Saturday, October 25, 2014

Personal Journal: I Broke the Hymen of 3 Girls in all

Life has its own way of moving forward. My life has been studded with women and I believe firmly in the adage that a woman was created for man. After all Eve was created by God for Adam. After decades, I can safely say that I slept with many women, but they were not virgins, at least not in the classical sense. Who is a virgin in the classical sense? I will say that it is a girl who has her hymen intact. Storming it is almost akin to breaking the walls of a fortress and it gives the greatest pleasure to a man. It leaves a man exhilarated though drained, but with a feeling of victory.
I was able to break the hymen of only 3 girls. I wonder if others have had more than this number. The first was when I was a cadet and I loved a nun, a woman of god. It was a ferocious love and reminded me of the exotic Victorian tales of licentious nuns who went after sex and searched for god there. How this happened is along story, but it did take place and it was the greatest of pleasures to break her hymen. The second happened after many years when I was in mufti and heading a corporation. My secretary was the one, younger to me by 2 decades. She was fast and I assumed she was a flirt. But like in the ‘French Lieutenants woman “she was a classical virgin and when I broke her hymen she bled a lot. Did I regret it? No, not at all and it gave me the greatest sense of victory to have broken the wall to her virgin door. But I had not planned it!
I drifted away to another job and place. Now I actively wanted a virgin and the place I worked I earmarked a shy and demur girl for me. I resolved to make her mine and I was sure as she was young her hymen was intact. I seduced her, which is the long and short of it. I broke her hymen and after that she cried, but I held her and consoled her even as I gloated over my victory. Three virgins in almost 4 decades is nothing very great, but then classical virgins are hard to come by. I bedded American and Russian girls but they were never virgins. I still feel taking a virgin; a classical one is the acme of achievement. No prudery is involved as it’s a straightforward act and one that gives me even now great pleasure, just to dream about it. What do you all think about it?