Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Marriage in the White House

The world has strange tales and one of them concerns an American President who married in Office. His name is Grover Cleveland and I am sure not many would have heard of him. Cleveland was president of the USA for 2 non consecutive terms from 1885-89 and 1893-97. Cleveland became President in 1995. At that time he was a bachelor. He was however a feisty fellow and it was rumored that he loved young women. An opportunity came his way when his partner and close friend Oscar Folsom died and in his will appointed Cleveland as his executor of the will. On one of his visits to his friends home to execute his will Cleveland saw the youngest daughter of his colleague , a 21 year old beautiful pure American girl name Francis
. Cleveland desired her though she was 28 years younger to him. He visited the home of his deceased friend often and got the permission of his widow to correspond with Francis. The girls at 21 was also swept of her feat at a US president falling for her and consented to marry, when Cleveland proposed. The marriage took place in the white house and it was a gala celebration. I don’t think there has been a marriage in the white house or a younger lady than Francis who was only 21. Passion now took its toll and Francis conceived 5 times from Cleveland giving birth to 5 children of whom 4 survived to live long ages.
From all accounts it was a happy marriage and but Cleveland because of health problems expired in 1908, Leaving Francis a young widow. She was concerned at living a life all alone and in 1913 fell in love again and married a professor who had thought at her college earlier. He was Thomas Preston. She was married to him for 34 years and died in 1947. Francis however has left an endearing image of glorious and lovely first lady. The Press and public liked her and I don’t think her record of being the youngest first lady at 21 in the white house will be broken