a great nation down an abyss. Perhaps Modi does not understand the politics of power and military might in the comity of nations. the present dispensation treats the military no better than a necessary evil, giving the distinction to India of being the only country in the world where soldiers and veterans have to fight prolonged battles in civil courts to get their dues. Is Modi listening ?